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the best piloto
29th Sep 2005, 14:24
Hi Guys,

Just wondering if any one has heard the rumours about the discontinuation of dutch pilot recruitment in ryanair due to personality clashes with peers?


29th Sep 2005, 18:31
due to personality clashes with peers?

If they're echt Hollanders that wouldn't surprise me. Arrogant know-it-alls. I know, I've worked with a number of them for years. Of course, there are exceptions, they're called Limburgers :D

Flying Torquewrench
29th Sep 2005, 18:46
Totally agree with you Avman. Very glad that i am one of those exceptions:cool:

29th Sep 2005, 19:05
Never a dull moment on Pprune, if it aint the French then it must be the Germans.... what nothing to slag of there? well then it must be the Dutch..

next you are going to tell me the martians are comming :D Ohh wait they are allready here..

you make me crack up hahaha

Pointer :E

Blue-Footed Boobie
29th Sep 2005, 19:38
At KLM they the Dutch require NDB's to plus/minus 3 degrees on ones OPC/LPC.. OK, the NDB iitself is only rated plus/minus 5 degrees accurate so go figure that one!

29th Sep 2005, 20:27
I'm glad to hear that the people from the republic of Limburg are considered the exemption to the rule that put KLM guys above the NASA guys.

It is my opinion however that the problem with Ryanair and the Dutch is that the Dutch speak up and have a big mouth when they feel it's needed. Fact is that Ryanair makes it easy to win an argument because their attitude sucks.
So Ryanair says: "If we cant beat them with arguments, then let's get rid of them. Start with no longer hiring them."

So let's honor those Dutchies who made Ryanair management look like idiots once again!!!

29th Sep 2005, 20:28
Obviously the limburgers are an exception, but than again, limburgers aren't really Dutch anyway!!!! :p :p Considering they live so close to the belgium and German border....too much influence!!!! In fact, rumour has it, that EVEN Belgium and Germany didn't want that region, so they decided that Holland was allowed to have it... Well there you go..... that explains all doesn't it!!!:E :E

29th Sep 2005, 21:20
Ha there are more dutch pilots here in the UK than there are in the Netherlands, Aruba, Bonaire; the dutch antilles and Limburg!

We should get our own site, example name.. Undutchables?

No [email protected], that's what you get... have your dutch "grote mond" and Wham... door is closed! Why would they want to fly for FR anyway... i mean? realy thought about it? and still have a grote bek...? hmmm

Any way, talk to you dudes on the waves, Dutch rules! (except limburg, we should put it on Ebay)

29th Sep 2005, 22:08

finally someone I'm on the same "wave length" with:E :E

Curious Pax
30th Sep 2005, 08:04
My Dutch colleagues often apologise for 'Dutch bluntness', although 60% of the time it is a cover for blatant rudeness - in particularly bad cases I tell them that, which they do seem to take notice of. However I can imagine that in a company culture that seems to the outsider neither Dutch, nor tolerant of people speaking up too loudly, it would not go down at all wel with management.

Personally I think it is they way they are brought up, but that is another thread!

30th Sep 2005, 09:21
Officially, "Limburgers" do not exist. It's a name given to Belgians who never mastered the art of speaking the German language properly...:p

30th Sep 2005, 09:37
I agree that we can be a pain when we speak our mind and that others might consider this rude. But hey, thats the way we are. I also tend to think that we are a very relaxed bunch off people, who tend to be seen sitting (laying) in their chairs horizontally. Nobody ever complains about that!
When it comes to RYR, if they think it's better to get their pilots somewhere else now, (cheaper and) with less attitude. Fine, let them.

When it comes to Limburg, as far as i'm concerned not just Limburg, but everything south of the river Rhine can be put on eBay.;)

Happy flying all. Speak to you on the freq.
Tot ziens.


30th Sep 2005, 09:45
OY leave the brabo's out of this will ya:suspect: :suspect:
Krijg je wel!!!!!


30th Sep 2005, 11:43
Vergeleken bij de Britten zijn wij een zootje ongeregeld met een grote waffel en geen manieren.

Lima Bravo, zeg maar.... ;)

30th Sep 2005, 11:57
Nooit geweten dat je Nl's was flappy.. en vrouw trouwens ook (oh ja dat wel)
:p :p

Spuds McKenzie
30th Sep 2005, 12:19
Ond wenn ehr holländisch redid, de red ech halt Schwiizertüütsch. ;)

30th Sep 2005, 12:23
Vergeleken bij de Britten zijn wij een zootje ongeregeld met een grote waffel en geen manieren.

en houwe zo! :} :ok:

Lon More
30th Sep 2005, 21:53
the Dutch speak up and have a big mouth when they feel it's needed
and when it was needed, at Tenerife, they let the "Schipper naast God" silence them

30th Sep 2005, 22:15
Now that's harsh.............

Harsh but than again so true..........:(

Basic T
1st Oct 2005, 12:44
Lima Bravo, zeg maar....

? Heb wel eens gehoord van de Bravo Lima > Boeren Lul.
Nouja,...Lekker Belangrijk :D

Forum swap doen?? Ppruners naar Airwork.nl en wij hier verder brallen?? Wanneer is de eerst volgende Pprune barbeque??


1st Oct 2005, 12:54
Lon More, you go way, way, way out of bounds with your remark.

There are other means of showing that also Dutch pilots are humans who are prone to make human mistakes on the flightdeck.

On topic, what about other nationalities? My 2 cents concerning National Behaviour on a Flighdeck:

DUTCH: relaxed, open minded, blunt, social skills equipped

ENGLISH: polite, reserved, decent, should learn to speak their mind, sometimes a bit stiff

GERMANS: polite, a bit stiff, cope better with the Dutch than English do, procedural but still nice to work with

FRENCH: reserved, relaxed when you get to know them better, can be a bit too 'French', even on the flightdeck, can be difficult

ITALIANS: really easy going, don't always realise it's a 2 men operation, sometimes a bit too laid back

SWISS: can be rather reserved, can join the English with a crash course 'How to speak my mind', polite, takes a bit to get used to

BELGIANS: polite, laid back, speak their mind, a bit more cosmopolitan than the Dutch, good operators

IRISH: laid back guys, commonly speakig no messing around with

AUSTRIANS: same as the average German


1st Oct 2005, 16:02
Vergeleken bij de Britten zijn wij een zootje ongeregeld met een grote waffel en geen manieren. Zeker nooit op de Costa Brava of Ibiza geweest?

"Luckily it is easy to recognise a Brit on holiday. A clean shaven head with a much too big and cheap pair of sunglasses; a sunburnt bull’s neck; a set of disgusting tattoos across his torso if it is not covered with a football shirt of Manchester United, Chelsea or Celtic Glasgow; a half liter of beer always on hand. The lady in the company divides her attention between the whining children and the curtain that she got mixed up with the tops in her wardrobe while packing. Anyone who has seen a British couple on holiday understands why the English papers are filled with dramatic stories about binge drinking, obesity and teen-age pregnancies."


Solid Rust Twotter
1st Oct 2005, 16:27
Well, that explains Afrikaans then......:E

1st Oct 2005, 16:32
it is easy to recognise a Brit on holiday

Which is why, dear Capt, that many Brits work fairly hard not to be recognized. The Gouabafla family have often resorted to speaking French together so as not to be associated with some of our countrymen.

1st Oct 2005, 16:58
A splendid idea Basic T.


1st Oct 2005, 19:45
Well so far i am filling my lunchbox with the proceeds from the "Mi Laga" kind of pax. they are like a woman; you live with them but can't live without them (heading for cover... haha)

Pointer :E

And everything south of "de rivieren" can be put on Ebay :p

1st Oct 2005, 20:38

As I said before.....Leave the Brabo's out of this.....
They are the most hospitable people out of Holland anyway..
Everything NORTH of the rivers Sucks big time..... :E :E

Brabo 4-EVER

4th Oct 2005, 21:39
As I understand there is a big bunch of the dutch F/O contingency that has just been (or is in the process of being) promoted to Captain.
So I find it hard to believe that Ryanair would not like the Dutch in paticular. I think it is indeed more a case of where do I get people who work the cheapest as they seem to have been doing with their CC as well.

Funny though that such a small country is still as divided between provinces as the UK is between countries!