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Gunman returns
13th Oct 2005, 10:48
Does anyone know or can recommend a solicitor or comissioner of oaths in London/Essex with whom I can swear an affidavit regarding a lost logbook. Someone with half a clue what I am talking about would be good!



13th Oct 2005, 10:59
All solicitors should be able to do it. I don't think they need a specific knowledge of the subject matter; they ask you to swear on a bible or make an affirmation that a staement or document is true, and record the date. Shouldn't cost more than £7 -10 .

13th Oct 2005, 13:33
clears throat.....

£7 - 10 pounds ?

that would be the rate per minute if you go to a partner in a city law firm, that is.

and they normally charge a minimum of 15 minutes (their time sheets generally don't allow for smaller units of time)

even if you go to a local solicitor who spends most of his time conveyancing, you will still probably end up paying £30-40 quid (but you might get some tea and biscuits if you're lucky.....).

13th Oct 2005, 14:07
Oh another PPRuNe example of the facts not being allowed to stand in the way of hyperbole.

Swear fees are set by the rules under which solicitors practise so the fee will be the same whichever solicitor you go to. £5 for the affidavit and £2 per exhibit.

Any solicitor holding a current practising certificate can administer an oath as can some duly authorized court officers so if you live just round the corner from your local county court you could try there first.

I would be pleased to assist but am based in Yorkshire. Don't worry about whether the solicitor even knows what a log book is - they probably won't even be interested in the content of the affidavit. The significance is the swearing as to the truth of the contents and the signing of the affidavit before them not the content of the affidavit.

Suggest you try any high street firm because you are more likely to be able to see someone straight away without an appointment. Talk nicely to the receptionist and they will probably find some hard up newly qualified solicitor who will be grateful for the cash and only too pleased to assist.

13th Oct 2005, 14:54
sorry - didn't mean to mislead

what MichaelR says is 100% true if all you want is to have an affidavit sworn.....the time taken to do this will be small.

just ask at a solicitor's reception if anyone is available for "swearing".......

African Tech Rep
13th Oct 2005, 21:31
Do you swear with or at the solicitor?

If itís AT I know a few people who will think itís cheap at twice the cost
:E :E

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