View Full Version : How do I phone 0800/0845/0870 from the USA

20th Oct 2005, 16:33
I have now tried for for several weeks to contact the 0800/0845/0870 numbers from the USA and get disconnected. All I want to do is the simple things in life like:
Check my mortgage 0870
I have faxed,e mailed, phoned my branch but to no avail.
I have e mailed my utility companies to make sure the standing orders and direct dembts are working, but have not got a reply from any of them.Can anyone suggest anything?No one has access to my mail(house) because they have abused it in the past.:confused:

20th Oct 2005, 16:43
try 011 44 800/845/870

20th Oct 2005, 16:55
Not sure you can. I have tried this before, from Europe, and apparently you can't call UK 800 series numbers from abroad. Cost me a hotel night I was trying to cancel at that time. Maybe someone from the UK can enlighten us?

I can understand you canīt call those numbers for free from abroad, but you can call US 800 numbers from other countries, you just pay for it. Same goes for my country.


20th Oct 2005, 17:05
but you can call US 800 numbers from other countries, you just pay for it

Err.... Not the last time I tried it you couldnt......

I think that it depends upon the country that you are calling FROM , but then come to think of it I dont think that holds true either.

I think its just random.:suspect:

I do call my UK bank on an 0845 number from abroad all the time though, including from the US ...

Regards, SD..

20th Oct 2005, 17:06
I've used skype out to do it. Download Skype, put some credit to skype out and use that. Worked for me anyway.......

20th Oct 2005, 17:20
From the USA you can certainly dial 0845 and 0870 numbers in the UK. It will be expensive though. Have never been able to dial a UK 0800 freehone though from anywhere but the UK.

Have a look at Say No to 0870 (http://www.saynoto0870.com/) website. It lists the real numbers that 0870 / 0845 terminate to, which can work out cheaper to call than using the 0870 / 0845 numbers. You may be able to find a normal landline number for your utility company \ bank etc.

Just found this on the Skype website..
Free calls to toll-free phone numbers global beta (http://share.skype.com/blog/products_and_services/free_calls_to_toll-free_phone_numbers_global_beta/)

20th Oct 2005, 17:23
Try a web-based pc-to-pc or pc-to-phone system.

20th Oct 2005, 17:43
Thanks for the help guys,I also think it depends on the phone company but Cox Cable seems to be the local one round here.Can phone Ma and Pa in deepest rural Dorset so I get them on the case now!

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