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26th Sep 2005, 17:19
First I would like to say, this is not a personal assault on the people who work for Spanish airlines and mods if it is in the wrong thread, please feel free to move it...

But, here it goes.....

For the people flying into spain regularly... How enoying is it that everywhere you go in spain, always and I mean always whenever there is a spanish carier around, other cariers get vectored all over the place.... start up is delayed.... taxiing is delayed because you can bet your bottom dollar... there's a spanish carier somewhere in the vicinity. I've also seen it a couple of times that they first switch on their beacon and than ask for start-up clearance!? Or that the push-back has only just finished with the tug still attached and they allready call for taxi.
Even picked up a conversation with my basic spanish, that when we asked for push/start, the controller said stby, than asked the Iberia how long he needed to be ready and than came back to us to say that we had to wait till the iberia was pushed back!?!?!?!?!

I'm sure it happens in other countries as well, but I haven't seen it as bad as in Spain.

Am I the only one that get's anoyed by this.. or are there some more people out there with the same feeling....

26th Sep 2005, 17:54
You're not the only one.

I did hear a certain non-Spanish carrier's captain at Madrid recently ask, rather bluntly why he had to wait until his Spanish colleagues were ready - and requested a 'valid' reason for why he had to wait.........there was a pause for about three seconds and then he was given his clearance.

26th Sep 2005, 20:14
Also the fact that all the spanish cariers just keep on speeking spanish, so other people have no idea whatsoever where everybody is or what they're doing.... very helpfull for your situational awareness!!!:* :*

Thank god the French NEVER do this:hmm: :hmm:
(or the portugese for that matter)

It should be mandatory through Europe that the spoken language is English.... So everybody can understand what everybody else is saying/doing.

26th Sep 2005, 21:23
Not sure I agree with this. I learnt to fly (admittedly only to PPL level so far) in Madrid and frequently tune in to Barajas while flying. I would guess only a tiny tiny percentage talk in Spanish and have never heard any such exchanges.

I also until very recently flew for the last 3 years every week in one direction or the other between London and Madrid with Iberia, then Air Europa, then BA then for the last year Easyjet (probably 40 flights) and the latter consistently had fewer delays than Iberia and BA who work closer and closer with Iberia.

And by the way I'm English.