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The Real Slim Shady
30th Sep 2005, 10:21
Have you noticed, perhaps not on every thread, but on a proportionately large sample, that the responses tend to follow a pattern.

If you trawl through R & N or T of E, Questions etc someone will make a statement, ask a question and the next response is normally either someone jumping down their throat disagreeing vehemently with their opinion or agreeing with them, perhaps with a modification to the concept, thereby setting themselves up for a flaming!!

The cycle seems to go:

1. Ask question / make statement.
2. Incite passionate fired response.
3. Voice of reason steps in.
4. Sensible discussion.
5. Fires rekindle and loop back to 2.

Any comments? Is the "Stable extrovert" tag really just an epithet for " Loud mouthed, self opinionated gobsh1te" ?

Are aircrew fired up with the Gaelic passion and temper?

Awaits ass kicking / face slapping and general savaging :{

Stoney X
30th Sep 2005, 10:27
(I'll do #2)

I think you are totally :mad: wrong. I've never seen a thread progress like that!


Vankem Spankfaart
30th Sep 2005, 10:31
Here's #3


That is a wholly unreasonable response to a perfectly intelligent question. TRSS has asked a simple question which deserves much a better response than that from a Proffessional Pilots forum.


(spelling mistake included to assist in the return to #2 from #5)


30th Sep 2005, 10:31
Yep, I've noticed it too. The interesting thing also is that you can generally 'map' some PPruners into your categories 2 to 5. (especially the non-constructive No. 2 posts)

Ooohh - I must be the sensible discussion bit...

30th Sep 2005, 10:32
What's the question again? :rolleyes:

30th Sep 2005, 10:36
I agree with Stoney, you want sensible discussion find a debating bulletin board.

Don't bother us!:}

30th Sep 2005, 10:43
I blame the english

30th Sep 2005, 10:53
Blame Religion.

oh... and W. Bush too.

30th Sep 2005, 11:11
Something wrong has happened, at this stage someone should have started French bashing :E :confused:

Vankem Spankfaart

learn too spel or get a life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :*

30th Sep 2005, 11:16
Why this inane thread?? ffs!! This is a PROFESSIONAL PILOTS forum not some place for your idiotic drivel.

Are you French perchance!? or just a Bush supporter..moron!!

I've got 107,000 hours - 100,000 on type and I've never ever made a mistake!

Bloody spotters.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


Onan the Clumsy
30th Sep 2005, 12:32
What about #6 - the thread hijack. Why I rememb er one thread about rolling down a hill that got toatally sidetracked into the state of yoof today and how they have no respect for authority which then of course got the "things were better in my day" brigade going and I think someone mentionned The greater London Council or something...

..now where was I?

30th Sep 2005, 12:48
What about the hijack a thread title response? It's disgraceful, but i know that none of us on this thread would hijack a thread title.

30th Sep 2005, 12:59
I can't be bothered to read all the replies or do a search but you're all jumping the gnu. Just wait for the report.

And ignore Angels, WTF does he know?:)

30th Sep 2005, 13:02
Is this deja vu or what.:confused:
Personally I blame the French again.:ok:

I feel a merge coming on..Is it me hormones or the male menopause?

30th Sep 2005, 13:03
The Dutch are blameless! :ok:

That was quick! Someone is not cleaning out cupboards anymore.

30th Sep 2005, 13:04
lasernigel I feel a merge coming on..Is it me hormones or the male menopause Nope, the other ones have vanished into oblivion :uhoh: :uhoh:

30th Sep 2005, 13:04
Such a waste................

30th Sep 2005, 13:05
... of bandwidth ?

Kaptin M
30th Sep 2005, 13:05
Sometimes it seems that moderators are too quick to want to combine posts that seemingly have a common thread running through them.
What do mods look for?

Doesn't the combining of threads by different authors occasionally cause one (or both) topics to follow a course not intended at the outset?

Just curious.

30th Sep 2005, 13:06
Oh well chaps. The game appears to be up. Someone seems to have noticed our wizard wheeze and jolly japes.

I certainly blame the French for the last thread response thread.

Now where's me medication.....

30th Sep 2005, 13:06
Ha ha. Look what happened! It must be a quiet Friday in certain parts of the world, that's all I can say. (It's always quiet down here, btw, except for the seals barking...)

30th Sep 2005, 13:06
:uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:

Vankem Spankfaart
30th Sep 2005, 13:06
I blame the Labour Party

:ok: :ok:

30th Sep 2005, 13:07
Is it Friday perchance ? :p

30th Sep 2005, 13:07
They look for your name.

I personally blame the Global Village people.:rolleyes:

All that threadhopping is making me dizzy! :uhoh:

The Invisible Cat
30th Sep 2005, 13:10
deleted : 3
merged : 1

:confused: :confused: :confused:

One's noticed that the ones that got deleted weren't Moderate :uhoh: :uhoh:

30th Sep 2005, 13:11
....PC PLod hung on to the headboard while shouting.................

WTF thread is this now?

30th Sep 2005, 13:12

That should be #7 then ... The :mad:in' WRONG THREAD posting.

30th Sep 2005, 13:17
I would like to point out that I do not blame the Dutch!

30th Sep 2005, 13:19
Could be the Hungarians mind.Tho me monies on the French again.:ok:

30th Sep 2005, 13:23
Do you mean Hungarian plumbers?

30th Sep 2005, 15:53
We've reached the 2nd page and no-one's started hurling personal abuse yet! Where are the usual suspects when you need 'em?

30th Sep 2005, 15:57
...that's easy; Let's see now:

L1011's suck big time!!!

Incomming...:eek: :ouch:

30th Sep 2005, 19:16
We forgot the obligatory (but always impressive) grumpy post from drapes and Jerricho and his entire family gatecrashing a thread....

oh, and the totally pointless snippet of information to be added.

Say, the weather's looking good today...