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25th Oct 2005, 01:18
Evening (morning) all. A day late for unavoidable reasons. Sorry.


1...Questions (normally) posted on Monday scran time. Answers whenever I feel like it.

2...2 points for each lyrics question, one for the song title and one for the artist. SOTW/TOTW and trivia questions are normally worth a point apiece, but some questions may ask for additional information, worth extra points.

3...The clue in the lyrics question is the first line of either the song or the chorus, unless noted.

4...The judge's decision is final.

5...During the first 24 hours only one post per player, containing as many answers as you like, will be permitted. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified.

6...After 24 hours there are no restrictions on posts (free for all).


1...Don't you, don't you worry darlin'
I'll Be There/Gerry & The Pacemakers - SSK

2...I know there's something in the wake of your smile
Listen To Your Heart/Roxette - Richo

3...At first I was afraid, I was petrified
I Will Survive/Gloria Gaynor - Richo

4...Now it begins, now that you're gone
The Big Hurt/Toni Fisher - barit 1

5...We're no strangers to love
Never Gonna Give You Up/Rick Astley

6..."Is this the train to Desert Moon?" was all she said
Desert Moon/Styx (Dennis DeYoung) - Speedpig

7...I come to Australia as many people do
Sing Australia/John Denver

8...Poor old Johnny Ray
Come On Eileen/Dexy's Midnight Runners - Richo

9...Lightning crashes, a new mother cries
Lightening Crashes/Live - Richo

10..I used to play in a rock and roll band, but they broke up
Buffalo Springfield Again/Neil Young

11..I hear somethin' sayin' hooh! aah!
Chain Gang/Sam Cooke - reynolds

12..I thought I knew what provocation was
Inside Out/Anthrax

13..Sailing down beneath the sun
My Father's Eyes/Eric Clapton

14..He was born in the summer of his 27th year
Rocky Mountain High/John Denver - Richo

15..You'll remember me when the west wind blows
Fields Of Gold/Sting - Bombay Duck

16..I gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over
I Want To Know What Love Is/Foreigner - markflyer6580

17..Who can say where the road goes
Only Time/Enya

18..A long time ago when the earth was still green
The Unicorn/The Irish Rovers - Cooda

19..Risin' up back on the street
Eye Of The Tiger/Survivor - Richo

20..She can kill with a smile she can wound with her eyes
She's Always A Woman To Me/Billy Joel - lurkio

21..I'm glad you're home
Ring My Bell/Anita Ward

22..I cried for you, I cried for you
Saved By The Bell/Ribib Gibb (Gee Bees) - SSK

23..Don't look so sad, I know it's over
For The Good Times/Kris Kristofferson - Speedpig
Would have accepted Ray Price or Aaron Neville.

24..Belladonna's on the high street
Portobello Belle - reynolds
Dire Straits - Richo

25..Look out the left the Captain said
This Flight Tonight/Nazareth - lurkio
Lurkio, I'll give you Nazareth. I was looking for someone else.
Joni Mitchell - Rusty

26..Tidal waves don't beg forgivness
Man Of The Hour/Pearl Jam - Richo

27..I lived in a place called Okfuskee
Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key/Billy Bragg or Wilco

28..Headin' out on some uncharted path
American Storm/Bob Seger

29..Aurora Borealis
Pocahontas/Neil Young or Crash Vegas

30..Ooh, a storm is threatening my very life today
Gimme Shelter/Rolling Stones

31..I want 'em, I need 'em
White Shoes/Emmylou Harris

32..Narrow daylight entered my room
Narrow Daylight/Diana Krall - reynolds

33..I've been dreaming of the things I've learnt about a boy
Something To Talk About/Badly Drawn Boy - reynolds
Markflyer6850 have a point for knowing his real name is Damon Gough. :ok:

The following 11 questions are based on the concert version of the song "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Procol Harum. The concert version differs from the recorded version in that they sometimes sang four verses, instead of only two.

1...The song was co-written by Keith Reid and Gary Brooker. The music is based on the Suite #3 in "D" Major, by which composer?
Bach - reynolds
Farrell, I'll give ya a point for "Sleepers Awake."

2...Which character from Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" is repeatedly mentioned in the song?
The Miller (..as the miller told his tale...) - reynolds

3...What floor exercise did they do after skipping the light fandango?
...Turned cartwheels cross the floor.. - lurkio

4...What colour was her face, initially?
..her face at first just ghostly.. - reynolds

5...He wandered through his playing cards, and then wouldn't let her be what?
..one of 16 Vestal Virgins..- reynolds
Bonus point, where were they all headed?
..who were leaving for the coast.. - reynolds

6...She said I'm home on shore leave. In truth, where were they?
..In truth we were at sea.. - Farrell

7...She must have been the mermaid that did this to Neptune.
..who took him for a ride.. - Farrell

8...If music be the food of love, what is it's queen?
..Then laughter is it's queen.. - Farrell

9...So we crashed-dived straight quickly, and did what?
..and attacked the ocean bed.. - Farrell

10..Which Tom Berenger/Glen Close movie is this song featured in?
The Big Chill - Farrell

11..Who covered this song on an album titled "Medusa?"
Annie Lennox - reynolds
Anybody else think her version is as good as PH's?


1...Neil's woman shines with her own kind of light. Which US state is she from?
Kentucky - VnV2178B

2...What are Jimmy Buffett's fans called?
Parrotheads - Richo

3...Who were stolen from Africa and brought to America?
Buffalo soldiers - reynolds

4...Whose friends all drive Porsches?
Janis Joplin's - Richo

5...The lead singer in this group was once employed as a Playboy bunny.
Blondie (Debby Harry) - lurkio

6...Point each, name the colour and make of Aretha's car, on the freeway of love.
A pink Cadillac - Richo

7...Which member of The Band committed suicide in 1986?
Richard Manuel - reynolds

8...In the heat of the day
1 point for the song title, 2 for the artist and 3 for the name of the movie in which it appeared.
Live And Die In LA/Wang Chung/Live And Die In LA

9...In lyrics question 8, with her in that dress, what does the singer's thoughts verge on?
Dirty - SSK

10..Name the group that allegedly derived it's name from the name of their drug dealer's cat.
Procol Harum - SSK

11..With which female singer did Greg Allman record the album "Allman And Woman: Two The Hard Way?"

12..If you change your mind, I'll be first in line to do this.
Take a chance on me - JustAnotherVictim

13..Who used to be known as the Beale Street Blues Boy?
B. B. King - reynolds

14..What dance craze was influenced by the following Spanish phrase: "Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegria y cosa buena dale a tu cuerpo alegria?"
Hey! Macarena - Richo

15..Who is Eileen Edwards better known as?
Shania Twain - Speedpig

16..With whom, and on what article of bed linen, would one lie under a boardwalk?
On a blanket with my baby - SSK

17..Point each, name two of Mike Love's relatives that performed with him.
Dennis and Brian Wilson - SSK
Bonus point, what was their family relationship?
They were cousins - SSK
Bonus point for the gimme. Name the group.
The Pendletones/Beach Boys - SSK
Two points for anyone who knows why they called themselves The Pendletones.
They wore Pendelton shirts - reynolds

18..In lyrics question 7, why did the artist go to Australia?
To see a koala and hitch a ride on a kangaroo

19..Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones make up which duo?
The universally despised - or so it seems - Savage Garden - reynolds

20..Which Pete Seeger song was inspired by verses from the Biblical Book of Ecclesiastes?
Turn! Turn! Turn! - reynolds

21..On which day of the week did the Young Rascals groove?
Sunday - SSK

22..Name the lead singer of the group "Blood Sweat & Tears."
David Clayton-Thomas - reynolds

23..In lyrics question 25, what shouldn't the singer have done?
Got on this flight tonight - lurkio

24..Which PPRuNer's name - famous (or infamous) for his weekly joke thread - is mentioned in lyrics question 29?
Astrodome - Bombay Duck

25..Point each, name the missing player and group: Matthew Fisher, Bobby Harrison, Dave Knights, Ray Royer...
Gary Brooker/Procol Harum - reynolds

26..Russel Hitchcock and Graham Russell make up which duo?
Air Supply - Richo

27..Yonder stands your orphan. What is he holding?
His gun - SSK
Bonus point each name the artist, and the song the question is taken from.
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Bob Dylan - SSK

28..Which Chuck Berry song was one of the Earth artifacts put aboard the spacecraft "Voyager 1" in 1977?
Johnny B. Goode - JustAnotherVictim

25th Oct 2005, 01:32
Mornin Piggy...

Good lookin quiz...

2. Listen to your Heart - Roxette
3. I will survive - Gloria Gaynor
8. Come on eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners
9. Lightning Crashes - Live
14. Rocky Mountain High - John Denver
19. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
20. Killer Queen - Queen
24. Its Dire Straits song title is escapin me..


2. Parrotheads
4. Janis's
6. A Pink Caddilac?
14. The Macarena?
15. Shania Twain
19. Soundgarden (ugh)
26. Air Supply.



25th Oct 2005, 01:46
Hi floks

20 She's always a woman to me - Billy Joel
24 Portobello Road - Dire Straits
25 This Flight Tonight - Nazareth

3 Turning Cartwheels

4 Janis Joplin's
5 Blondie

25th Oct 2005, 02:13
L11 Chain gang - Sam Cooke
L24 Portobello Belle
L30 Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones :ok:
L32 narrow daylight - Diana Krall
L33 Something To talk About - Badly Drawn Boy

1. Bach
2. the miller
4. just ghostly
5. one of 16 vestal virgins; the coast
11. Annie lennox

T3 Buffalo Soldiers?
T7 Richard Manuel
T13 BB King
T19 Savage Garden :yuk:
T20 Turn!Turn!Turn!
T22 david Clayton-Thomas
T25 gary Brooker - Procol Harum (originally the Pinewoods)

25th Oct 2005, 03:43
I get the impression that Savage Garden is the Dunnunda equivalent of The Poppy Family. :D

25th Oct 2005, 04:23
wooh i'm back!

havent seen the other replies yet... but never thought i'd be able to answer so many!

3...At first I was afraid, I was petrified
A: I will Survive, Gloria Gaynor

15..You'll remember me when the west wind blows
A: Sting - Fields of Gold

20..She can kill with a smile she can wound with her eyes
A: She's always a woman to me - Billy Joel


3...Who were stolen from Africa and brought to America?
A: Buffalo Soldiers, Dreadlock Rasta

4...Whose friends all drive Porsches?
A: Janis Joplin, which is why she asks the lord to buy her a Mercedes Benz in her screechy voice.

19..Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones make up which duo?
A: Savage Garden, since then broken up

24..Which PPRuNer's name - famous (or infamous) for his weekly joke thread - is mentioned in lyrics question 29?
A: Astrodome, I guess...

25th Oct 2005, 07:18

L1 - Gerry & the Pacemakers - I'll be there
L22 - Robin Gibb - Saved by the bell

T9 - Dirty
L10 - Procol Harum
L16 - on a blanket with my baby
L17 - the Wilson brothers were his cousins. Beach Boys too obvious an answer, maybe the Pendletones?
L21 - Sunday (in the afternoon to be precise)
L27 - his gun - Dylan - It's all over Baby Blue

25th Oct 2005, 07:37
knew all them :{

been out on the highway 500km in 3.5 hours - on 4 wheels - just to get to a pc for the quiz. still too bloody late :* :E

25th Oct 2005, 10:34
First Pass on a busy day...

SOTW 3 Cartwheels
4 Ghostly

TRIV 1 Kentucky

25th Oct 2005, 10:48



25th Oct 2005, 13:18
L4 The Big Hurt.
Words & Music by Wayne Shanklin
Recorded by Toni Fisher, 1959

T1 Bach, Johann Sebastian (as distinct from his prodigious progency)

(Ooops - thats SOTW1 not T1 of course)

25th Oct 2005, 14:47
*sigh*...looks like somebody will have to explain to Farrell the spirit of the quiz :rolleyes:

Btw, quizmeisters, I'm still a semi-regular participant, don't think I've lost interest. These days I print out the quiz and answer them at my leisure (minus Google of course) and to my own satisfaction. I often don't get around to the quiz till Tuesday night but now that the spirit of competition has dulled it doesn't matter. Where's FlyGirl btw?

25th Oct 2005, 15:08
There you go Binos.....terribly sorry

Wasn't Google though, just have a rather large collection of CDs that I have listened to many times and music books that I have read - but hey, in the spirit of keeping you content.....

25th Oct 2005, 15:23
Delighted to meet somebody with such an extraordinary breadth of musical knowledge, Farrell. They're pretty rare.

Why on earth would somebody with that amount of knowledge remove the evidence? Goodness me, man, are you not a touch sensitive?

25th Oct 2005, 15:27
Unfortunately, it doesn't spill over into other, more important areas of my life, like aviation, or relationships etc :p

25th Oct 2005, 15:31
Sorry Piggy/Scran and company. No longer a regular visitor and should have stayed out of it.

25th Oct 2005, 19:31
L14 Sheryl Crow - Run Baby Run
L16 Beautiful South - Need a little time

25th Oct 2005, 22:32
It's early, but I got a curling game later.

Initial scores:

reynolds 22
Richo 19
SSK 16
lurkio 7
Bombay Duck 3
markflyer6580 3
barit 1 2
VnV2178B 1

Hi Binos, welcome back any time. Ms flygirl's company was struck by it's employees, and is now operating under Ch 11. She's around whenever she can.

Barit, I'll give you the points for lyrics 4, because I think your edit was a honest mistake to add the SOTW note. See rule 4.

A word about Google. I can't speak for scran, but there is no hard and fast rule about Google because why make a rule that cannot be enforced? The use of Google does, however, spoil the fun for the rest of the players who do not rely on a search engine for their answers.

Solid Rust Twotter
25th Oct 2005, 22:45
Been MIA for a bit but here goes....

Lyrics 25. - Joni Mitchell

25th Oct 2005, 23:12

12 Take A Chance On Me
28 Johnny B Goode

26th Oct 2005, 00:05
Hey, I just spotted one

lyrics 18 Unicorn The Irish Rovers (I'm sure piggy will have an obscure Canadian version in mind but)

38C in Alice Springs today......I wanna go home.....'tis only 34C there today :ugh:

26th Oct 2005, 00:40
small protest re L24 - lurkio said the song was Portobello Road - not Portobello Belle
The Pendletones - named after the Pendleton plaid shirt/jackets much favoured by surfers at the time?

26th Oct 2005, 00:58
Sheesh, i had a brain fart yesterday... i CANT BELIEVE i wrote Soundgarden instead of Savage (ugh) for Triv 19!! i LOVE Soundgarden, Chris Cornell should beat me mercilessly for the error.

Couple more...

Lyrics 26. Man of the Hour - Pearl Jam
Trivia 12. Take on chance on me?



26th Oct 2005, 01:09
The following 11 questions are based on the concert version of the song "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Procol Harum. The concert version differs from the recorded version in that they sometimes sang four verses, instead of only two.

1...Bach – I think the movement is called “Sleepers Awake”

2...The miller


4...Ghostly (if there is such a colour?)

5...One of the sixteen vestal virgins
Bonus point: They were all headed to the coast

6...They were at sea

7...Took him for a ride


9...Attacked the ocean bed

10..The Big Chill

11..Annie Lennox

26th Oct 2005, 01:38
Lyrics 23 Help me make it through the nigh- Kris Kristofferson

Trivia 15 Shania Twain

26th Oct 2005, 04:32
Revised corrected scores.
Sorry reynolds. :O

reynolds 25
Richo 21
SSK 16
lurkio 7
Farrell 6
Speedpig 5
Bombay Duck 3
markflyer6580 3
barit 1 2
JustAnotherVictim 2
Cooda 2
VnV2178B 1
Rusty 1

Good to see ya back Rusty, wondered where ya went.
Cooda, the preacher that married me and Mrs. p was living in Alice Springs, last I heard. He was from Christchurch originally and said he'd frozen his butt long enough up here. ;)

26th Oct 2005, 09:29
Trivia 23

Should not have got on this flight tonight.
(must like night flights as much as me then).

Reynolds no1 1, lurkio's brain cells 0, Road, Belle hey it was late.

26th Oct 2005, 13:10
Drat.... right singer, wrong song...
Lyrics 23. For the Good Times, Kris Kristofferson.

26th Oct 2005, 18:30
Lyrics 6. Desert Moon, Styx

26th Oct 2005, 21:29
Three more correct answers, scores updated.

Lurkio don't worry, I never even caught the error. :O

28th Oct 2005, 01:35
That's all folks. Scran'll be back on Monday.

Final scores:

reynolds 25
Richo 21
SSK 16
Lurkio 7
Farrell 6
Speedpig 5
Bombay Duck 3
markflyer6580 3
barit 1 2
Cooda 2
Victim 2
VnV2178B 1
Rusty 1