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15th Oct 2005, 12:13
I would like to know about recent experience of doing an FAA to JAR ATPL conversion in the USA vs UK/Europe.

I have about 15 000 hours TT with about 2 000 hours jet transport PIC, almost all on a Nigerian license. Now I am thinking about a conversion to a JAR ATPL but it's a bit speculative due to age (58) and work permit problems (US citizen with papers for work in Germany only) so that I don't want to invest mega-bucks in something that may not pan out. I am looking for something that is reasonably cheap while still providing reasonable quality.

Anyone here who can recommend this or that particular school for the ATPL writtens, I would be most grateful for that input.

I am not particularly interested in hearing about the lousy experiences, but just the positive ones.


15th Oct 2005, 21:23
Hey Chuks,

you can try these guys, I've heard some good things about their ground school courses from friends who have done it. Naples Air Center (http://www.nacgroundschool.com/courses.htm)

Failing that, I would personally think about Distance learning via Bristol, if u still wish to be working whilst converting. This has the advantage of being done at ur own pace. And then u show up for two weeks brush up and then exams. Price 1900 pounds. Not too sure how much Naples charge. But around the same(ish).


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