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23rd Oct 2005, 12:16
I went to Avondale School of Aviation in Cooranbong NSW
a while back and have a few questions for others about their flying schools. As I've never been to another flying school, I need to know weather this type behavior is normal for flying schools

Is it normal for Instructors to be incessantly late (I'm talking sometimes hours behind the scheduled flight time)?

Do all flying schools entice prospective students in by promising only a few months, then take twice as long?

Should students have to put up with constant lies and cover-ups over why their flights were cancelled (most likely due to poor management, carlessness and double bookings)?

Is it normal for flying schools to insist on students asimilating to their ways and beliefs (possibly due to conservative religious ideals) otherwise threaten them with bad job references?

Am I wrong in believing that flying schools should not hinder the progression of their students (by showing complete indifference and "couldn't care a less" attitude towards the student's financial and time constraints)?

Should flying schools (like above) which have been reported to CASA a number of times for their teaching practices be allowed to continue with that style of teaching?

23rd Oct 2005, 13:15
Try D&G you might get more responses.


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