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24th Oct 2005, 23:17
Dear ppruners,

When the toilet is serviced, some stations just fill in fresh water and add blue chemical powder into it (in a sachet).
Does anyone know if this powder is toxic and what has to be observed when using it?


25th Oct 2005, 07:37
Most types of this blue chemical toilet fluid will stain your skin and anything else it touches. I always make it a policy to wear disposable gloves if handling this stuff. Never have checked the Material Safety Data Sheet book for toxicity. For the above reason, I treat it as such anyway.

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25th Oct 2005, 08:26
I definitely would't advise eating any of it or getting it in your eye.

Reminds me of the chap who dealt with the thunderbuckets on our 748's - Racasan Dan, the sanitary man. A word of advice - never shake hands with a man with green fingernails...

Seriously though, harmless to skin at use dilution, non-corrosive, non-flammable and contains its own detergent. Active ingredient is formaldehyde.

gas path
25th Oct 2005, 14:40
I've seen a good few people doused in the stuff and its other errrrr 'contents'!:yuk: :yuk: never seemed to do them too much harm.
On the 74 classic twas usually a case a tank dump valve stuck open or leaking into the dump pipe.
Flick open the cap and whoooooosh instant blue shower with lumps :eek: :} :}
Lesson no1 delegate someone else to open the cap :E :E

prop jocket
27th Oct 2005, 19:08
Whether or not it is toxic depends upon whether or not it is American in origin. The Americans market the stuff as a deodorant - it has no biocidal effect at all. The reason for this is the litiginous nature of American culture - if they marketed a sanitiser and somebody caught something from the toilet system, they'd have the life sued out of them.

The blue dye is there for two reasons - it masks the solids recirculating in the toilet bowl when you flush it ( non vacuum, obviously ) and provides a tell tale for toilet leaks, which is a mandatory requirement under FARs because of blue ice.

European stuff manufactured by Hoechst, Elsan, Agma etc are biocidally active and will kill anything it comes into contact with on a microbiological level at concentrations up to 1:1600 within 15 minutes. At concentrations lower than this the sanitiser is actually biodegradable part of the WHO spec so that it can be treated as domestic rather than special waste).

If you're interested, look at the World Health Organisation website and look at the spec for aircraft sanitisers.

The level of toxicity to higher life forms is very low in the concentrations used in aircraft toilets, and that varies dependent upon whether it is an amphoteric or quaternary ammonium salt based product.

If you don't eat it in it's concentrated form, it won't really hurt you.

Hope this helps.