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Rusty Cessna
28th Jul 2000, 01:15
Hi there all. Since you may not know me in this forum, i am a 16 year old pilot training for his PPL(A). I am training for my (A) because i want to drive Harriers for the Navy, now what i need to know is, because i am very very interested in the world of Lynx/SK/Merlin flying for the Navy, is there any sponsorship for helicopters open to young people like me, apart from the Navy that is?

Either full PPL(H) or just a few lessons, any info would be greatly apreciated, and im sorry if you think im imposing.

Cheers very much,


Low N aahhR
29th Jul 2000, 14:56

With regard to helicopter sponsorship i feel that you may be on a bit of a hiding to nothing. As far as i am aware the only people who sponsor Helicopter flying training are the major offshore companies and even they at the moment are reviewing this. Any sponsorship that they offer is to CPL/H standard and involves signing a training bond committing you to around six years service. If you're interested try contacting Bristow or Scotia in ABZ. I know that both have sponsored to some extent over the past two years.
The only other thing i could suggest is that you enquire of the Navy (Or dare i suggest the RAF) as to whether their "Flying Scholarships" could be used towards helicopter training, however i think that you will find that they can't. Sorry i can't suggest anything more positive.
Keep trying though. It can be done!!

400 Hertz
1st Aug 2000, 12:14
Try www.bristowtraining.com (http://www.bristowtraining.com) although I'm not sure if they are taking on anyone as things are getting tight in the N Sea.

400 Hertz but DC is easy

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