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26th Sep 2005, 19:20
...I was just cold-called by one of your Indian call-centre agents, trying to sell me unwanted insurance.

The double click and three second wait while the international call was connected should have been enough of a give-away, but I wasn't paying enough attention and ended up listening to the lengthy script out of politeness.

Despite the misleading and roundabout waffle in less than clear English, it became apparent that the purpose of the call was to get me signed onto an indefinite insurance agreement with MBNA, with the onus on me to cancel it once, after the first month, it ceased to be free.

As a positive opt-out was seemingly required, I tried three times to indicate that actually no, I did not want to be signed up as I already have adequate cover.

When this finally got through to your good man, he got somewhat exasperated with me for not agreeing to the sale and hung up without so much as a thank-you or goodbye.

My cancellation instruction for the MBNA card I hold will be in the post tomorrow morning.


26th Sep 2005, 19:35
My advice if asked would be to steer well clear of this bank. Their methods are under scrutiny by the OFT I believe and I have had dealings with them which were less than favourable.

What on earth Virgin are getting into bed for leaves me breathless.

26th Sep 2005, 19:44
Hey SSS: perhaps you should have tried the CCC on him:


26th Sep 2005, 19:55
Whoops, didn't see that thread!

That's certainly a great web-page but in this case the beggar'd have hung up on me before I got very far through it, I think.

The audacity to hang up on the (ex) customer you phoned! That should be my privilege! Grrr.

Cheers, SSS

26th Sep 2005, 19:56
When called [in the past], I have said "If you selling insurance, I don't need any,thankyou". They have alwasys said "Sorry to bother you".
However.......I have had TWO phone calls from Sarah [sounds like she lives in Bombay too] about a "High Class Survey". First time I said that I was on my way out, but tonight, a bit more "pushy" until i "firmly" said "Sorry, I don't do surveys". Then it was mumble mutter ok, click.
New tack perhaps [I am unlisted BTW]

26th Sep 2005, 21:59
chiglet, I am also unlisted and I don't (thank goodness) get many phone calls selling me something.

If I do, I always ask, "Where did you get my number?"

Usual reply: In the telephone directory.

Then I say to them that they can't possibly have done that because we have never been in the telephone directory. We've been ex-directory for 25 years.

They then start getting a bit flustered and I tell them that I want my name and number taken off their list immediately. They will always say sorry and of course we will take your name off. Trouble is it doesn't always happen and three months later, you get a call from the same people (or someone else they have sold your number to).

If you are buying insurance, or any other product, you should make sure to tell them that you do not wish to be contacted with any details of exciting new products or special offers. :zzz: :zzz:

26th Sep 2005, 22:59
Those foreign call centres are a hoot. I generally pretend to note down a few details, their name, who they represent, maybe get them to spell a word or two.
When I think I've 'got' enough info I then say, 'Yes, I've got all that written down. Now, you are aware of the TPS aren't you and you do realise that you, personally, could be imprisoned when I report you for making a call to a number such as this which is registered with it?'

They're generally aware of it, but only vaguely and often quite shocked that, under the SC rules, they may be in very serious trouble which results in a plea that they're forgiven their mistake, which after all demands for amusing apologies are fulfilled is usually allowed. I then warn them that they may not be so lucky next time and ought to think about the possible consequences.
One can only guess at the trepidation with which they make the next call. :E

I don't get cold-calls anymore, I almost miss the odd one just for devilment now and again. :(

26th Sep 2005, 22:59
Register with the telephone preference service, it's in the telephone directory and you'll never get another call from these twats.

If you want further information, leave your telephone number and I'll ring you at 3am at a cost of 1.50 per minute (to you).:E

Mr Chips
26th Sep 2005, 23:02
apparently.. if you start making rude and lewd suggestions to the caller, you are not doing anything illegal as it was they who called you....

just saying...

27th Sep 2005, 00:02
I got this about 2 years ago and I've acctually printed it and have it by the phone.
It works like a charm and for some reason they never call back.

(Telephone rings) :
- Hello?
- Hello, is this Mr. Routechecker?
- Yes
- Sir, this is the XPTY Company, and I'm calling you about our most recent deal, which offers...
- I'm sorry - who am I talking to exactly?
- You're talking with John Doe from XPTY. I'm calling about...
- John I'm sorry to interrupt again but for my own safety and before this conversation continues, I would like to confirm some elements with you. Is that all right?
- ...Yessss, ok...
- In what department exactly do you work in XPTY?
- Telemarketing Pro-Active.
- Do you have a employee card number?
- I'm sorry but I don't believe you need that kind of information
- Well in that case I'm afraid I'll have to end this call as I cannot be sure that you actually represent XPTY.
- But I can guarantee...
- Besides, every time I call XPTY I have to give them all kinds of information like surname, name, telephone number, account number....
- Very well, my personnel number is XPTY-6696969-TPA.
- Thank you. If you will please hold while I check.
- ... (Two minutes later)
- Just a bit longer please.
- ... (Five minutes later) - Hello?
- Please hold, our systems are a bit slow today.
- But Sir...
- Right. John thank you for holding. Now what can I do for you?
- Well.... This is XPTY and we are offering our most recent deal, which offers (just wait until they finish the full offer) Are you interested Mr Routechecker?
- John I'm afraid Ill have to transfer your to my wife. She's the one responsible for our household's changes of (fill with whatever plan they've offered). Please don't hang-up, your call is very important to me.
(Put the telephone down by the stereo speakers, select a song by Marilyn Mason in repeat mode and go make yourself a nice cup of tea)


Training Risky
27th Sep 2005, 07:01
Another good way to annoy any cold caller is if you know a bit of a foreign language.... obviously not Hindi if dealing with an Indian call centre:

As soon as you hear that the call sounds like a marketing call... start jabbering away in the language of your choice (I speak a little Russian). The best part is that you don't even need to speak this language well... just a few words repeated over and over again in different combinations can frustrate any Indian caller, tie up their telephone line for minutes at a time and may result in your number being blacklisted as "uncommunicable"!

brain fade
27th Sep 2005, 08:55
Try this.
No matter what they ask just say 'yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees' very slowly in the sort of voice used by Hermann Munster.

It's 100% successful and great fun.:}

27th Sep 2005, 09:03
I can't stand MBNA either - my credit card company sold out to them and the first thing they did was send me a bunch of credit card cheques. I hate them - they're expensive to use and a faff to destroy but you have to destroy them as someone else could use them. Then they started the telemarketing, so I had to tell them to stop that too. Only reason I stay is that the card I have's an affinity card, so that my old Uni gets a cut of my spending.

27th Sep 2005, 09:10
Yes... those damn Indian cold calling call centers are a menace. i get calls from them all the time, and thy're a major nuisance!

oh... wait a minute... :ouch:

27th Sep 2005, 09:41
I have said this elsewhere but it deserves repeating, the location of a call-centre is irrelevant to me providing the person calling (a) speaks clear and understandable English (b) knows and understand the meaning of "I am not interested thank you" (c) knows their product/service well and (d) can speak "off-script". Unfortunately, the comparitively recent move to locate call centres overseas means that personnel working there have a very steep learning curve. I have no problem with that in principle PROVIDING HOWEVER their learning is not done at my expense. I am also with TPS but apparently it does not apply to international calls.

P.S. A very cynical move by Marks & Spencer in their Indian call-centre is to require each operator to adopt a British sounding name!! How appalling is that. Someone with a perfectly good name, for the sake of a British market, has to called themselves Sean or Susan!!! :mad: :mad:

Echo Zulu Yankee
27th Sep 2005, 09:45
I was recently on the end of a cold call from a gentleman called "Sharleeez" When I asked him how to spell it he said "C-H-A-R-L-E-S"

I enquired as to if he meant "Charles" and he said "Oh thank you so much sir, I have been trying to remember how to say that for almost 3 days now"

He told me that his real name was Rahul and we finished the conversation quite amicably.

Why can't they just use their own names! So much easier!


27th Sep 2005, 10:18
A pronunciation spelling of " your mother is a dog " in Urdo - try it next time you a have an unwanted Indian caller ! They never call again ! tee hee !