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28th Jan 2002, 02:46
I have just gained my PPL (H), i contacted my local airfield to ask how frequent i need to fly to keep the licence currant & without having to have a check flight. i said i thought i needed to fly once a month or so.

I was told that was just for fixed wing, and i only needed to fly 2hrs a year to keep the licence.

can anyone confirm this for me?

thank you

28th Jan 2002, 06:13
Minimum requirement is 2 hrs per year, 1 hr of which can be the LPC. LPC needs to be taken within the 3 months preceeding current expiry date.. .My local airfield require a check flight if I've not flown within the preceeding 28 days. From what I can understand many operators take a similar view. Theres also the requirement regarding 3 circuits within so many days for carriage of passengers. Sorry, can't remember the days re the passengers but its been a long shift and its the early hours. Will look it up tomorrow.. .As a low hours PPL(H)I try to fly atleast once a month just to get as much regular practice as pennies allow. Personally I wouldn't want to not fly for six months and then hop in and away. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

28th Jan 2002, 14:15
You have to have flown within the last 90 if you want to carry passengers.

If those 90 days have past then you have to do three solo circuits

28th Jan 2002, 14:36
I think the legal minima are woefully inadequate, it's not appropriate to go by those limits.

The aircraft insurers may have requirements.

I recommend flying fortnightly- even if only for 15 minutes. And use an instructor fairly often to look for weak spots.

Interestingly my life insurers are happy with 100 hours per year, or more. They are not happy with 50. I think there's a message in that.

. .Stay safe! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

28th Jan 2002, 17:03
thanks for your help guys!

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