View Full Version : Geordie Gorilla Discovered!

30th Sep 2005, 18:15

Richard Taylor
30th Sep 2005, 18:22
Which reminds me...

What's Paul Gascoigne up to these days..?

30th Sep 2005, 18:48
Thats not a Geordie......He looks like hes doing some work!

Perhaps he's from Middlesbrough, thats were most of the graft in the North East gets done....


30th Sep 2005, 19:25
Yer right there Matty. The lads grafted pretty hard on Sunday and came away with a nice 2-0 win!

30th Sep 2005, 19:31
Bit too evolved for a Geordie.:E

tony draper
30th Sep 2005, 20:32
Can't be a Smoggy, that's a electric drill.

30th Sep 2005, 20:36
There's nothing unusual about that picture.
Wild gorillas seen to use tools:-

Anyway, it was probably from Hartlepool.

Gazza has gone tits-up (an accounting expression):-

Now coaching Portuguese club Algarve United, he's rumoured to be considering buying (what with?) an English Football Club . . .

Maude Charlee
1st Oct 2005, 09:45
No, definitely not from Hartlepool - it's not shoplifting from Woolies! :}

Might be a Smoggie. That drill would be handy for breaking and entering, but it ain't wearing enough gold from Warren James.

My money is it came from Durham. Bit posh them Gorillas you know. Look how coiffured it's fur is. That's a sign of money and class that. :D

1st Oct 2005, 10:05
And if it was from Hartlepool it would surely have a rope around it's neck.

1st Oct 2005, 10:08
Ah, memories of overseas work.

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Oct 2005, 12:17
Well, it's not a South African parliamentarian.

Unless they found one who's not afraid of work... :rolleyes:

Richard Taylor
1st Oct 2005, 16:16
Jimmy Nail's fairly gone downhill since I last saw him... ;)

1st Oct 2005, 16:17
Wherever he comes from, he's wearing too many clothes for a night out drinking in Newcastle or Sunderland.

3rd Oct 2005, 03:08
Can't be a Smoggy, that's a electric drill.True tony but its not plugged in... ;)

I reckon he's from Sunderland.

3rd Oct 2005, 14:40
>he's rumoured to be considering buying (what with?) an English Football Club . . .

Kettering Town, apparently.