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29th Sep 2005, 11:52
have read it quite few times but still im confused weather this was a ramp, or a runway incident...



Last update - 14:40 29/09/2005

El Al plane veers off runway before takeoff from Ben Gurion airport

By Zohar Blumenkrantz, Haaretz Correspondent

An El Al plane veered off the runway at Ben Gurion Airport before dawn Thursday due to a malfunction in the tow truck that was pulling it. The plane's gas tanks were full in preparation for a flight to New York, and all 400 passengers on board were evacuated.

This is the third incident this week involving technical hitches in El Al planes that caused disruptions in flight schedule and inconvenienced hundreds of passengers.

El Al responded that the malfunctioning tow truck was "a rare incident" and that the passengers were put up in hotels. Company spokesmen expressed hope that the flight would be able to take off sometime Thursday afternoon, after the plane's gas tanks were emptied and the plane was moved from the runway's shoulder.

"We are distressed by this incident, but there were no malfunctions in the plane itself," the company reported. "This is a rare event in the world of flight that only occurs once per period of dozens of years."

A Boeing 767 bound for Toronto experienced technical mishaps Tuesday when it was supposed to take off at midnight. Because of this malfunction and because the airport was closed for takeoffs at night, the flight was delayed until morning. Passengers complained about the "inappropriate attitude" the company displayed during the wait.

29th Sep 2005, 12:02
I guess the removed fuel had to be dumped - what a waste (or can it be re-used for other purposes - such as filling Zippos?)?

29th Sep 2005, 22:23
such as filling Zippos?)

Certainly not! When I ran a Zippo, only the finest quality lighter fluid went into it - otherwise you'd wind up contaminating the taste of the cigarette or cigar. Incidentally, I once managed to light a ciggie at 80 mph in an open sports car with my Zippo - huge sheet of flame but it didn't go out! Can't imagine these modern wimpy gas lighters managing that.

Before you ask, I gave up smoking over 30 years ago, not a cigarette since.

Now, THAT'S what I call thread creep!!!!!!!!


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