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29th Sep 2005, 01:20
Trying to find an undone topic and was getting a tad hungry
Pepperoni, double cheese (mozza) olives, mushers and onions.

No fish, no fruit.

Or a MARGHERITA - tomato, mozzarella, basil and oil

29th Sep 2005, 01:22
I make the best pizza in the world - if there is sufficient interest, I will post the receipe - takes around an hour to prepare though....that's the downside.

29th Sep 2005, 01:23
Don t bother ta sqwirrel I woulda chewed the leg off a chair by then.

29th Sep 2005, 01:34
Honey Garlic Chicken. Available only in Brunei's Pizzahuts apparently. Lord knows why. It'd take the world by storm if Pizzahut put it on their menu world wide.

29th Sep 2005, 01:54
There's a place in Chicago, that I forget the name of, that makes pizza to die for. Double cheese, onions, Italian sausage, olives, mushrooms, peppers... My God, they're two inches thick. :ok: :ok:

29th Sep 2005, 02:17
For the best pizza in Chicago, check out the original Uno's Pizzeria - opposite the Medinah Temple downtown.

They have opened a whole chain of restaurants now - but this one is the first place they opened and has been there for over 50 years.

29th Sep 2005, 02:22
Can you post or PM the recipe please Squirrel?

B Sousa
29th Sep 2005, 02:48
Buffalo New York
Pizza and Wings..................Too die for

Pepperoni with greese dripping off the double thick cheese. Hot Wings with Franks Hot Sauce and Celery Sticks in Blue Cheese............
All quaffed down with a good Gennie Cream Ale or a Molson Ice.

Billy Odgens comes to mind. Andy DiVencenzos place, corner of William and Ogden.

29th Sep 2005, 03:07
John's Pizzeria, the original on Bleeker in the West Village, NYC. Best in the world.

29th Sep 2005, 03:31
Thanks Farrell, that's the one!! :ok:
I knew it was near the Shriner's Temple.

29th Sep 2005, 05:22
God - none of you are recommending a real pizza ---- you don't have anchovies on any of them!!!! :E ;)

Atlas Shrugged
29th Sep 2005, 06:42
Ahh, another idea for baked beans and beetroot that I haven't tried! Think the kiddies call them Gourmet Pizzas these days.

One hates the taste of pinapple on pizza :yuk: :yuk: and remembers one evening ordering from Pizza Hut a supreme, specifically asking for no pineapple. The girl asked me to repeat it twice which I did, then when she read back the order she forgot, so I again said "No pineapple". "OK sir, no pineapple" was the reply. I said good, family size, no pineapple. One hour later guess what turns up? A pineapple :mad: ing Pizza, nothing else just cheese tomato paste & pineapple.

29th Sep 2005, 07:17
I think one of those plain old Pizza Margheritas, just cheese and tomato topping, made in a wood-fired oven so that there is a little bit of wood ash on the underside, from northern Italy or southern Austria is as close as one can get to culinary perfection. With some Chianti and a nice view of Lake Como, Lake Garda or something similar.

Chicago pizza, hah! Two inches thick? I used to eat those before I got religion. To paraphrase somebody or other, 'It is magnificent, but it's not pizza.' A real pizza has a thin crust. In fact, it should be as close to two-dimensional as possible.

It is a matter of taste, just like redneck humour. I'm not trying to spark off a flame war, or perhaps incur a fatwa from some Chicago pizza-maker but just show the way to Pizza Paradise.

29th Sep 2005, 08:00
I guess Pizza is a world child these days, however, every time I'm in Europe & score a good old Margharita on the go, it always comes with Oregano, which I love & think really adds to the flavour & yet in Blighty, never! Why??:{

29th Sep 2005, 10:28
I found a place downroute in Oulu, Finland this summer that did steak 'n' egg pizza!

Two rare steaks placed on a double cheese and tomato thin crust base with a fried egg in the middle........Oh my god!!!!! :E

29th Sep 2005, 10:31
The best pizza I have ever had was in Rome, at the little pizzeria called Piccolo Mondo on Via Aurora.
Perfectly thin and crispy and yet still slightly chewy crust, topped with grated Bel Paese, a bit of Peccorino Romano and generous slices of freshly grilled Porcini mushrooms... Incredibly flavourful despite it's simplicity...

29th Sep 2005, 10:34
Having worked in an Italian restaurent - a genuine one owned by a native Italian, the only decent way to have a pizza is simply cheese, tomato and surprisingly an egg in the middle, nowt else. Twas traditional from his part of Italy for the egg in the middle. For a change there is always the pizza pie. Normal base with topping and another base put on top. Sort of an Italian pastie but hell of a lot bigger.

29th Sep 2005, 10:43
Best Pizza I ever had was a simple cheese and tomato one at a little pavement cafe in Rome. Couldn't tell you the name of the place though. It cost 5euro and was enough for two of us and also included in the price was a big bottle of Mineral water. Bargain!

29th Sep 2005, 10:58
There are no rules or measurements here - it just works. It's a flat, rolled, pizza and comes out delicious !


Chuck all into the blender....

A tin of tomatoes, ( never use cheap brands !! )
a bit of red wine vinegar
a load of tomator purree
a measure of red cooking wine
oilve oil
brown sugar ( around a tea spoon full or you'll ruin the sauce ! )

cut and fry an onion and some garlic, when soft chuck in the blended mixture an give 20 mins or so at low heat til reduced a little.


about 2 ice cream scoop sizes of butter or marge...your choice
chuck in around 5 times more flour with a pinch of salt and a little paprika and the juice of one lemon.
Kneed until goes like playdo - you may need a very, very, VERY, tiny splash of cold water to get it ready for rolling.

Roll out flat and fairly thin on a floured board and place into a buttered flat, thin, square tin. Cut around the edges if you have to - you will not get it perfect and if the dough splits on transfer, you can just patch it up by pressing little bits thin dough into the holes. Chuck in hot oven for 5 mins or so to prepare the dough( I dunno, around 180-200C I suppose ) Then put the sauce on top with loads and loads of grated cheese. We put on mushrooms and olives ( Pit them yourself first ! ) Chuck in oven for around 30 mins or so - turn the oven fan on to get the cheese brown on top for the last 5 mins.

Get stuck in !

Send Clowns
29th Sep 2005, 11:17
I must admit I buy the base, but otherwise make as TFS says. Then I usually add some roasted vegetables - I don't eat much meat anyway, but I find meat on a pizza far too rich. Spinach is good too, and some fresh basil.

Pineapple is for pina coladas, not for pizzas. Anyone disagreeing should be sent to Italy to be pelted with rotten but very fine tomatoes!

Biggles Flies Undone
29th Sep 2005, 11:27
I'm 100% with chuks on this - have done exactly what he describes by Lake Garda and it is perfect :D

I've been going to this (http://www.alforno.co.uk/about.htm) place in Brighton for 20-odd years and never had a bad one yet :ok:

29th Sep 2005, 11:55
My best pizza was when I was working in Southern Germany (on the shores of Lake Constance, where the Zeppelins were built). One weekend I drove south through Liechtenstein into Switzerland, ending up at St Moritz. There, in an Inn in the corner of the Market Square I dined on the most delicious pizza I have ever had.

Some many months later, accompanied by my family from the UK I suggested a trip-out (from Friedrichshafen) 'for pizza'.
It was Spring, and the drive was delightful, stopping to admire the alpine flowers (and the views) along the way. Eventually we arrived in St Moritz. It was very quiet, in fact it was closed (being 'out of season') and the kids never got that pizza (or anything else either!).

We also had a similar experience touring Norway where all the Hotels were closed for the period between skiing and summer tourists. We ended-up being taken-in by a Vegan Retreat . . .

29th Sep 2005, 12:02
Ur right about Al Forno BFU, it knocks spots off Donatellos & all the others in good old Brighton.:ok:

Onan the Clumsy
29th Sep 2005, 12:24
Has anyone said DiGiorno yet?

well for a store bought frozen it's very good.

29th Sep 2005, 12:54
12" deep pan beef n' pepperoni/Mexican half & half. Pizza Perfecto, Yeovil. The perfect way to round off a night on the tiles. Don't forget to ask your date if she wants anything ordering whilst you're on the phone!

If eating out I do like Calzone. . . it's just pizza in envelope form really, innit?

Robert Langdon
29th Sep 2005, 12:57
Saw a website that promotes "Big sausage pizza"

29th Sep 2005, 17:20
Isn't best pizza an oxymoron? :yuk:

29th Sep 2005, 18:36
For the best worlds best try

Pizzeria Il Leoncino, Via Leoncino Rome

Fantastic pizzas, great house Chianti for about E4 a bottle and owned by a fomer Frecce Tricolori pilot so he claimed!

29th Sep 2005, 19:51
My own! .. I make my own one! .. :ok:

Wannabe Flyboy
29th Sep 2005, 20:48
Rocket. The best salad bit out there and if you put it in the oven with the pizza it can be very, very tasty.

29th Sep 2005, 21:04
I have just made - and devoured TFS's Pizza!

You are a living legend in my house now!!!! :ok:

30th Sep 2005, 11:32
So easy and so tasty Farrell - glad to assist in your culinary variety ! You'll find you'll get really good at getting the dough right and making the pizza look amazing - for some reason, home made pizza really impresses da ladeezz !!


Capt Claret
30th Sep 2005, 12:08
The best I've tasted in Aus is from la Cassalinga in Alice. Yum.... :D