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10th Oct 2005, 11:16

I have been looking at the various ground schools for the ATPL theory up and down the UK.

I'm still at a loss as theres no particular school thats jumped out at me yet. PGT used to get alot of positive feedback which I liked but as you know they are no longer....

I'm looking for a school that use decent study material, i have my hands on some cabair manuals and I didn't like them one bit compared to Bristols notes. I would prefer a full time course opposed to DL.

My local choice would be Glasgow but feedback for them is poor. My other remaining choices are EPTA, BCFT, Oxford (accomodation pricing puts me off). Is there any more groundschools I should include on my list to review?

The quality of notes would be an important factor to me.

Mercenary Pilot
10th Oct 2005, 12:17
Have you looked at Cranfield Aviation Training School, the notes are very good and are full colour. They do an In-house course and accommodation in Cranfield is reasonable and plentiful (Due to Cranfield being a university). Also, they actually teach you the subjects rather than just memorising the "feedback". :rolleyes:

CATS Website (http://www.cranfieldaviation.co.uk/)

10th Oct 2005, 15:20
I went to EPTA. Passed all 14 exams. Materials were not upto much but i know they were in the process of updating them all. Its cheaper than anywhere else due to the college funding, and 95% of the people pass their exams.

Give them a ring and see what they have to say


10th Oct 2005, 20:47

Well I have just finished my ATPLs at glasgow. I would say if you want a full time course and your from Scotland go to glasgow simple as. There are no nice colour notes so I just bought a set of oxford notes from transair and for the exams used the Bristol feedback on the internet which is usualy spot on. passed them first time with an average mark in the 90s so there is nothing wrong with Glasgow in my book! Dont think that by doing a full time course they can make it easy for you though, as I thought. It still is simply all about how much work YOU put in to it. Put in the hard graft and you will get the results! PM me if you want any more info on the place.

10th Oct 2005, 22:52
Hard work it sure is!

Its not easy to memorise 600 Air Law questions you know!

20th Oct 2005, 13:21
I studied at Bristol... all first time passes with average of 89% which says way more about their quality of notes and teaching than it does about me!

Thoroughly recommended... good luck with it all.

20th Oct 2005, 14:23
Hello Metar

Thanks for your advice! I would rather choose a full time course mainly because I sometimes find it hard seperating study with work and personal life! I would rather be in a situation where i'm in a classroom with no other commitments other than learn!

Thanks for your input though! should I decide DL, Bristol would be top choice.


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