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23rd Oct 2005, 12:18

i would like to travel somewhere else to hourbuild from 50 to 150, i've searched through the forum a little bit but i think there are more then those 5-10 places i've read about in the US

Could someone post links to places with cheap rental rates but with places with a little safetyminded attitude.

Places where i would love to have rental-rate info about is:

The US
South Africa

Just spill it mates :8


P.S i've got a JAA-PPL so the country must have a possibility to let me have a temporary/restricted license that's valid in their country

23rd Oct 2005, 12:24
ormond beach do a 100 hour build for £3695 inc accomadation and airport transfers

23rd Oct 2005, 13:13
Debenair in Titusville is really nice school and is pretty good for hour building
Accomodation there is cheap and very clean.


23rd Oct 2005, 14:57
thanks for the replies!

24th Oct 2005, 01:50

Just had a quick look at their website. I will have to contact them. I've already booked flight tickets to South Africa but am having major problems trying to get a flight school to answer an e mail enquiry. The schools I've contacted look like they do not want to give a firm quote and definitely don't want to commit to a firm schedule. They seem to think it is enough to give one a vague "We can work it out when you get here " type of response. While I understand that weather can be a limiting factor and that plans don't always work out the way you planned them, it would be nice to be able to make some kind of plan to start with.

Not good enough I'm afraid.

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread for my little rant. At a price of less than £4000 for 100 hours I have to say that is definitely one of the better deals out there.

Just read the sticky about Ormond Beach...

Guess I'm not paying upfront and if they don't want to take my credit card they're not getting my money.

No personal experience of the company and while I like their prices I have to agree with the sticky - DO NOT PAY UPFRONT. Pay for services rendered or even on a pay as you fly basis, fine. Upfront? No thanks.

Sans Anoraque
24th Oct 2005, 15:32
Debenair only reimburse fuel at $2 p.g. That seems pretty stingy to me.

24th Oct 2005, 21:56

Interested to know what companies you are approaching in SA? PM if you like.


27th Oct 2005, 12:11
Been to Debenair in 2003 from Oct til Dec had 40hrs and no PPL
left with 270hrs CPL Multi IR! ask for Annette tell her Matt B sent you she will sort you out, she is from Leeds, even gave me a bike to get back and fourth!

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