View Full Version : News re Nigerian Air Crash?

DX Wombat
25th Oct 2005, 11:03
Has anyone heard from Surely Not since this happened? He is working somewhere in that area.

25th Oct 2005, 11:38
Hey there..

I got an email from him last night.. It was smut as usual but I guess it means he's ok!

DX Wombat
25th Oct 2005, 11:43
Great news! Thank you very much indeed :ok: If you are in contact with him could you let him know I was asking & will let the others in Chat know he is ok?

surely not
25th Oct 2005, 13:10
Hi DX I am in fine health thanks. Popped into chat very briefly on Friday I think it was.

MikeJeff ........................glad you got the e-mail :E :D

25th Oct 2005, 14:19

There's a chat section????????????

Can I come in if I promise to behave myself?? Please?

(Ahhhhh I found it at the top of the page - can you believe i have not noticed that for 2 years!.....but it won't let me in.
Must be for important people I guess):{

DX Wombat
25th Oct 2005, 18:28
Great to hear from you SN. Farrell you better have a polite word with the MODS about your inability to access Chat. We will be pleased to see you in there but you will have to promise to behave very nicely indeed. No kicking, punching, screaming etc is allowed with prior permision. :ok:

African Tech Rep
25th Oct 2005, 19:07
Farrell its there and nothing special is need to get in just tried it the people on it were actually nice its Java though so you may need to check youve got that installed and activated

25th Oct 2005, 19:25
Kick, shout, scream.....me? Never. In fact, I've been really good lately.
But still no chat access.

25th Oct 2005, 19:41
In fact, I've been really good lately

Yeah, that picture of the Antonov was really good :p

25th Oct 2005, 19:46
Such scurillous remarks have been the death of some people Mr. Jerricho

25th Oct 2005, 19:49
Sure mate.

Wouldn't want a band of rabid spotters coming after you. Playing with fire there young man.

(Glad you're safe and sound Surely Not )