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tony draper
24th Oct 2005, 20:40
:) :rolleyes:
Carry on chaps chapesses, the doorman will vet you before entering.


24th Oct 2005, 20:41
Carry on what? The other one hasn't reached 10000 yet....

24th Oct 2005, 20:44
Yeah, what gives Tones?

At this point in time, the Mk5 still has about 30ish posts to go


tony draper
24th Oct 2005, 20:45
Dunno whats wrong wi proon today but its running painfully slow,type out a post hit send and it just freezes,can't get into me pmail either,thunk I berra Start the new one now.
Carry on with tother until Flyblue locks it
Apologies for the confusion peeps.

24th Oct 2005, 20:52
Hello Mr D fancy seeing you in here already.Have already told the story of the half repaired washing machine in Mk 5.So to those of you who are interested it's there.To those of you who aren't...it was a crap story anyway.
'Helga,Gretchen' get the champagne out ready for the rush to the bar.
I have got a doorman organised but thought he wouldn't be needed til tomorrow.He's a Scandie btw.:ok:

24th Oct 2005, 20:56
We've flitted. 30-ish posts to go and we sneak out before the bailifffs arrive. :uhoh: :uhoh:

Where's the loo. I've got to weeeeee........!

Oh, oops, that's the new Spa. Er, well, er. Subtle shade of aquamarine I would venture.

Home sweet home...again.

Wakey, wakey. Time to check out the Citations. Yours and mine both. Last I knew mine had been miniaturised by Tardis and was on a shelf somewhere in 5. Help me look, eh?

Darth Nigel
24th Oct 2005, 20:58
What a sad bunch of people hanging around until the new TRRBATPSOIT opens.


Well, it's quiet and so far seems quite genteel. I like it. But will someone please remember to flush the Spa ... naming no names

24th Oct 2005, 20:59
Do you not feel like Tones has done a runner and left you lot with the bill (of cheque depending upon where thoust came from)

24th Oct 2005, 21:24
I ought to get onto P1 of this new one... oh look - I already have!!

Steak with Pecan & lime butter sauce was had for tea tonight. Delish.

I would tell you the rest of the gory details, but not on page 1. :E

24th Oct 2005, 21:52
Just about to say cheerio to the old place but the door's locked! I'm sure I left a half finished bag of scratchings somewhere.

Nice ere' innit?

Final p**ting stats from the old place:

tony draper 865
BlueDiamond 852
Biggles Flies Undone 717
Avtrician 505
ThreadBaron 495
Gainesy 377
phoenix son 365
topcat450 277
lasernigel 275
Capn Notarious 267
lexxity 260
brockenspectre 254
Gouabafla 250
RiskyRossco 221
Bre901 220
timmcat 217
angels 194
Stockpicker 192
flapsforty 188
Jordan D 173
IB4138 150
redsnail 145
b.borg 142
IFTB 142
Solid Rust Twotter 140
Darth Nigel 132
cyclicmicky 130
EDDNHopper 118

24th Oct 2005, 21:55
Oh, it was yours then timm? Threw it to the spider in the spider's thread :E

tony draper
24th Oct 2005, 21:55
Anybody else having trubs with proon tonight? it keeps freezing and timing me out,been slow all day, other websites one surfs are fine such as www,big buxom berthas leather and rubber hobbyist,com thank the Lord.
One begins to suspect sabotagy,we have enemies yer know.
:{ :rolleyes:

24th Oct 2005, 22:01
OOOh goody! New bed arrives tomorrow. :E

24th Oct 2005, 22:02
No probs with PPRuNe over here in the good old US of A Drapes - will go and check BBB's place and report back later (all in the interests of technical research of course).

24th Oct 2005, 22:04
One wakes up and finds different wallpaper. One also notes one did not make the stats list.

Biggles Flies Undone
24th Oct 2005, 22:06
Crikey, I log on specially on a Monday night for one last post in our old home and find that flyblue has closed us out early. That's twenty lashes with a damp lettuce leaf for you, young lady! ;)

Biggles, I'll let you know. I wouldn't start a book on it if I were you!!
No falps, but I bet it would make a couple of bloody entertaining chapters! :E

Capn Notarious
24th Oct 2005, 22:06
Quelle suprise it is raining.
To answer a question from the old place.
Yer is wrong about HM customs Angels. However I have seen the perspex sided lav, for those that use the internal carrier system. :yuk:
Good to see IB4138 came back into the fold, thankfully he has remembered to type on the right hand side of the page.
Just forgot, in case he is out of contact, did some one leave directions for Solid Rust Twotter. and enough avgas at the dump, ask that he bring the empty fuel drums.

I noted that Flyblue and Falps had been circling in their refined attitude.
What a thread that was. We have had cyber chums encoraging JohnFairr to stop the smokes.
Great tales of egg and bacon sandwhich making. Laser Nigel and his trials and examinations.
Land Rovers, log splitting. University students having rucksacks inspected. Is there yet a degree in the enterprises of shed owners?
Some of Ppruners activities were displayed from Dunnunder by Blue Diamond. We exported cockney rhyming slang.
What a panlopy and far much to precís here. If yer fancy check out the last five hundred pages. It is of course safely locked away. No doubt in years to come some huggy fluff nerd; will check the thread and find some kind of obscure code
Now the new additions. Fresh young ppruners came to join. Young Leo; now here amongst people he may never know, who are determined to make his world better. Then Cyclic Micky he got a helicopter pilots licence. At a time in the magnitude of storms and earthquakes, pilots and their crews deserve our respect.
So if you don't mind I'll toddle off now and type tomorrow.
May happiness line your boots and your journey be comfortable.

24th Oct 2005, 22:07
Bonsoir à tous

Nice place, the good thing is that it's not that different from the previous one (haven't spotted a fish pun yet, though). We would be confused otherwise

Had some problems with Pprune on this side of the channel too, so I guess we must blame the US, then.

Biggles Flies Undone
24th Oct 2005, 22:11
(haven't spotted a fish pun yet, though)
Ooooooo I haddock thought of that! :p

24th Oct 2005, 22:24
Roused out of insomnia by a text from Flyblue about having closed TRRBAT. :confused: goes I??? Can't have reached the mark yet? Well, never mind, back to lieing staring at the ceiling. Text no2 comes in, question from No1Child about a contraceptive matter. no I'm not about to become a grandma just yet you wags Sleep now throroughly out of the question, might as well get up and check out what has happened to cause the preemie move. ;)
rather a pragmatic solution, this premature folding of me fave box

Fishpuns; of all the things I had hoped to throw in the skip b4 moving day..... :rolleyes:
Drop of Lagavullin might help the sleep, shame I can't smoke indoors here. Just write a 'friendly little post' for another thread and then back to try and get onto Morpheus' lap. :E

tony draper
24th Oct 2005, 22:39
Oh! the sopranos is on now,one is off,wish Tony Soprano was me dad.

24th Oct 2005, 23:16
Morning peeps ... didn't miss the Big Move by very much but it was obviously successful and the new place is looking good. I thought I had a meeting to go to tonight but, on checking my diary, I find it is actually tomorrow night. Good job I did check ... it's bloody miles away. :(

That means I'll have time to check around the new place properly when I get home tonight. :ok:

Jordan D
24th Oct 2005, 23:22
Evening all - missed P1, but here on P2.

threadbaron - back upto the 'burgh on Wed am (0750 from LTN), so shan't be able to see you this time, but when I come down for X'mas ... or if you make it to Ed, do let me know. Thanks for the link - most useful.

In case anyone else didn't see it:

So close to the move now, its almost upon us .... I shall post this comment here, and elsewhere seeing as it could get lost:

Need some help with my US Government Course ... they want us to come to the tutorial on Thursday with discussion points based on blogs from Hurricane Katrina ... yes, really. I know there are a lot of Katrina blogs out there ... anyone care to recommend a good one?

Also, another question I've been asked is: "Choose any member of the [current] US Congress and assess his/her power with the House or Senate" ... so any suggestions from our US Trabbys as to who to choose?

Thanks once again ... now, where's my room in this new place?


Capn Notarious
24th Oct 2005, 23:29
Well how about that then.
Some have checked in already. I note the dunny is without a ceiling and is complete with telescope. If yer wanna see big clusters look the other way.
Maitre D would you be so kind as to set out the mission statement for this thread.
Sir, perhaps a list of subjects not to be revived might be nailed up on the shed wall. Those that transgress to get a firm tolkein to: this is so hobbit forming.
Now where is RiskyRossco?

Darth Nigel
25th Oct 2005, 02:29
Jordan D, me old mucker and fellow student of the University of Edinburgh -- though I am in possession of a proper degree (science) written in Latin and everything (which is strange, because I didn't think the Romans got as far north as Auld Reekie ... which is the nickname of the city of Edinburgh, and not a snide reference to the seafaring side of the Draper family :E ...ooh [email protected], where was I going again... )

Oh yes, I remember...

One has noticed your plaintive PPRuNe pleadings on the subject of homework ("Please sir, the dog did it") and one is not impressed. Young man, one's life is what one makes of it, and one simply cannot expect others to do the "heavy lifting" without at least offering a reward of some kind ... preferably female or alcoholic (or possibly both) :E

More seriously, for powerful Senators I'd pick John McCain (http://mccain.senate.gov/) or Arlen Spector (http://specter.senate.gov/). Both are Republicans (the party in power in the Executive and both Houses of Congress) and both have been significant political figures over the years.

and in conclusion perhaps one of them there moderators (or moderatrixes) could update step 10 of the JB ROE.

Still points at the Mk 2 Trabby thread. :8

25th Oct 2005, 02:57
Hi Honey, Im home (I think)

Sneaky doing the move early.

As the Tardis was nearly overloaded on the move, the fish pun box was ejected into a super nova, never to return (one hopes)

Rich Lee
25th Oct 2005, 03:32
Text no2 comes in, question from No1Child about a contraceptive matter Did I detect a pregnant pause prior to that sentence?

25th Oct 2005, 03:42
Would I be correct in that if "the fish pun box was ejected into a super nova" they would now be 'starfish' - boom, boom !!

25th Oct 2005, 04:27
Or possibly a sunfish.

Nice in here. Fell into Gibbon's 'Decline and fall' last night. Wonderful use of English. What a pity modern writers seem to have lost the gift.

On checking advice for travelling with newborn sproglette came across this one:

'On climb out and descent it is a good idea to breast feed the baby as this helps clear the ear passages and prevent the baby from crying'.

They never told me that at Cranditz!

25th Oct 2005, 05:01
On checking advice for travelling with newborn sproglette came across this one
And this was in 'Decline and Fall' was it?

25th Oct 2005, 05:13
Can't call trabby home, but one enjoy's peeking into this house through me binoculars (no, not you Binos!)... you guys do have a grand old party goin' on.

Oh well, when i get hungry i'll be droppin' in...

25th Oct 2005, 06:00
Talk about research into the bl**dy obvious. This must be a candidate for an (ig)nobel award...

The Times: "Menstrual cycle affects the brain

A woman’s menstrual cycle has a direct effect on the workings of her brain even if she is not aware that it causes any changes in her mood, scientists have discovered.

Research in the US has shown that a part of the brain involved in processing emotion behaves differently over the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle, most probably reflecting changes in hormonal balance. The findings, from a team at Cornell University and Rockefeller Universities, both in New York, promise insights into pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and could lead to new ways of controlling the condition, which affects up to 80 per cent of women.

In the study, a team investigated 12 women using functional magnetic resonance imaging to scan their brains while they performed a task designed to make them process emotions.Details of the research are published today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

25th Oct 2005, 06:03

And this was in 'Decline and Fall' was it?

Alas, Sir! No 'twas not. But one is inclined to the view that it was all a plot by Sulla and that Gibbon needed to start the 'decline' part before the end of the Republic.

But I digress and will attemt to try the suckling solution next time my ears don't clear properly on descent.

Nice plaice here by the way!

Capn Notarious
25th Oct 2005, 06:28
I had an idea, late in the month but an idea nevertheless. Why not employ dictionaries. So that each ppruner should incorporate, a word not seen before. Ablogenesis the formation of living organisms from non living substances.
This thread will have a sort of life.
The inertia of a falling spoon; impacting on my foot, released concentrated temporary energy.

25th Oct 2005, 06:30
Good morning. A quick post. I had to go home early yesterday with flu-like symptoms. I had reasonable afternoon and night's kip, but on the way in this morning my nose started running like tap, I broke out into a muck sweat and started to shake.

Feeling like death warmed up right now and once some more troops arrive I'll be off.:(

25th Oct 2005, 06:31
Ah! there you are.

Puter has been misbehavin this morn. Has had to be rebooted thrice.:*

Could not gain access to old Trabby last night as kept being told that "page not available" when tried to go to pprune.

25th Oct 2005, 06:35
Panspermia (http://www.panspermia.org/ )

25th Oct 2005, 06:36
Mr. D carrying on, carrying on Sir :ok:
Nice here. Wonder where "The Pit" is :E

Nice SPA. I like the floating trays, though the dolphins might cause a bit of havok.

Ah well, back to TRRB
METAR EKCH 250550z 17009kt 2000 dzra br ovc002 13/12 q1000 nosig= rain, rain , rain

Re fishpuns: I had hoped to throw in the skip b4 moving day..... Shouldn't that be "throw in the kip(per) before moving day" ;)

25th Oct 2005, 06:45
Went to bed last night with thirty or so posts to go on number five. Woke up expecting to be in time for the fireworks, canapes and champagne at the opening of number six, but I didn't even make it on the first page. Ah, such is the story of my life. Chucking it down here - anyone want to take the dog out?

25th Oct 2005, 06:47
That´s no way to refer to her indoors... :eek:

25th Oct 2005, 06:59
What a blustery, black and totally non-benevolent night that was. Good job Tardis didn't have to cope with a cross-wind landing...there's no knowing where we might have ended up!:uhoh:

Work calls...but I int listening. The kettle whistles and I return its call.

Oh, and by the way, today is the anniversary of the battle of Balaklava. Wonder whether my old Regiment, now merged, rather along the lines of a JB thread, with a Regiment from Captain Draper's neck of the woods, will be getting up to the normal cavalry related frolics on this their auspicious holiday.

PSOIT - All VC medals are made from the metal of the Russian guns captured that day.

25th Oct 2005, 07:14
Dark and blustery and wet here.Lovely new shiny surroundings.:ok:
Will post piccie of doorman after they've done this server maintainance.
Think we should have a naming competition.He looks friendly enough but think he might bite yer legs off if challenged!:ok:
Will go and wake him up,he's a bit grumpy first thing mind..:\

25th Oct 2005, 07:22
Morning all! Lovely morning here, pale blue skies with pale orangey-edged clouds scudding across.

SOTD Marconi, MONI. They've announced they're selling their overseas operations to Ericsson, which will leave what is basically a BT service contract in the UK, to be known as Telent :rolleyes: . Not Talent, Telent.

The whole sector's excited at the idea of corporate activity - MONI up 16p or 4.56% to 367p, Spirent up 6.75p or 15.34% to 50.75p.

Oh for heaven's sake ....

Calls up Trev the pool boy and commands him to empty the spa, scrub down with disinfectant, swill down with water and refill, ideally within the next ten minutes

25th Oct 2005, 07:42

I do most sincerely apologise for my absence over the last few weeks. In fact I have forgotten the last time I popped in :(

However, I can happily say it is all in a good cause -one has started WORK!! :ok:

Yes it is a bit of a shock to the system, but I think I could get used to it.

Trouble is, as I mentioned before, both contracts are expecting me to work 15 days a month......hmmm. :\

Anyway, I have asked Helga to chill down a few cases of Cristal + Dom P beside the Spa along with various other liquid refreshments for our enjoyment. Not a bad way to start a Tuesday morning is it!!! ;) (Yes, I can put it down as a company expense too ;) :ok:

One is currently about 40kms from M. Bre - having passed within a stone's throw on Sunday evening. All I can say is since I arrived it has been grey and windy with occassional rain. :(

Will be off to Scottie land on Monday next to see if they still really really want me too....so keep yer head down Jordan 'cos I shall be winging very swiftly past Edinburgh to that hive of industrial production - Lochgelly :eek:

Right. One day, I will get around to reading in the last hundred pages of Thread 4 - but doubt shall have much free time for a bit.

onna try and get the WiFi working on the laptop in the hotel tonight so hopefully can pop in again later.

phoenix son
25th Oct 2005, 07:53
Morning all,

Well, it feels like nothing has changed, new place seems OK, be nice when we've all settled in...:ok:

Pity that one missed the move, when one went to bed last night there were a fair few posts still to go...:confused:

Anyway, on with the nonsense...

25th Oct 2005, 08:04
Good morning everyone. Doesn’t uplift the spirit much does it, 9.00 and only now getting light, seems to get like this late October every year. Not the Fr**** again is it?

The new house looks good, but may I be so bold as to make the observation that the opening post by Mr D seems rather anticlimactic compared with the rather impressive effort which started off Mk 5.

Have had a few e-mails recently from ‘companies’ I have never heard of telling me something along the lines of either “your order has been processed and your credit card will be debited with XXX”, or alternatively “the payment of XXX that you authorised on your credit card has been declined by the card supplier”. In each case I am instructed to “immediately” log on to a url and get things sorted out. I have let my AV have a sniff at the url’s and in each case it has reported back that they are trying to plant trojans or viruses on my machine. I am not of course the first person to have asked this but who the hell are the people behind these things and just what do they get out of it? B***ards.

tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 08:04
Morning peeps bright and sunny this morning,SWH and self off to vets shortly,will decide which room to claim as our smoking room upon ones return.
One shall have words with Mr ORAC Re Panspermia later.

25th Oct 2005, 08:10
... the fish pun box was ejected into a super nova, never to return ...
:{ :{ :{

A quick scan through the hubble-Bubble telescope shows that they have found a new home in the Crab Nebula. Won't be any trouble at all to skate over there in the Tardis and bring them back home. I have a good hiding plaice just whiting for them :E

... one has started WORK!!
What a brilliant note on which to start Trabby 6, DishMan ... that's just the best!! Congratulations, mate. http://clicksmilies.com/s0105/party/party-smiley-043.gif

Sorry you're not feeling too well, angels ... straight home and into bed for you. We cannot have Trabbies getting sick the minute we move into our new house. Not good for the image at all. Recover please.

Welcome, BombayDuck. No need to watch us from a distance ... get in here and BE one of us, everyone is welcome here. :ok:

Jordan D
25th Oct 2005, 08:10
Darth Nigel - many thanks for your two links ... shall look into them. I'm not asking for the heavy lifting, just to "get by, with a little help from me friends" (sorry, couldn't resist!).

I like the new place .... now hold off on the spa, til this work is done!


25th Oct 2005, 08:23
Greetings, greetings, TRABBYland and many apperloguies for missing the fireworks, canapés and marching bands, Cap'n Notty.
Yew lot dunnarf move fast when yers wants. :mad:
Been hors de combat one day and have to do a lightning catch-up on six pages/ In the Mk. 5. if you please. :hmm:
Then follow-up on over two pages of Part the Sixth. Serves one right for sleeping in.

Well, well, things look a little more completed than the debut of Mk. 5. An open roof in the dunny is a dramatic touch. Shall have to look in to auto-shutters for when the Wx goes LBU.

RBAPSOI - I bought new pair of hiking/working boots. Classic brown leather with synthetic sole and fully sewn tongue. Way snug and the bee's knees for late Summer walk across the 'back yard'. viz. Mt. Tongariro.
One has been pining for decent clogs since whenever.

Exemplary WOTD, especialy pertinent to TRABBYland,
patavinity, the use of local idiom, provincialism. From the birthplace of Livy, Patavinium.

25th Oct 2005, 08:34
It's one of those days where everything seems to be damp. Probably, on reflection, because everything is damp.

Mrs G just fell over the dog while opening the lounge curtains (Mrs, G. not the dog was opening the curtains, just in case you got confused). The Spaniel suffered minor emotional trauma while Mrs G has a few bruises. I nearly got a few bruises when I asked if the dog was alright before asking about Mrs G.

phoenix son
25th Oct 2005, 08:37
Mrs G just fell over the dog while opening the lounge curtains

In a similar vein, one tripped over the cat whilst preparing last night's tea ("dinner" to you lot Darn Sarf...)...She makes a mean curry you know...:E

25th Oct 2005, 08:44
OK everyone seems like the server has had it's monthly service.So let me introduce our doorman,he says he's quite happy to fetch and carry and hang up yer coats.But being a Scandie he's got a hard side as well when wound up.However he's forgotten his name,so can you all have a good think please.:ok:


25th Oct 2005, 08:44
Morning all.

Got the rest of the week off work - yippee! Little planned - might just vegetate in front of the PC / TV (nothing new there).

Sunny, breezy but dark clouds on the horizon today.

Lasernige, yer piccie looks a tad like FOT in disguise.

25th Oct 2005, 08:45
Morning all, this looks like a nice place :) I am a little tired today, so will just go and have a little nap in the corner.

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 08:49
Good morning all from stormy London.

PSOIT - All VC medals are made from the metal of the Russian guns captured that day.
I thought that the metal came from Chinese-made guns captured at the seige of Sebastopol (which is a few miles away from Balaklava) :confused:

:rolleyes: You been partying again Ms DESK? :hmm:

25th Oct 2005, 08:59
Hmmm .... slight drawback with new seat - lovely views to east also mean sun is directly in face in the mornings ....

However, new prooning position FACES the office (had back to office before) so obvious advantage of ability to proon surreptitiously (sp?).

25th Oct 2005, 09:24
Laser Nigel,
The new Door man looks like a Eric to me, Eric the red??

25th Oct 2005, 09:25
Ah ...Ms SP...company where one is right now is closing their launch on the Bourse today.
Between 15.25€ and 17.75€ upto 77.9 million shares = 38.8% of capital. As I left the company 5yrs back and a lowly consultant now, one was not invited to play monopoly with them. .maybe just as well....rumour has it they're a bit expensive....one will see.

Forgot to mention that one swerved to avoid a little bambi last night while returnibg to hotel. Banged the car about a bit bumping into the kerb. Think the wheels need realigning before I whizz South again on Friday :(

25th Oct 2005, 09:31
Lasernige, yer piccie looks a tad like FOT in disguise.
Disguise? What disguise?

25th Oct 2005, 09:32
Aah....FR0010221234 have issued a price revision downwards.....isn't that bad news?? :confused:

25th Oct 2005, 09:38
Price revision or guidance/profit revision, DishMan? Sounds like bad news in any case!

Well done on the job front, BTW :ok:

25th Oct 2005, 09:41
Offer price guidance I believe.

Thanks - IF I am a regular visitor to Lochgelly, I'll stand you a glass of bubbly! (Definitely my round!) :ok:

25th Oct 2005, 09:47
Bonjour à tous

Glad to see that all of you have found the way to the new thread.

Master Drapes

I find the name a bit laconic, maybe we could start a thread title competition ?

Mr DishmanOne is currently about 40kms from M. Bre - having passed within a stone's throw on Sunday evening. All I can say is since I arrived it has been grey and windy with occassional rain.How about a beer to celebrate le retour sur le marché du travail :ok: :ok: ? send PM if interested
LFPN 250800Z 20017G28KT 6000 -RA SCT016 BKN030 BKN100 14/12 Q1010 NOSIG
not exactly what I would call occasional rain today :(

25th Oct 2005, 09:51
New Doorman = Horniman the Hooligan!!

Biggs ...how right you are. One's remembery seems to have suffered a slight time shift during the last Tardis trip.

Now, where was I? :confused: :confused: :confused:

I find the name a bit laconic
I wuz thinking it wuz iconic!

tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 09:53
Hmmm,those Scandyhooligans are taking over Marconi, have to watch ourselves,theys making their moves again, one recals when Marconi was a mighty company,every merchant ship had a Marconi man aboard,radio Officers were directly employed by Marconi not the Ship,he was the only chap on the vessel the Captain couldn't have flogged.
SWH self and Bro have returned from the vets with two bottles of pills and lighter wallets,one the two of us managed to prevent said vet being mauled by SWH.

25th Oct 2005, 10:01
Odd thing for them to do on a day like today, DM, when there's so much hype around corporate activity in the tech sector (pace the FOT's comments above). Still markets looking all red, so perhaps the management team lost their nerve ........

25th Oct 2005, 10:11

I got your PM but when trying to answer I got thisDishMan has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.Puzzled in Yvelines :confused: :confused:

Maybe you could PM me your e-mail address, then

25th Oct 2005, 10:15
Sun just came out. Amazing. It's still all soggy out there though.

25th Oct 2005, 10:22
Methinks the doorman bears a remarkable resemblance to my ancestor Eistein (The Fart) of vestfold who was King of Norway from 750 to 780. I therefore propose the name 'Eistein'.

25th Oct 2005, 10:24
Mr sunshine is also trying his best here,tho with not much sucess.There's been a fair bit of water come down this morning.

See up in Jockistan they're having probs on the M74/M8 due to a tanker leaking it's load of vegetable oil onto the roads.Must smell wonderful.:ok:

tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 10:31
Great names the Vikings had,such as Eric the Inarticulate, Harald the Effeminate ,Ulgar the Incontinent and the like..

"You are the prisoners of Harald the Effeminate,we shall now rape all the men and kill all the wimin"

"Don't you men rape all the wimin and kill all the men sire"?

"Thilenth!!Harald noth what he's thaying"


25th Oct 2005, 10:33
Not fogetting Flaps the Moderator!

25th Oct 2005, 10:49
Yawn, stretch....
That's better, feel a bit more alive again. You been partying again Ms DESK? I wish - was asleep by 2130 last night but still feel tired today. Hope I haven't caught Angels' lurgy :uhoh:

I think the doorman should be called Fred. Not very scandyhooligan perhaps, but a good, solid, reliable name is Fred. Flexible too - a Fred can be a soft and cuddly type, or he can be a no-messing hard-ass.

25th Oct 2005, 11:03
Sorry for cut and paste but found this whilst googling for a viking name.Maybe it will give us a better insight into them there Scandies.:ok:

So Mischievous One, you now have your very own Viking. Did you knowthat care and handling of a Viking is a serious undertaking? Not to mention the large amounts of meat, beer and mead needed, you also have to be an expert on cleaning furs, on them and around them!

Beards are comb-able, but usually have food stuck in them, not to mention the odd small bird nest. Hair can be braided, and if the beard is likewise long, a few braids can be done to minimize the number of small furry and feathery critters that move in. This can be a good thing for you to try, but he may resist until you show him that the braids can be woven into spectacular knotwork patterns!

Remove clothing before brushing the hair of your Viking. Any resemblance to a bear is coincidental, and leave his father's heritage and mother's preferences out of the conversation. Vikings are touchy about their heritage. Being descended from a bear is not a bad thing for Vikings.

Now those furs that he is dressed in! Were they tanned properly? Do they have an interesting odor? Are they still alive and kicking?Ensure they are quite dead before attempting cleaning. Remove all insect life and dirt using a brush and beat the hung skin with a carpet whacker to loosen the deeply set dust and dirt. Oh, and you should remove the skins from your Viking before beating them. If the skins need washing, remember to use a mild soap and lanolin for the fur along with neatsfoot oil for the skin to prevent drying out.

Another thing to consider with your Viking is to convince him to wear cloth under those skins. Cloth is easier to clean and it resists those pests that like to climb into your bed with you! Never give your Viking knitted undergarments, socks or caps as they are a sign that your affection is wavering! Unless of course you are sending a signal, then you may accompany this signal with a 2x4 of appropriate length. Use the 2x4 with the trademark side away from your Viking's head to reduce the
chance of breakage, and take a full swing to get your Viking's full
attention. Removal of the helm is optional, but recommended, as you may damage the helm.

The cloth you use on your Viking should be a heavy cotton such as Trigger or tent canvas. Anything less is a waste of time and money as Vikings are notoriously hard on cloth. If you Viking is camping, keep a fire extinguisher ready, especially if your Viking smokes. They never learn to pull a branch from the fire to light their tobacco and are always catching their beards on fire (another reason to braid that beard and hair).

Making love with a Viking is a major event for a Lady, well worth the effort! First, remove all weaponry from him. A good compromise is to leave the axe beside the bed and the knives on the nightstand. Never allow him to "Just keep one!", as it will invariably end up in your derriere at the most inopportune moment when he is not worried about why you are screaming! Be firm here. Speaking of firm, warm is good. So when you strip him of all of those furs, they make dandy floor coverings in front of the fire place or on the bed to keep warm. Never overlook an opportunity like that! Oh, and you should try to keep you Viking
from drinking too much before bed time. This is probably going to be difficult, but I will leave the methods for this to your fertile and mischievous imagination!

So have fun with your Viking, and remember to make sure he learns to swim, keeps his boat clean, and polishes his weapons carefully!

DX Wombat
25th Oct 2005, 11:17
he's forgotten his name
'Arald the Amnesiac perhaps?

25th Oct 2005, 11:24
Yesterday was Not Good. Today is better.

Here endeth the Lesson.

25th Oct 2005, 11:26
Can we extrapolate and say that tomorrow will be even better?

In that case, the end of next week should be fantastic.

25th Oct 2005, 11:29
May be its Alz Heimer??:E :E

Didnt take you long to net a few fish puns Bluey , must a been stragglers that fell out of the box.

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 11:33
I think the doorman should be called Fred.
How about Fred Bloodaxe? Should satisfy all and scare off interlopers ;)

25th Oct 2005, 11:54
Fred is such a friendly name, but the last name should be Bloodnut

25th Oct 2005, 12:07
I have found one called Sigurd the Dragon slayer but feel it rather inappropriate.:uhoh:
Naddod was another as he seemed to keep finding places accidently when blown off course in a storm.

Must admit liked Bluey's,BFU's and AVi's. but think Harald a good name.:ok:

The sun is now out.:ok:

25th Oct 2005, 12:10
Sun's out here, too. But it's dog-walking time soon, so the rain will no doubt return.

25th Oct 2005, 12:17
Slartibartfast... In honour of he who created the crinkly bits......

25th Oct 2005, 12:21
'Harald the Bonecruncher' for official occasions and 'Crunchy' for when you need a favour done! :}

I blame the Scandihoolygans! :rolleyes:

25th Oct 2005, 12:32
Mr D Was right,them Scandies are coming in droves (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4374820.stm) now.Thank goodness we've got our own Harald.

I blame the Norwegians:ok:

Jordan D
25th Oct 2005, 12:32
Sun is out here in 'Norf' London at the moment ... last day at home ... my mother has taken the day off and its just plain relaxing.

Stockpicker - don't complain ... at least you only get the sun in the morning. My room in Ed is south facing, and at this time of year, that means from about 11am-4pm I get the sun coming in through the window onto my work and the computer ... no work gets done!


25th Oct 2005, 12:51
Survived the dog walk without getting soggy - quite glad of that.

Come on chaps, number six was getting near to the bottom of the first page. More effort at the front there!

25th Oct 2005, 13:06
Trabby House is now a tree,
A baobab, no less.
We moved in only yesterdee,
So please don't make a mess. :rolleyes:

25th Oct 2005, 13:15
Stop complaining about the old Trabby closing down before 10K! As if WE had anything to say about it! Mr Drapes takes the final decisions here, nøt us!!! :hmm:

25th Oct 2005, 13:15
I like baobabs. People in Northern Ivory Coast say that they have been planted upside down.

Mrs G. does a lot of work in Madagascar where there are lots and lots of baobabs. I've never been there myself, but I do have a good few baobab tshirts.

Lovely sunny afternoon here now - and distinctly warm for the time of year. All of the sogginess is going away.

We weren't complaining Flyblue, honest. We were just saddened to miss the party. You know what Drapes is like. He's eaten all of the cake and there was none left for us latecomers.

25th Oct 2005, 13:17
Click Click!!:{ I panicked for a while.......till I found the tree:E
Please can we make the hole in the trunk a little more .....wide I had trouble squeezing in.

Came back this morning from a place oop north and decided to clean my keyboard with a little bit of pledge furniture polish/cleaner....big shit!!http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/teufel/devil-smiley-020.gif.
I forgot to bring puns:E most forgetful of me!£$% very sorry BD :E
Off for a forum root about...back shortly...or even longly if there is a lot to root in!!

25th Oct 2005, 13:21
Stressful day, flyblue? ... we can fix that.

Settles anxious mod in new spa, places large PGGB in hand, switches on soothing music and picks up phone ... Ben, come over to the spa please ... woman needs a full body massage here ... Lights scented candles and tiptoes away. Places "Do Not Disturb" sign on door.

25th Oct 2005, 13:29

25th Oct 2005, 13:34
Its a bit deep at this end!!

25th Oct 2005, 13:37
BFU Hast thee noticed that a certain thread has gone missing recently?:\

25th Oct 2005, 13:38
I'd join in with the fun & games involving icons - however all the ones I have/know of are pure filth and would promptly have the Lady Mods knocking on my door asking for either a 'quiet word' or 180mins of fun & frolics. I fear it'd be the former.

Cessna 310 just buzzed us here. That's quite a nice machine. Red nosed - obviously in preparation for Christmas and the forthcoming winter.

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 13:49
Stop complaining about the old Trabby closing down before 10K! As if WE had anything to say about it! Mr Drapes takes the final decisions here, nøt us!!!
Yeah, whatever - I'll still be after you with a damp lettuce leaf next time we meet, though ;)

BFU Hast thee noticed that a certain thread has gone missing recently?
Are you really that surprised, Nigel? :p

phoenix son
25th Oct 2005, 13:50
BFU Hast thee noticed that a certain thread has gone missing recently?

One HAS noticed that a certain thread on "etiquette" of a sort appears to have been spirited away...Pity, because one had only read the first post on the thread, it looked quite interesting...:E

25th Oct 2005, 13:54
Must confess my thought on that particular thread was "well, if you have to ask ......" :rolleyes:

Darth Nigel
25th Oct 2005, 14:01
OK, what did I miss? Threads on etiquette? In Jet Blast?

It is persisting it down this morning in scenic New England, with winds and rain changing to winds and rain later in the day.

Cats whined to get out :E and are now hiding under the shed -- too proud to come back in.

A useful word for today would be cunctator (http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=cunctator) because it describes me and others, I am sure :p

25th Oct 2005, 14:37
One has had to fight the Missus to get to me puter. Must keep her away from online shops, hours looking at pix of bloody shoes & such:rolleyes:

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 14:41
Threads on etiquette?
Well, Darth, it was etiquette regarding a certain thing that girlies do and men enjoy. I've never, ever, had a bad one if that gives you a clue ;)

25th Oct 2005, 14:44
Are you really that surprised, Nigel?

No it suprises me that it got that many replies before it was pulled.Tho pulled might be a wrong word to use in this context.:E

Raining...Sunny...pissing it down..sunny.What's up with the weather.:confused:

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 14:46
What's up with the weather.
I blame the French :p

25th Oct 2005, 14:51
I blame the French LFPN 251400Z 23018KT 9999 BKN030 SCT250 18/13 Q1012 NOSIG
You might be right for once that bad weather moves northwards.
But this is nothing but l'exception qui confirme la règle :E :E

phoenix son
25th Oct 2005, 14:54
No it suprises me that it got that many replies before it was pulled

Not at all...The thread was removed because it sucked...:E

(Is that the time already? One will be off now...)

25th Oct 2005, 14:57
Struggling to stay awake here - combination of a poor night's sleep last night and a curry at lunchtime (whose daft idea was that??). I have the joyful prospect of presenting a policy paper to a committee at 4.30 this afternoon. Mr SP on the other hand is going to the pub last thing this afternoon. Go figure!!

Maybe a short spell in the spa, if I can creep in without waking flyblue .....

25th Oct 2005, 15:00

Some of the more observant among you may notice that one has become schizo..... :(

DishMan has had all his rights removed. :uhoh:
Can't post, can't get or send PMs. (That's the reason for you getting the message back you did M. Bre.) All I did was try to update me e-mail adress. Bet I screwed it up and yon 'puter has auto blocked me...yep bet that's it.

Couldn't be because I read BFU's comment on another thread that's gone...and nearly choked on my early morning coffee!!

Have zapped an e-mail to admin. see what happens.

In the meantime, this newly hard working chap has taken a 5 min coffe break to set this new account up just to say THANKS again to all you lot whose inane drivvle and occassional psychotic rantings have helped keep me sane the last months.

M. Bre PM me again at my temporary new id!

Oh and wasn\'t it Mrs Bush senior who commented on Clinton\'s failure to remember something:
A man can forget birthdays/anniversaries/where he parked the car....but he NEVER ever forgets a single.... well...um yes....;)

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 15:05
Couldn't be because I read BFU's comment on another thread that's gone...and nearly choked on my early morning coffee!!
Moi? Surely not! :p

phoenix son
25th Oct 2005, 15:15
certain thing that girlies do

Not in our house...:(

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 15:30
:rolleyes: You know what they say about why the bride is smiling as she walks down the aisle...... ;)

Darth Nigel
25th Oct 2005, 15:40
Now that's true too :{

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 15:43
Looks like we're moving on 20th January if we keep going at this rate :E

Is that Brill or a bad mis-Hake?

25th Oct 2005, 15:44
Dishman2, usual reason for this little annoyance is if you don't click the activation link sent to your new email address.

If, however, you put in a spoof email address (not that you would, of course), then yer scuppered.

25th Oct 2005, 15:49
M. Timmcat
Thought that I'd just managed to mess it up me-self! :rolleyes:

One will use this ID until the kind nice Admin peeps sort out me old one. (Grovle, scrape..etc)

Neither BFU yer flounering again. stop carping on will you :rolleyes:

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 15:52
stop carping on will you
Maybe..... one of these dace ;)

25th Oct 2005, 15:53
Yep....when the Mods have stuck yer head on a PIKE :)

25th Oct 2005, 15:54
Where did you find them Biggles I thought they were lost.....On Purpose :E

25th Oct 2005, 15:56
They were in a secluded plaice.

25th Oct 2005, 16:00
Bah!! Humbug....I suppose the pingwongs and the bruvvers are here as well:suspect:

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 16:00
On Purpose
Or on porpoise? :p

25th Oct 2005, 16:01
Nope Cyclic....that's a red herring!

25th Oct 2005, 16:05
Lt Chard was at Rorke's Drift. Silly bugger.

Right then. Which Trabbist said this?:E

[QUOTE]Deciphering personalised number plates is a bit of a hobby with me.

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 16:07
I suppose the pingwongs and the bruvvers are here as well
Nah - they got scared off ;) http://clicksmilies.com/s0105/spezial/kdchat/rogpen.gif

25th Oct 2005, 16:09
Oh Whale...I'm not going to get excited about it....I suppose Ill be Herring from http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/tiere/animal-smiley-074.gifBluey about my badly laid sabotage plan
http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/sprachlos/speechless-smiley-040.gif...too late their here!!

tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 16:10
Been sunny and strangely warm here today,one does not like it! something is afoot.:uhoh:

25th Oct 2005, 16:10
Dishman, it happens when you type your email wrong. The new password is then emailed to the wrong address. PM me your right email and I'll sort it.

Just for info, the thread mentioned was not pulled by the Mods.

tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 16:18
Hmmm, one has never wanted a Parrot anyway.

25th Oct 2005, 16:29
Ooh, there's lights on in Edinburgh castle. That's nice, somebody's home, so they won't get taken over by marauding Sassenachs tonight then!

25th Oct 2005, 16:30
JB Modette to the rescue :ok: :ok:

One wonders if that poor Norwegian Blue parrot they had in that Monty Python sketch was demised due to flu :uhoh: :uhoh:

25th Oct 2005, 16:33
Lovely bird, the Norwegian Blue - beautiful plumage.

Wish me luck, chaps - have started a thread in R&N! :\

25th Oct 2005, 16:34
How abut a Mynah birdMr D ...good talkers they is.
There used to be one in a pub on the way to Cornwall where I used to stop for a break in the drive...before the road was as good as it is now.
Used to stop on the car park and get a cool drink from the outdoor and then carry on to Mevagissey.
One time I stopped as usual and was waiting at the outdoor hatch..."what would you like"...I gave my order to the unseen voice.
A little later "what would you like"...I repeated my order.
A liitle later a gentleman looked through the hatch and said "what would you like"....I gave a stroppy answer...you can guess the rest.:suspect:

tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 16:44
Used to be a great Minah Bird in a tobaconists shop (remember them?)near me,it spoke with a broad Geordie accent could swear spiffingly and would make improper suggestions to any lady customers who entered.

25th Oct 2005, 16:51
Ahoy there Mr Draper.

You really do need a parrot to sit on your shoulder. It would go well with your eye-patch and the red bandana around your noggin. Cutlass at belt, of course.

Darth Nigel
25th Oct 2005, 16:57
,it spoke with a broad Geordie accent could swear spiffingly and would make improper suggestions to any lady customers who entered.

Clearly a Miner Bird.

Morecambe and Wise did a pirate bit once (might have been "Treasure Island" by Ernie Wise) where Eric had a vulture(?) on his shoulder.

"Where's the parrot?"
"Inside the vulture"

may be mis-remembering it -- the old brain just isn't what it was

25th Oct 2005, 17:03
Oh damn, is the server on life support? Code Blue. Get that defribulator in here, Stat.

Time for breakfast, me thinks.

The Desert Ferret
25th Oct 2005, 17:14
I've recently pulled, erm, I mean, formed a meaningful relationship with a lass from Canvey Island who looks like Victoria Beckham.

Meterological conditions did not feature in the process.

25th Oct 2005, 17:18
Did parrots, fish or penguins?

25th Oct 2005, 17:19
Ev'nin All well leave for the North for a couple of days and it's all change for the new Trab I see. Well more space at the bottom innit.
Driving up the motorway is no fun in the pouring rain and worse at night and the pouring rain and bloody great qeues. Got up to Windamere and Kendle then forgot to get the Kendle cake.
Is a tad bleak up there and very different from the South of England, bit more rugged and rough and the sheep look as though they haven't been groomed.
Drinking buddy in from Rome just in so looking forward to a night of merriment. Last time was a blur will attempt more control over this one.

25th Oct 2005, 17:24
Defibrilating the breakfast sausage eh, RT? Whats the best cooking setting? 200? 250? 300? CLEAR!

And just who TF is this guy Stat? I've never seen his part credited or or heard a line spoken by him. Cameo role or what?

Continuing my earlier and much lamented WOD posts and picking up on the idea of introducing words not used before and, as a free extra, a fish pun as well:

congeries: a collection; an aggregation.

tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 17:47
Re sausages,co-incidently the world sausage championships were held in Newcastle today,chap from Burnley won with his bangers and mash dish.
The news item has brung on the sausage lust, but alas not a sausage to be had in Draper Towers tonight.

25th Oct 2005, 17:55
Well, this is where you are all hiding! Sorry I'm a bit late, but I made it eventually. New place is looking nice, did we bring ben and antonio? If not can we have a couple of pretty replacements please?

One has had a spiffing afternoon at Great grandma lexx's:rolleyes: One is apparently a "fussy eater" because I don't like brown bread with bits in it, never have never will, right am just off to eat my tandoori king prawn masala, fussy eater? PAH!

tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 18:00
Agree 100% Madam L next door gets that bloody stuff under the illusion having lumps in it is good for one,load of cobblers if yer axe me.
Another item on the local news, In a effort to bring down the cost of Football, Sunderland Footall Club are doing half price entry for tonights match, they are only going to pay fans three quid each to come and watch em.

DX Wombat
25th Oct 2005, 18:23
Which Trabbist said this?

[QUOTE]Deciphering personalised number plates is a bit of a hobby with me.
I think you will probably find it was BD.
The fact that a Lancastrian suasage won the competition has not been mentioned on the wrong (eastern) side of the Pennines. They are still sulking here because they lost the Wars of the Roses. :E

25th Oct 2005, 18:24
All right, all right, all right, one missed the move yet again, for the 4th time now. Ok., Mk. 6 looks very much like all the other ones. One didn´t have time to look around, though, but one trusts all and everyone is well.

Yesterday, one was walking through the rain for the first time in almost two months. It was pouring down so heavily one had to make use of one´s umbrella one thoughtfully had brought along.

One hates umbrellas.

25th Oct 2005, 18:29
Woo hoo. New bed's here.
Downside, Checkers has choofed off to work. Going to Spain somewhere.

Solid Rust Twotter
25th Oct 2005, 18:40
Ms Lexxy and the Young Lion, welcome back. Hope all goes well with you.


One is overjoyed that your good self is once more among those who slave for the daily pittance. One will hoist a cup in celebration once one is in the vicinity of something suitably drinkable.:ok:


Reading in on the previous TRRBATPSOIT thread, one was struck by the similarity of your taste in music to one's own. A pleasant surprise except for the refrain from "The Weight" now running ceaselessly around one's pip.:}

One has suggested to management that they may wish to place this job in a location where the sun don't shine and break it off, so one will hopefully be on one's way back to the houndery and one's tea mug in the next few days. It appears that the failure of their new incentive scheme came as quite a shock to them. Perhaps someone should inform them that an INCREASE in salary, rather than a reduction when extending a contract, would produce a more felicitous result.:*

25th Oct 2005, 19:00
Evenin all.

Just come in from work.

Will have chicken and chips tonight, before going off to cuddle the Magno Brandy bottle, cause a feel the snuffles coming on.

Darth Nigel
25th Oct 2005, 19:03
Good going, Rusty. One imagines a conversation like:

"Mr Twotter, we're going to offer you a 10% cut in salary"

"Yer wot?"

"But the good news is it's back-dated to July"

Exit pursued by hound...

25th Oct 2005, 19:05
Wonderful, a sighting of Solid Rust Twotter. Welcome back to these sainted shores oh rusty one.

Not sure whether to congratulate you or comiserate with you about the job - but leaving where you are now to be reunited with hounds and beer can't be all bad.

Edited to add the following from the latest Dilbert email newsletter:

While waiting in line at the Delta Gate to get my seat assignment, I overheard an elderly lady in front of me trying to get a seat assignment. When the clerk asked if she wanted a window or aisle seat the old lady exclaimed "OH! Please don't put me by the window! I just had my hair done!"

25th Oct 2005, 20:29
The Rusty one is to return to this world again. Good news indeed. One found it very stressful worrying about the boy...and all that mud on his aviatory vehicule. Now where's that bunting, and the celebratory packs of Earl Grey. Could someone please arrange the dogalanche?

How could Checkers leave you alone with a brand new bed? Whatever you do, don't do a walkround. You would probably trip over one of the divan drawers, fall in, only for it to close upon you. Reddo deddo by beddo. :uhoh: :uhoh:

First night in 6. No sleepwalking, please. Things are in different places in this evolution, and I'm sleeping in another box.

Solid Rust Twotter
25th Oct 2005, 20:30
Still reading in Mk V.......

Belated felicitations on the auspicious anniversary of your birth, Mr Gooey. One trusts many more will follow... :ok:

Glad to hear you're doing well, Ms Brocky. The old plumbing can be a bit of a bugger when she goes awry. Mr K also in peak form, one trusts?:ok:

Mr Baron

Psychic, are you?:confused: Dogalanche and cuppa are first on the list of things to do on one's return. Anticipation driving one slightly gaga. One has run out of the strange Kenyan Earl Grey powder so one has taken to a pinch of tea masala in one's cuppa. It's an acquired taste but pretty good, in fact. The masala contains cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, black pepper and mace and gives a zesty bite to one's cuppa. One would imagine it bringing a pleasant glow to the countenance on a chilly day.

25th Oct 2005, 21:27
chap from Burnley won with his bangers and mash dish.

Ooooh has someone from Lancashire won something again???:ok:
Seems to be a trait of ours,my butchers bangers are very tasty as well,haven't actually seen who it is that's won.

Now installed new router and no more crap messages coming up and getting me to do diagnostics tests before signing on.(had BT courtesy of AOL before).Have also gone wireless,tho not with aerials etc.This is something I picked up from the Sunday Times computer page.It uses plugs with ethernet connections on them thereby utilising your house wiring as an 'aerial',also means no one can tap into it as each plug has a unique password.:ok:

Mrs L v pleased as no more phone ext wires going around the house.:ok:

25th Oct 2005, 21:27
Never had masala in my tea, but then again, I don´t drink tea very often anyway. I´m off to bed, too. I´ll be up early tomorrow. :ugh:

25th Oct 2005, 21:43
Nah, phone's off and no where near the bed so I won't get distracted by the wretched thing. :E

Biggles Flies Undone
25th Oct 2005, 21:50
Just had a cracking meal at my local :ok:

Return to find that my team have beaten Liverpool in the Carling Cup. Come on you Eagles! Hahahahahahaha :E

Jordan D
25th Oct 2005, 22:13
Right, returning from big smoke to little smoke tomorrow. And that means lectures. And actual work. Not good.

Still ... back to reality!


tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 22:37
Dunno nowt about feta cheese cept it sounds furrin ,so one is agin it.:cool:

DX Wombat
25th Oct 2005, 22:51
Lancashire cheese is the best cheese to use when cooking - makes beautiful cheese on toast. :ok:
For a good recipe see the one Wholi posted - it's addictive :E
Here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=139217&highlight=cheese+on+toast)

25th Oct 2005, 23:16
The best selling car in the world is not a car. It's the Ford F150 pick-up. Gun rack is optional.

Capn Notarious
25th Oct 2005, 23:16
Strewth what a mad night in pprune chat.
More stuff than you could find in a compendium.
No one mentioned cheese.
Right well thats the washing up done. Monday evening one burnt the carrots, there remains a blackoned pan to lickspittle clean.
Laser Nigel is forging ahead in the postings, well it appears so to me. Folks don't let him get too far away, unless someone plans to cut he off at the pass. { a strenous experiance for a young lad}

25th Oct 2005, 23:21
My late friend Dan S. claimed that someone could make a mint of money by selling gun-rack decals for the rear window of pickup trucks. All the fashion statement without the risk of someone breaking, entering and stealing the weapon.


25th Oct 2005, 23:23
Morning, group.

Right then. Which Trabbist said this?

[QUOTE]Deciphering personalised number plates is a bit of a hobby with me.
I said that, Gainesy but it was a long time ago ... :confused: :confused: :confused:

You guys have been very busy overnight (overday). There were about 104 posts to this thread when I went to bed and now there's heaps to read in. :p

Glad you made it here safely, Rusty we left the directions pinned to the old front door. Madame singaporegirl is still missing though ...

Shiny side down
25th Oct 2005, 23:33
good morning
Been gone a while. Noticed that v5 of trrb is gone? v4 also, can't remember which i last saw.:confused:

Still, here is one more in support.

tony draper
25th Oct 2005, 23:47
One self and Mr Wallace only eat cheese that ends in Dale or Shire,although in truth one has been know to nibble on Edam,but then yer Dutch is not real furriners,they is a kind of dumbed down Englishman.

Just watched the Sopranos,got one thinking ,we could have a organisation here,our own family,we go into other threads and make em offers they couldn't refuse, offer them protection as it were, keep clear of the Mil forum though, they int sissies like the rest.

26th Oct 2005, 00:03
Canadian Lotto 649 up to $40 million for tomorrows draw. That's about USD 149.35 or 198 pounds. Might buy a ticket.

Darth Nigel
26th Oct 2005, 01:41
Mr Wallace ate some of that Stinky Bishop Cheese in't film version. And then there was the lunar cheese "like no cheese I've ever tasted".

And apparently there really is a cheese called "Stinky Bishop". One dreads to ask...

26th Oct 2005, 02:18
Well, my charming company from Texas has kept me busy in the 'real world' and so I have fallen behind here. Best wishes to all in the new place. Tomorrow, very very early, we fly from JFK to Dallas, and from thence direct to Maui. It will be a welcome change of scenery for both of us.

26th Oct 2005, 03:26
Got some Stinking Bishop in my fridge. Reeks of old socks - but is absolutely delicious. (Seriously, inside a wrapper, inside a fridge, you can smell it as you enter the apartment. Not for the faint of heart! French lass wouldn't believe it was English...) You can buy it, and lots of other types of great cheesy comestibles here: Teddington Cheese (http://www.teddingtoncheese.co.uk/acatalog/index.html). Also recommend the Montgomery's smoked cheddar. :ok:

Hmmmm, not sure it\'s Mr D\'s sort of scran though.... Newcastle is Culinary Paradise (http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/this_britain/article322300.ece)

Jordan D
26th Oct 2005, 04:39
Its too early. Its dark. But there's a flight to catch .... I don't they allow smelly cheeses on flights.


26th Oct 2005, 05:16
Tea, toast and TRRABY friends. Now there's a good way to start the day:ok: :ok:

26th Oct 2005, 05:18
So, I curtailed my Walpolian expedition and sallied forth to your place of conveyance to negotiate the vending of some cheesy comestibles.
You wha'?
I want to buy some cheese.

Starve the lizards, come in from a day ut mill and six more pages await.
Bluey, 'tis a Macchiavellian scheme wrought by they Norverners to cornfuzzle the Antips. Also tends to turn the brainwaves similar to M. Bre's stats picky.

Ms. Picker, yes, "surreptitiously" is right. ;)

Having battles with Spellchecker at least gives one a hobby.

edited yet again, for errors, one MUST get work less. . .

26th Oct 2005, 05:36
Good morning all. Stunning day here this ayem. The kind that almost makes living in this part of the world bearable.

On cheeses:

One recalls travelling from Turin to Uk many moons ago. The Gorgonzola dolce one had bought and placed in the hold baggage was a gift. Naturally the bag was lost and took 2 weeks to retrieve. The Gorgonzola was no longer dolce and the bag and contents were incinerated.:yuk:

There is a rather mediocre (IMHO) cheese in Italy from a place called Asiago. The town lies in the Dolomites and boasts one of the highest and oldest airstrips in Europe. Approx 1000 metres and active during WW1. Nice place to visit. Neatly from cheese to avaiation.:ok:


26th Oct 2005, 06:25
I used to be a high volume Cheddar eater, but I was also definitely on the tubby side. Over the last year I have foreswarn my daily doorstep cheese sarnie and moved over to salads. Low fat feta cheese takes a bit of getting used to and is no where near as satisfying as a thick slab of mature cheddar between two hunks of brown bread. However, I'm thinner and fitter than I was, so I'll live with it.

Still too dark to see what the weather is outside.

26th Oct 2005, 07:02
Goodly morning everyone.Tis wet and windy here again on the border crossing.Still fairly dark.Had some cracking thunder last night.:ok:

Laser Nigel is forging ahead in the postings,

Don't think so really,but if it's true it's to get some under me belt before next weeks hols in Jockistan.Don't think they have an internet cafe in Anstruther yet.:{

Dog sitters organised and packing being done tomorrow.Will aim to get up there at about 1500 on Saturday.Unctions and zap pen ready for knee joint pain after climbing hill from harbour after consuming a weeks worth of booze in one night.:ok:
Just hope don't get anything from consultant ref piccies that were taken last week.Want to enjoy this hols.:ok:

26th Oct 2005, 07:12
Phew, decidedly wobbly, but back at work. Reason for late post is the immense amount of reading in that had done to be done.

Welcome back to old Mark 5ers.

Rolling -

Canadian Lotto 649 up to $40 million for tomorrows draw. That's about USD 149.35 or 198 pounds. Might buy a ticket. Oh dear someone has not being paying attention to my Currency of the Day posts.....I make it around 19.06 million GBP, or 34 million USD. If you win, I demand a bit of commission.....

Lancashire or Cheshire cheese for me, although I still like the odd bit of mature cheddar on biccies. Easier to eat from biccies than the crumbly stuff.

Moscow as they say on SoccerAM.

26th Oct 2005, 07:14
METAR EKCH 260620z 26014kt 9999 few015 11/09 q1000 nosig= Persisted it down yesterday and last night. Woke up to a beautiful :cool: :cool: :cool: day.

Doorman ?
Hey that looks just like cousin Sven ..... or maybe cousin Bjørn .....
Anyway I like Lars' suggestion, but with a modern spelling - "Øystein" :D

ØØystein Rødeskæg
or, Sven Hardhat
or, our Russian Scandihooli cousin Fekkoff Outtovit :E

26th Oct 2005, 07:16
Bonjour à tous

still dull and grey over here, but rather mild.

CN Monday evening one burnt the carrots, there remains a blackoned pan to lickspittle clean.Here us a trick to remove carbonised food in pans (only tried with stainless steel and enameled ones, actually). Put a glass of diluted bleach into said pan, allow to boil until all the carbon is gone (refills maybe needed). Alternatively bring to boiling point, turn off heat and let stand (covered) for 24 hours. Better done outside or with proper venting. Do no inhale the vapors ! No liability assumed, etc, etc ...

Oops, that could be quite useful, actually :uhoh: :uhoh:

26th Oct 2005, 07:30
Morning all, grey day here in EDI to welcome Jordan back. I'm a huge cheese fan - everything from a firm, mild goat's cheese to Dunsyre Blue (a local, truly efulgent offering! :ok: ).

SOTD Anglo American, the mining company. They've been having a strageic review (a phrase guaranteed to inspire glad hearts among the merchant banking fraternity) and have decided, inter alia, to cut their stake in Anglogold Ashanti. They will spend the proceeds on returning a billion dollars to shareholders. The market is understandably gratified at the prospect, and has marked the shares up 72p or 4.61% to 1634p. Oh, and the ticker is AAL

tony draper
26th Oct 2005, 07:40
Sort of half and half morning sky here, one suspects the grey is going to triumph over the blue,seems to be a constant stream of bills landing on ones front door mat of late,most annoying.

Flouric and pentaflouric-antimonic acid is good on burnt on stains as well Mr Bre.
One cannot always lay ones hands on em though so Conc Nitric Acid will do at a push

26th Oct 2005, 07:47
b.borg Oystein seems to sound more Hebrew than Norse.:confused:
Would he say OYE VE all the time.?

26th Oct 2005, 07:47
:mad: You don't give us any peace do you Herr Draper ?
Dutch is not real furriners,they is a kind of dumbed down Englishman
Is impossible, dummer does not exist.

I blame the........eh........... :uhoh: ..........:rolleyes:

edited to add the :p

tony draper
26th Oct 2005, 07:57
One could do with winning the lottery today,just done some sums, one is not greedy, one could prolly get by (at a push) with just 4 million,one would of course have to forgo some of the luxuries one had planned.

26th Oct 2005, 08:01
One departs tomorrow with Mrs Lars and 2 month old sproglette to one's Pacific hideaway for a month or so. One will, therefore, be out of communication. No phone, fax, electricty, TV etc etc. Quite a wonderful feeling to step back in time a century or two!

Mrs Lars is far more relaxed about the marathon journey than am I. The jouney will involve:

1: 10 hrs ish locked up in one of these:


2. A battle through the Manila traffic to the Traders Hotel on Manila bay.

3. A foray to the local shoe marts. Mrs Lars' second name is not Imelda for nothing!!

4. A 90 min flt in one of these to the big island:


Cebu Pacific is a true fun airline. In flight karaoke competitions and trolly dollies who wear shorts are just some of the attractions.

5. 1 hour in one of these (a banka) to the small island:


6. About a 30 min trip in one of these:


7. Followed by about an hour in this (trisikad)


We shall then be home where the real work starts: getting the genny going and the deep cell batteries charged, checking the well and getting the water tested. Buying more nipa to repair the roof (ongoing project this)

26th Oct 2005, 08:07
One is not greedy either,Drapes

I just do the Euro Milliones lottery.......jackpot this week
€24 million.

I will be quite happy if I am the sole winner!;)

Capn Notarious
26th Oct 2005, 08:10
Russian Scandihooli cousin Fekkoff Outtovit

I second the proposal for our Viking Doorman Friends name.
Even as we speak, the bleach dilute boiling process is now in operation. Reports to follow.
Sun is arising alongside the tree at the bottom of the garden. This is a sign of winter, during the warmer months in it's ascendency Mr Sunshine; is sort of parallel with the road. Dont ask me to give the angles, geometry was never my strong subject.
My beard needs a trim but one thinks, that it's time to preserve the insulation.

26th Oct 2005, 08:21
One thought of regenerating the facial rug. Not with Summer so close at hand.
Today was nearly a scene out of Beau Geste, Wx-wise. Blistering sun, minimal breeze, much thirst-slaking, copious doses of factor 30.
Okay, so M. Geste didn't use the last. That's called poetic licence. Which is in danger of being revoked.

Purdy pickie of the aerofield thingy, Lars.

Aksherly, one is rather fond of fetta on salads. And blue vein on crackers with kiwifruit. As has been mentioned on occasion.

Cuisine. :ok:

26th Oct 2005, 08:35
lars Those don't look like real aircraft on that link thingy.Pray what is this NIPA stuff yer putting on t' roof?
Sounds like a lot of fun and very relaxing.:ok:

Fekkoff Outtovit seems to be coming into the lead for the naming of our doorman.Think I will also vote for it.:ok:

Capn Notarious
26th Oct 2005, 08:44
Thirty five minutes since the last post by me and the pot, is ninety nine percent clean. Where has all the black gone boss?

26th Oct 2005, 08:46
or maybe cousin

Would that be Bjørn Loser or Bjørn Tobewild?

Drapes, SWH, cheese, Wallace, Grommit, cheese. Hmmmm

One wonders if all the wittier posts are done by SWH.
After all, in the Internet, no-one knows you're a dog.

26th Oct 2005, 08:56

Pray what is this NIPA stuff yer putting on t' roof?

Nipa is a palmy type of plant thingy that looks like this in its unworked form:


It is commonl;y used for roofing in the Pacific Islands. Woven it makes good panels for walls and lets in air thus obviating the need for ac.

f you look closely below you will see a nipa roof in the background. They normally last about 5 years and cost about $500/100sq metres to replace.


You gain full marks for checking. They do indeed look somewhat toylike. But are you implying that the 9 is a real ac?

Cebu Pac has some of the more colourful ac about.


tony draper
26th Oct 2005, 09:06
One has returned from the shops bearing half a fathom of black pud,and one finaly remembers to aquire a new bottle of Worcestershshshshire Sauce,Mr Lee's of course,dammed Chinese copy everything,
One does not seem to have used much in the way of eggs this week,with this bird flu eggs is likely to become a luxury item and chicken beyond the reach of ordinary folk like it was in Drapes sprohood,hard ter believe we only used to see chicken at Xmas dinner.
Tell the kids nowadays an tey wunt believe yer.

26th Oct 2005, 09:07
Lars Thanks for the info which was v illuminating,however my concentration lapsed and could see no further than the side of the pool.:E
Sorry if that's Mrs Lars but she's quite a corker if you don't mind me saying.:ok:

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 09:15
Good morning all from warm, sunny London. Forecast tomorrow is for more sun and 21C - it's nearly November for goodness sake!!

I think we're in for a hard winter :(

26th Oct 2005, 09:28
Fekkoff Outtovit
Definitely gets my vote too. :ok:

I think we're in for a hard winter ...
Oooh ... goodie!! Oh, it means what ... ? Cold?? Oh. :(

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 09:29
:rolleyes: How's the aircon, Bluey? ;)

You seem a bit hot and bothered.....

tony draper
26th Oct 2005, 09:30
The metreological sciences are predicting thusly as well Mr Biggles,about time we had a bad un, one was away on the high seas at the time of the last one,1960's ish if one recals correctly,weather was a tad nutty then as well,we had a hurricane on Tyneside,and one remembers a large super tanker snapping its moorings and drifting away down the Tyne that caused much panic,so theres nowt new as they say.

26th Oct 2005, 09:41
It will definitely need attending to later this eve, Biggles. :E One has had a very busy day, just have time now for a coffee and a quick proon before heading out to a meeting that's taking plaice an hour's drive away. Then back later to grab a quick bite to eat, shower and bed. One is going to be very hot and bothered indeed from all this running around. :E

Captain Draper, one requests permission to abandon one's station for the next few hours please.

26th Oct 2005, 09:47
Rusty so good to have you back!! We worry you know. := And DM once again among the ranks of slarymen, van harte gefeliciteerd jongen, helemaal top. (I trust you haven't forgotten all your Dutch quite yet?)
Personally, I'm very partial to fresh mozzarella.


Øystein Rødeskæg definitely gets my vote. Authentic and funny. :)

Cracker of a morning. :ok: Taped my Purser welcome on board video. Camera crew and director nice laid back guys, the make up girl gave a start when I came in and yelled "Oooh it's you. You're my favourite Purser. You always make all the pax laugh and then you scare the [email protected] out of them so they all watch the demo. And you asked me if it was hard being a Moslim FA after sept the 11th while everybody else pretends they don't notice that my name is Fatime... a most excellent start to the day after all the negative sh!t during the course

The thing itself only took 3 takes, and since an hour is planned for each shoot, we had ample time to sit down with the camera crew and talk bull, drink coffee and laugh a lot.
During the taping, the presenter who does our Cabin Journal arrived. She listened in and when I came out she said that it was a great shame my looks don't fit the company branding image since she'd love to have me on the on the Journal team. As we would say in Dutch, a very nice feather up my @ss.

Wx matches the mood; bright & sunny. Off to park a suitcase at the crew centre for going home with, and to collect the flight info for tomorrow's MEX. Can't believe I'm going solo tomorrow.
:ugh: inasmuch as one can call 400 pax and a 14 body crew solo that is.

Rise and follow Charlie............... :ok:

26th Oct 2005, 09:54
my looks don't fit the company branding image
Then change the branding image!

tony draper
26th Oct 2005, 09:58
Hmmm not a very fitting name Mamasan, one has noted you are a tad on the sparse side,err pleasingly so one might hastily add, but as Drapes taste leans more toward the Rubinesque ladywise ergo one regards you as one would regard a sister.

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 10:02
:rolleyes: Hey falps - I think Drapes just made that two very nice feathers up your @ss :E

26th Oct 2005, 10:16
Flaps, tell 'em to get stuffed. From the picture you posted a while ago, matching handbag, shoes and a/c, you looked like a top notch F/A to me and I'd be happy to see you on any a/c I boarded. BTW, doing corporate stuff it not all it's cracked up to be. I did a photoshoot for a route launch once, TEDIOUS! Although, it did involve lots of cheese, from aviation back to cheese! I like cheese, lots, am going to visit one of my favourite food shops tomorrow, The Cheshire Gap in Macclesfield, and will be purchasing lots of lovely cheeses. I'm going to treat myself to a huge lump of Brie, unpasturised of course and a big hunk of french bread. I've missed eating brie.

One's SWH has a poorly poor, it's all swelled up and I don't know what she's done to herself, she was ok when she got up and went out into the back garden, then five minutes later she was hopping around the place???? One will keep an eye on it, if it's no better one will away to the vets, who is also my aunt! How handy.

Capn Notarious
26th Oct 2005, 10:23
Mr Biggles reprints the old backsided compliment. Who taught them forin's to use em. I allas thought such statements were for the inbreds with too much information and not enough practicality skills. We are certain that Flaps Forty has all the skills.
Yay as the airlines cost cut and trim, some may rue the day they crossed with the likes of FF. Tis true yer should always be polite on the way up, for yer cannae see them on the descent.

Having an Aunt as a vet eh. Huzzyband neuteralising for the use of. Half a cc of. Rubber bands suit you sir. Had a friend that bred horses; she bragged that one week, she'd had a goat horse and her husband done!

My nose is internally infernally ticklish.

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 10:23
Lexx - good to see another Brie lover! I brought loads of the real stuff back from France a couple of weeks ago and what's left is walking around on its own now :p

Regarding pooch prob, have you checked for a thorn? Very difficult to spot when they go in vertically. Run your thumb gently over the pads and see if you get a whimper from any particular spot.

26th Oct 2005, 10:33
I've been sitting on the very hard shoulder of this supposedly 'superhighway' for hours since I got into work. No internet connection indeed. Just how is one supposed to Proo..........work in such circumstances.


Need a bag carrier? Talk about 'Fantastic Journey'.
Do you get you and all your baggage in a trisikad?

Nipa roof - no I didn't see it either. There was something red in my eye:E :E


Decarbonising pans: Pan. Hot water. One washing powder tablet. 30 mins. No elbow grease. Job done.

see if you get a whimper from any particular spot
Dog called spot then, eh?

Cheese. Not keen on cheddar, but do like Davidstow. Otherwise, Cheshire crumbled on a thickly butter crust. Cambazola, Dolcelatte and President brie. One's arteries clog at the thought.

Tried goat's cheese once. The taste was fine, but the aroma at the back of my throat made me :yuk: :yuk:

Viking Doorman: FO gets my vote, and also has an aviatory connection :ok: :ok:

26th Oct 2005, 10:41
Mammasan - Every best wish for your first solo. I know you'll wow 'em.

Well busy here after one of my erstwhile colleagues manged to enter a buy order into the box rather than a sell order. Things going pear-shaped, so reckon I'll plead flu and head off shortly....

Sigh. Not a good week.

Edited to chane 'but order' to buy order. Some Sceptic Tanks could get confused.

tony draper
26th Oct 2005, 10:43
We could also have a French Canadian doorman,Chuck Debuggaout.

26th Oct 2005, 10:44
261020Z VRB01KT CAVOK 17/08 Q1025 NOSIG=
Bright and sunny! Went shopping on my bike! Had to search a little for chicken meat, since my butcher didn't have any. Seems that people are scared about bird flu :rolleyes:

La vie est belle ! :)

phoenix son
26th Oct 2005, 11:18
One's SWH has a poorly poor

Poor? Or paw? Either way, sounds nasty...One spotted (and, for that matter, swatted) a wasp at home yesterday, so they're still around, possibly she got on the receiving end of that?

see if you get a whimper from any particular spot

One tries much the same with Mrs PHX, with varying results...:E

Oh, BTW, afternoon all, sorry one missed the morning, although one has been monitoring proceedings...:ok:

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 11:24
One tries much the same with Mrs PHX, with varying results...
I think I see where you're going wrong, Phx - it's sighs, not whimpers, that you should be listening out for :p

tony draper
26th Oct 2005, 11:51
Large fry up today,all the stuff that is supposedly bad for one but tastes spiffing.
Bro is a tad peeved, builder next door has stuck a rather large builders skip in such a position as to deny him access to his garage,one went out and had words with said builder he claims it will be gone by five o clock, it had better was, spake I.

oooeeerr! one dont like that message Connection to www.pprune was refused,makes yer wonder what yer posted.

phoenix son
26th Oct 2005, 11:51
it's sighs, not whimpers, that you should be listening out for

Hmmmm, there's sighs alright, usually "Oh no, here we go again...":(

One blames the Californians (Because it was their wine that got Mrs P. drunk at EXACTLY the same time she got pregnant):confused:

26th Oct 2005, 11:52
a great shame my looks don't fit the company branding image

Should we send Øystein Rødeskæg around to sort the matter out, Madame falps?

P.S.: Oops, that could have been misunderstood. Send him around to have a "talk" to your bosses is what was meant...

26th Oct 2005, 11:56
One's SWH has a poorly poor

Sorry, can one plead insanity? One has had a ruff day.

26th Oct 2005, 12:00
it's sighs, not whimpers,

Nah, mate. Sighs dunt matter:E :E

26th Oct 2005, 12:04
Afternoon all.

Flaps, feckem, what do Marketing luvvies know? Should be shot, along with Human Remains departments.

Mrs G hogged the puter all am, so had to wait till she'd gone to the gym, then couldn't log on fer ages. One blames Bill Gates.

Instead spent morning tidying up the garden ready for winter, cut down a rose stem that was yesterday tapping on the bedroom window, v annoying when trying to kip. Also hoicked out some tall flower things which had blown over and the sunflower which had garroted itself on the clothes line. Stacked some more effin logs in the back porch, the front being now full.

This afternoon will peruse the fireworks catalogue in prep for Armageddon Night. T'would help if one knew what the budget is this year.

Nice to see yer back Rusty.

Qoute: "you will see a nipa roof in the background"
:confused: What background?:)

26th Oct 2005, 12:36
Because it was their wine that got Mrs P. drunk at EXACTLY the same time she got pregnant

Trying to picture this much without much success.:confused:

Nice romantic evening just the two of you,drinking said Californian wine.Mrs Phx getting cosy etc etc.Mr Phx gets on wi t' job in hand.Little fellows on t' way up to egg.Mrs Phx says '**** I'm drunk' and at that very moment one little fella says 'Hey she's drunk time to fertilise that egg over there'.

Nah yer making it up.:ok:

26th Oct 2005, 12:39
Right oh, my pprune connection has been permitted again.

Helga, drinks for all please. Yes i know you havent unpacked yet, but I did tell you that it wasnt needed, and that everything would be Tardised over.

The place has gone mad, fish puns have escaped, the spa and bar have moved, and Ive lost the pool table and pool again:confused: :confused:

Oh well, should only take three months to find everything.:\ :\

26th Oct 2005, 12:46
Girls, Chaps, I fear I have been unclear. :uhoh: The taping of the Welcome video went fine and it's what I will play on the aircraft for all pax after every take-off.
The comment about not fitting the company profile was merely a regret expressed by the 'anchorwoman' of the Cabin Journal who happened to be there. Seeing as how she's looking for a co-presenter I was most flattered by what she said. (no surprises; I've never fitted the company image. Initial job interview 100 years ago they asked me had I had a brain tumor? Me, too naive to realise they were on about my short hair, answered "No Ma'am, I am very healthy")

Anyroads, thanks muchly for offers of support, sending out Øystein to sort it and for fraternal affection from Drapes.
Weird & Wonderful is the TTRAB. :ok:

26th Oct 2005, 12:56
First the Bruvvers, and now a Scandihooligan Uncle??? next there will be killer Pingwings.

Oh thats right we got them already, just havent been around for a while. In fact not since the previous move!!

26th Oct 2005, 13:08
Noch ein Bedankt! (Ignore spelling;)
I haven't forgotten much of the Dutch....there wasn't much there in the first plaice.! Somewhat limited to the vocabulary used with 6-8yrolds playing rugby.
Not much call for "twee hand an der ball" and "OK jonges kijk an yer lijn" :confused:
Don't even know if that makes sense to an adult cloggy. At least the kids understood.....childlike rapour I must have :rolleyes:

It has started veritably shining down on one here.
M. Bre will be taking apperitif outside this evening if this keeps up!

phoenix son
26th Oct 2005, 13:19
Mr Lasernigel,

OK, perhaps one was a little unclear when one said that the conception occurred at EXACTLY the time that Mrs P. got pregnant, one was taking the longer view rather than chronicling proceedings minute-by-minute...:eek: (although I suppose one could...:( )

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 13:28
Nah, mate. Sighs dunt matter
Pure class TB :ok: :D

it's what I will play on the aircraft for all pax after every take-off
Does this mean you'll have to maintain a constant hair colour, falps? :p

Phx - know where you're coming from... my daughter's second christian name is 'Rose'. She doesn't know why, but I do ;)

Capn Notarious
26th Oct 2005, 13:29
One shall post this in colour to capture the attention of our beloved moderator Flaps Forty. Why the liking for short hair?

The Capn's first mate; was once gently chided for being lacking in quantity and hair length. She now has the dresser, to create a more "girly" style.
She is still the first mate!

While you lot peruse tis time for tea and a choccie biscuit.

26th Oct 2005, 13:44
my daughter's second christian name is 'Rose'. She doesn't know why, but I do

and thusly, PHX, your next sprog will have to be called Vegas or Diego or Zinfandel. Tis the law yer know. Although on that ruling Leo should be called Sussex.:eek:

26th Oct 2005, 13:49
.. by that rule of thumb, mine should be called 'The Bulls Head car park', 'Gateway just before the cattle grid', etc..... :E

Week off going swimmingly. Some bright spark (guess who..) had the idea at 18:30 last night to take anyone who was interested to Blackpool for a look at the illuminations (around a 90 minute journey each way). Pished it down all the way, atrocious driving conditions, me confident that no other daft sod would think of doing the trip on such a night. Wrong. 45 min queue before the start (at the north end, because dad said it would be quieter that way :( ). Still, it saw off an otherwise potentially quiet evening and we got back around 23:15.

Anyone had a peep at the new spa yet?

26th Oct 2005, 13:59
Anyone had a peep at the new spa yet?

Slight prob methinks as http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/lasernigel/viking.gif
Hasn't got a name officially yet so is becoming a jobsworth 'No Name No Spa entrance'
So come on make a decision someone.:ok:

Blackpool illuminations weather I know it well.

phoenix son
26th Oct 2005, 14:08
and thusly, PHX, your next sprog will have to be called Vegas or Diego or Zinfandel.

This is not the first time one has had this conversation (with YOU if one recalls correctly...)...You forgot to mention "Sandy", as in "San Diego"...:mad:

on that ruling Leo should be called Sussex.

Ah, but he was the product of a Christening, so babies were obviously on your minds anyway (and nowt to do with getting trolleyed on Red Wine of course...:ooh: )

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 14:10
:rolleyes: Just as well it wasn't Llanfairpwllgwyngychgogerychwyrndrobwllllantisiliogogogoch :hmm:

26th Oct 2005, 14:21
Ah, but he was the product of a Christening

Actually the night before said Christening and nothing to do with WHITE wine actually, Mr L had drunk the red:p

Wouldn't it be odd if Leo and Isabelle (who's christening it was) ended up getting married?

aww, Blackpool Illuminations!!!! FANTASTIC!!! Not been to see them for years, a truly tacky night out, nice one timm! Lets have a trab night out to Blackpool, we can all go and see the illuminations one of these open top bus (http://www.pro-mod.co.uk/12805.aspx).

We'll have to wrap up warm, but it'd be great fun!

My dad has got a real live proper size one in the shed! As PHX will testify!

26th Oct 2005, 14:22
You know, if I'd arrived home earlier, I would have got that remark in first about you guys realising that sighs matters. :(

One is disappointed now. :(

Ah well ... shower first, I think, then some tucker ... back soon.

26th Oct 2005, 14:24
My dad has got a real live proper size one in the shed! As PHX will testify!

What lexxy??? All I can see is a little x :{ :{
You've taken it away,that's cheating.:{

Thought you meant one of these....


That would be impressive in yer shed.:ok:

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 14:28
My dad has got a real live proper size one in the shed!
He must have a bigger one than Drapes, then :p

Darth Nigel
26th Oct 2005, 14:28
Elsewhere in JB we are doing versions of "Mary had a little lamb", including a couple which are rude.

The poem is based on a real series of events that happened in Sterling, Massachusetts where a girl called Mary Sawyer was followed to school by a lamb.

More info here (http://www.answers.com/topic/mary-had-a-little-lamb)

phoenix son
26th Oct 2005, 14:28

Here you go, here's BabyPHX sat on Mr L's knee whilst at the wheel of said bus;


Right, gotta dash, ante-natal appointment coming up...Only 12 WEEKS to go...!!!EEK!!! :eek:

26th Oct 2005, 14:39
Hmmm ..... no, deffo prefer the Stockette's real name. Couldn't really call her BombaySapphireandTonic anyway - doesn't really roll off the tongue when you want to yell the offspring in for dinner ....:}

That child clearly cannot possibly have a future as a bus driver - far too much road-awareness, looking round to see what other road users are up to.

(Same can't be said for Mr L, mind you ....:E )

26th Oct 2005, 14:39
Thanks phx, one doesn't have a piccy of the real one, but the next in it's reg sequence appears ont'internet.

Good luck at the antenatal thinger. eeeeee I remember them! Now it's midwives and health visitors wot come to my house instead.

26th Oct 2005, 14:41
Lexx, yer bloke bears an uncanny resemblence to Chris Moyles.


Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 14:42
Ms S - you could always call her Sapphie for short ;)

26th Oct 2005, 14:48
Timm that's hilarious!!!! Of course he looks nothing like Moyles really, he's only about half the weight in real life.

(Same can't be said for Mr L, mind you .... ) of course Ms S Mr L is the best driver in the world:rolleyes: Every road is a potential rally track.

Darth Nigel
26th Oct 2005, 15:06
As Drapes said in another thread :O :* The origin of the Nursery Rhyme
"Little Jack Horner"
is much more interesting and grim as befits our history.
The instigator of the pie the afore mentioned Mr Horner had his thumb stuck in was hung drawn and quarterd

Spose if yer int got much in the way of history to make nursery rhymes up from, a lamb following a wee girl to school must seem like a big deal.

:ok: Come to Yankistan -- all our history is new and shiney, not old and wrinkly. Surprised it takes the kids so long to learn it in school.

26th Oct 2005, 15:09
It was more that he was showing potential as a bus driver, lexx - but now you mention it, has he ever driven a bus like a rally car? :uhoh:

26th Oct 2005, 15:59
Gerra grip, twas near the bottom of the page. Had yer tucker yet BD?

One is thunking about getting a sausage makin machine.

Darth Nigel
26th Oct 2005, 16:03
One is thunking about getting a sausage makin machine

Wazzat? You mean a wife???

off to hide now...

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Oct 2005, 16:07
Ta for the kind thoughts, Ms Flaps!:ok:

Ms Reddo

One would have thunk one would learn not to headbutt yer ride after the first one floored yer. Perhaps a cold tinny applied to the affected bit would help...?:E :E

Mr Gainesy

Going to begin making yer own boerewors? Nothing like a foot of boerie on a roll with a ladle of fried onions, achaar and chakalaka and a dollop of mustard to accompany yer pint.:ok: Listen closely and you'll hear the arteries slam shut above the gurgling of yer plumbing as the heartburn kicks in....:E

Cap'n Notarious

Beans and other legumes will also affect yer gout adversely, as will anchovies, sardines and other oily fish. Liver, kidneys and other offal are a killer too. One's own toes are currently cringing in sympathy....:ugh:

26th Oct 2005, 16:15

I must have gone all Scottish or something. Perhaps a genetic race memory flash back perhaps? I dunno. Gis a beer now Pal! :ok:


Well done. You're a star. I guess you've changed your hair back to brown for the winter?
That reminds me, I need a hair cut but I daren't yet while the wound's still a tad tender.

New bed is a success. Bliss. :ok: :E

Went for a lil ski* (dry slope) today. Ahh can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait for Jan and WHISTLER! :}

Physio's sorted the back out. Good to go. :ok:

26th Oct 2005, 16:22
Oh dear god no Ms Picker, please don't giv him ideas.:\

Biggles Flies Undone
26th Oct 2005, 16:26
Right, home time. I'll just pop in and check Bluey's aircon on my way :E