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24th Oct 2005, 20:27
If we are going to combine any and all threads that touch upon politics....why do we not combine all threads that have common themes?

All joke threads go into one....

All police discussions...traffic wardens..police heli's...into one.

Nothing like killing discussion by such antics by the MODS.

Not impressed!

Spuds McKenzie
24th Oct 2005, 20:40
MODS, you better comply, he might call you "Liberals" otherwise...


24th Oct 2005, 20:50
All joke threads go into one....

Hey, there's an idea.

Astro, get on it mate :ok:


24th Oct 2005, 20:54
Lets go for it !

24th Oct 2005, 20:56
And we can have another one for really useless information, and, and, and another one for discussions about cricket and, and one with photos of everybody................


24th Oct 2005, 21:25
And we can have another one for really useless informationWe have two up and running, shouldn't they get merged ? :} :}

24th Oct 2005, 21:33
Actually, that's a very valid point ;)

24th Oct 2005, 21:57
We have two up and running, shouldn't they get merged ?

Are you talking about me and Jerricho!!??:uhoh: :p

24th Oct 2005, 22:09
We could take over the world I tells ya.......THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!


24th Oct 2005, 22:35
Jerr you will sooner take over the world than SASless will take over JB with his political agenda.

SASless, you whine and whinge incessantly about the way we moderate this forum; yet you stay and post in a most prolific manner. :confused:
You ignore the rules when it suits you to do so, yet expect others to abide by a set of rules of your liking. :confused: :confused:

The philosophy of this bulletin is not very complicated, yet for all your supposed intelligence on the political front, you seem utterly incapable of grasping what this place is all about.
We use a disproportionate amount of time on you, your demands and your supremacist antics.
Like I've told you a few times already; íf you don't like the way JB is modded, complain to the boss. (he loves people demanding free speech :E) This is a free service, provided to you thanks to Danny's money and the hard work all of us Mods put in.
You add little but non-aviation related trouble.
Why on earth do you think that you can demand anything at all?
( oh and BTW, love your personal title)

Stop grandstanding like the poor little martyr of free speech here, because really, we are