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27th Sep 2005, 23:19
I had no idea it was so bad!


28th Sep 2005, 01:29
Thats going to go down a storm, not in a good way.

Two's in
28th Sep 2005, 01:48
It's neither funny, subtle or anything less than a very obvious political swipe. At least it gives Karl Rove a break from making this crap up...

28th Sep 2005, 02:49
As funny as a root canal procedure. :zzz:

28th Sep 2005, 08:42
I spotted a double negative there with something that is being denounced as 'neither' not good. Obviously, Someone is overwhelmed with moral indignation to the point that they has lost their grasp of grammar. This just encourages the right-wing, common enemy, of course. Tsk-tsk!

Fie, fie, a pox on these Yankee folk who would use humour and broad satire to mock pseudo-Muslim martyrs, say I.

28th Sep 2005, 09:13
In simple terms, Chuks, to work satire has to be funny.

One's political position might of course colour one's perspective but TO ME that just ain't funny (as in the same way as 40 year old repeats of 'I Love Lucy' ain't funny).

28th Sep 2005, 09:58
Now, take The Onion (http://www.theonion.com/content/index), that's funny!

I love their FEMA disaster tips..

FEMA Disaster Survival Tips

September 28, 2005 | Issue 41•39

Recent events have underscored the importance of being properly prepared to deal with the effects of natural disasters. With that in mind, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has prepared the following guidelines.

1. State and local governments should notify FEMA a minimum of two weeks before a natural disaster strikes.

2. In the event of a disaster of "biblical proportions," FEMA may not be your best option. You may wish to consult your Bible instead.

3.In a time of crisis brought on by a natural disaster, remember to focus on the task at hand—survival—and don't waste mental energy thinking about who did or didn't cut this or that funding for levee repairs.

4. Find a way to pass the time and take your mind off the situation. For example, see who can count the most bodies in a minute.

5. Write charming and folksy yet moving pleas for help on sheets of plywood. Example: "Please!!! help Old lady in here! she Very sick!!! please help!!! us"

6. Try to steel yourself for the prospect that some Kevlar-vested prick with an automatic rifle might try to take your cat away.

7. Children should try to decide on which stuffed animals they don't want to die of starvation, disease, or exposure.

8. Please cover your "safe area" with thyme, sage, or other fragrant herbs to mask the stench of decomposition when rescuers finally find your bodies.

9. When taking refuge in gigantic sports arenas, do your best not to open fire on the aircraft coming to fly you out.

10. In any disaster, bodies will usually be stacked like cordwood before FEMA can respond, so remember that a "cord" of wood is 8 feet high by 12 feet long by 4 feet wide, and stack accordingly.

28th Sep 2005, 10:33
Glad you all liked it. I'm here to serve. Lots of nice blogosphere links there too.

28th Sep 2005, 10:44
Lots of nice blogosphere links there too

:p :p :p :p

Real nice links there...

One well known one there carries such insightful comments from posters as ...(on Muslims/Arabs)

"How can these vermin have a country? How can these vermin be allowed to live?"

"Vermin love the Slime, and they will hate any attempt to clean up the mess. Our house had become terribly infested with horrible filth. It is to be expected that the creatures living on dirt would resist and fight back. But that is all the more reason to bring to successful completion the cleanup process."

"Our superiority, militarily and morally, to these vermin is so overwhelming that it would go without saying, were it not for the daily shrieking of the... press."

"I've been fond of transfer of these subhuman[s] for a while. Perhaps something more like targeted genocide... will become necessary."

"If every subhuman piece of excrement in the... camp dies slowly and painfully of starvation, I'll have a great [holiday]!"

"Forced sterilization, and full occupation to keep them under control until the problem solves itself in about 50 years..."

Great reading there Ben, nothing to distinguish that kind of talk from that of Nazi Germany.

28th Sep 2005, 10:58
Don't climb on too high a pedestal, OneWorld, or I'll start pulling snippets off The Daily Kos.

Since you mention it, though, such name-calling of men who would pull five teachers out of the classroom and execute them is an insult to vermin!

28th Sep 2005, 12:07
They're not just talking about the terrorists Ben and you damn well know it.

They tarnish ALL Muslims with the same brush. They regularly discuss taking on the 1 Billion Muslims and take great joy in denegrating the entire religion and Mohammed.

This is exactly the same talk that was bandied about the Jews. They were reduced to "filth" and "vermin" and made as impersonal as possible.

28th Sep 2005, 14:33
You probably meant to say that 'To work (comma) satire has to be funny,' yes? (You guys will have to excuse me but I just finished reading 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves".)

Well, humour is either funny or not depending upon your taste. I found this pretty funny, but then I am probably not over-equipped with a great deal of sensitivity to beng PC. I have a note from my government that excuses me that called a DD214, an official US Government document. So there!

And I spend a lot of time in Germany, where life often takes on a surreal and seriously joking aspect. (Ever heard of an invisible memorial? I can show you a tablet commemorating the destruction of a synagogue that is invisible from more than three paces away. I laid this one on the wife, who thought I was joking until I asked her to spot it from four paces away, which she failed to do. So, they had to put up a tablet, just one no one could see. Ach, so!)

We won't even get into the barrel of laughs that Africa can be. Most of you wouldn't want to have to laugh at what goes on here.

No, but seriously, a lot of these far-right types can be very, very funny. Well, they aren't all knuckle-draggers, you know. The problem is that knee-jerk perception that people on the far right, from the mid-West or whatever, people who drive pick-up trucks in a non-ironic way, actually like George W. Bush and may even have voted for him may be 'incorrect' according to your narrow-minded ideas of what goes but they can still rip the p*ss out of your PC notions about what goes. And I find that funny, yes. It is unfortunate humour but what the hell.

I can hardly wait to read the first Lynndie England joke. Here, probably. Well, I just don't get out much here in Isolo.

So rage away, but please keep an eye on the grammar as you do so. It's no good being PC if you aren't also GC (Grammatically Correct).

28th Sep 2005, 15:30
I tried BenThere, My Gawd, I really tried to finish the piece and get a nano second of a smile on me face, but all that got squeezed from the bag of my emotions was a big time yawn.

You wingnuts keep on making war, that's what you guys are good at and let the funny stuff to the liberals, like (indeed OW22) The Onion or Mother Jones or of course my own fave Paul Stewart and his collegues.

Thanks anyway BT for have a peek at what these guys think what's funny :E

Chuks, Germans seriously think Rudy Carell is funny:yuk:

28th Sep 2005, 16:38
When I read these extracts, I realise better the way of thinking of this Lynndie England of yours.

Keep on track doing the right thing, you have got a brilliant future!

28th Sep 2005, 17:05
Well, humour is either funny or not depending upon your taste.

Exactly the point I was making, Chuks. You found it funny, I did not, that’s it, no more, no less. This is not ‘rage’ nor intended to be in any way a slur on the standard of your sense of humour.

You probably meant to say that 'To work (comma) satire has to be funny,' yes? (You guys will have to excuse me but I just finished reading 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves".)

Though I stand to be corrected by anyone who knows what they are talking about, I am not sure about that errant comma, think my original is probably OK.

On further reading of your post, shouldn't the question mark after "yes" be after the ) at the end of the sentence? I suspect that there should either be a " before 'Eats' or a ' after 'Leaves' - whichever is right they should match each other. Perhaps you should have inserted the word 'have' between 'I' and 'just' which would have been more grammatically correct. Oh and lastly I think you will find that the full stop between the " and the ) after 'Leaves' is superfluous.

If we are going down this road, shouldn't your name be spelt with a capital 'C'?