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28th Sep 2005, 21:19
Looking for buying a laptop.. planning to spend about 800 quidies.
Anyone got any idea's what good website's are or stores.
much appreciated.


Conan the Librarian
28th Sep 2005, 21:50
Lookat Acer. very happy with mine.

Just one thing and I did say this on a similar thread in the Comp/Internet forum - Make sure you have an idea of what you want to do with it. If you are after good battery life, then one of the Intel Pentium M processors is a good bet. If mobile life is not too important and you will mainly be using it as a desktop replacement that you can move about a bit - then a 3.0Gig P4 or AMD64 chip will give lots of computing power (and lots of heat! Mine is like standing around a strikers' brazier) at the cost of pure mobile performance.


Send Clowns
28th Sep 2005, 23:42
One word: Dell

28th Sep 2005, 23:48
Two letters......HP

Mine's performing very well...never a problem.

Send Clowns
28th Sep 2005, 23:52
But you're Stateside, Rollingthunder: HP is good; Dell is good but also damned cheap over here (relatively - not as cheap as over there I assume!).

29th Sep 2005, 00:02
Well, Canside actually. Must admit I never looked at Dell. Walked into Future Shop saw one I liked at a price I liked and was out in ten minutes.

HP Pavillion zv5415ca 15.4" Hi-Def Widescreen. $1200. About 500 pounds. Quickest bootup I've ever had with a computer.

29th Sep 2005, 00:57
All of you are clueless morons ! APPLE IBOOK !!!! Superior in every way ! The new Tiger 10.4 Apple OS is a dream. Makes PC's look prehistoric and pathetic. You'll never go back to PC's again. Powerful, fast, lightweight, no noisy cooling fan and beautifully designed - They cost £1000 from the store or around £750 brand new on ebay !


29th Sep 2005, 01:01
Think we'll end up confusing kooyheier rather than helping him?

29th Sep 2005, 01:01
Buy a Dell, they are awesome!

I Love This Show
29th Sep 2005, 01:11
Yeah, go the apple. I got an iBook 5 years ago and it hasn't missed a beat. It still runs Tiger pretty well, which is pretty darn impressive for a 5 yr old machine. Used it a few months back to edit a 2 hour video. A litle on the slow side but it did it and exported to DVD no probs. Try that on a 5 yr old Dell...
Anyway, I'd recommend a 15in Powerbook G4. Aluminium case, nothing placticky, sudden motion sensor to park the HD in case you drop it, bulletproof OS, not to mention beautiful and easy to use. Unless you need specific software that does not come on Apple (pretty much everything does nowadays - but Virtual PC fixes that) you'll never have a problem.

29th Sep 2005, 02:26
I have to agree, once you've had Mac you never go back.

29th Sep 2005, 04:08
Got to agree there. The iBook is fantastic. The Apple 10.x software makes Windoze look like an also ran.

Now if Apple make a smaller iBook than 12" I would buy that for sure. :D

29th Sep 2005, 06:13

Bulletproof and (gasp) adware's not a problem!

29th Sep 2005, 06:25
I have had a Dell Latitude D600 for over a year and not a single problem

29th Sep 2005, 06:25
Just ordered 2 take-away apples for No1 Child and self; here's hoping they're as good as their renommé.

Snippet of useless info; all of PPRuNe is run on

Ali Barber
29th Sep 2005, 07:01
I've brought laptops from Technoworld and Comet (both on line). The online prices are much cheaper than in the shops.

29th Sep 2005, 08:30
The first issue is whether to go for an Apple or a PC. Devotees on both sides will tell you that theirs is the only route to follow - make up your own mind.

If you go for a PC you then have lots of choices of brands, but to be really honest, there isn't a lot in it. All of the big names make good computers and all of them have shipped the odd lemon. You really need to think about the qualities you are looking for and then find the best machine (by a known company) that fits them. The questions that I look at are (in no particular order):

- Availability of a world wide extended waranty (Toshiba are particularly good here)
- Weight. (Anything over three kg is out, under two point five is better)
- Battery life.
- Wireless networking is good (but not essential, you can get external cards)
- Widescreen. Having used one, I'd never go back.
- Decent build quality. Even the most expensive backpack or case can't protect your laptop against all eventualities.
- Small A/C adaptor. What's the point of having a tiny laptop if you have to lug a half brick around with you.
- Don't have any use for bluetooth myself, but some people love it.
- Connections. I need three USB ports, others want firewire or card readers.

In the UK, I buy most of my stuff at Dabbs.com, but again, as long as you buy from some place you have heard off, you should be ok.

Failing everything, get a copy of What Laptop from your local newsagents and read up on lots of reviews.

My son is installing Linux on an old laptop at the moment. It goes really well, but it is a lot of hassle. Wouldn't have the time or energy myself.

Maude Charlee
29th Sep 2005, 08:40
Buy a Skoda.

(Oooops, sorry, wrong thread). :}

29th Sep 2005, 08:40
Here is what you want. Got one myself...fantastic. After sales service has also been very good. (http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObjects/ukstore.woa/90201/wo/IC2JMpliiPYs2pNUXlHsFvTEhzg/

29th Sep 2005, 10:24
*Sigh*... here we go again. :rolleyes:

29th Sep 2005, 10:24
I can also recommend Apple. I had three trouble free years with a 500MHz Powerbook G3 'Pismo', then sold it for a decent price and bought a new but just superceded 15" G4 Powerbook for a good discount on new price.

The new machine has been as trouble free as the old one. Macs are effectively immune to viruses, and Unix-based OSX is as smooth as silk.

I have a PC desktop to run certain specialist programmes (which I could run on the Mac using VirtualPC but with some loss of speed due to the emulator), and going from the Mac to the PC is a noticeable step backwards.

So I'd go for a Mac if I had the option - for functionality and a happy workplace!:D