View Full Version : Camel Toads - BEWARE - Do you know where your son is?

25th Oct 2005, 01:07

:E :E :E :ok:

I can spot em a mile away. :cool:

Howard Hughes
25th Oct 2005, 01:11
if he is smoking, taking or licking them
Lets all hope he's licking them!!;)

25th Oct 2005, 08:11
I think there might still be cause for concern here.. there's a risk he may be a crack addict :E

Hairy Mary
25th Oct 2005, 13:57
What's a "Bing Crosby"?

25th Oct 2005, 15:45
Isn't it like a Prince Albert but deeper and more soulful?

Standard Noise
25th Oct 2005, 16:04
747FOCAL - tell me that's a wind up, I haven't laughed so much in ages.
Camel toads indeed.:) :) :)

25th Oct 2005, 17:28
Standard Noise - Just trying to bring a smile. After I read the title I was worried that someone would think the post is anti semetic so I edited the title. Glad you liked it. :E

Ps. Leslie Potter is a well known columnist in the South USA. There was follow up to this letter with Mrs. Potter who said that the morning the letter arrived she read it out loud to her office staff because she had never heard of Camel toads or Camel Toes for that matter. The ensuing fits of laughter from her younger staff members as they rolled on the floor is what got the letter in the paper.

25th Oct 2005, 17:48
Watch out for them Camel Spiders Legs

25th Oct 2005, 23:31
There's even a website if Leslie's really interested.