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26th Sep 2005, 13:47
In today's news here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hampshire/4282740.stm) is the story of a 46yo man who has been jailed for 8 years, for causing the death of a 2yo boy by dangerous driving. He was not drunk at the time, but was an unsupervised learner driver who reversed over a wall, onto a beach, crushing the boy and seriously injuring his father.

Compare that with this (http://www.lse.co.uk/ShowStory.asp?story=AY1917733S&news_headline=road_rage_driver) the 22yo "road rage" driver jailed for 4.5 years. He was three times over the limit, when he forced a car off the road, killing two teenagers. Through a technicality, he was only charged with careless driving, because the prosecution could not prove that the other car left the road because he rammed it, or because the other driver "lost control"!!!!

Uninjured himself, he dragged one of the injured passengers out of the other car and started punching him. When questioned at the scene by police, he showed no remorse and said - "look what they've done to my f***ing car".

I am sure the legal experts will say that the length of sentence is dictated by the actual charge, rather than the circumstances, but IMHO I can't see that the first case was nearly twice as "bad" as the second.
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26th Sep 2005, 15:15
I read the other day that they are now appointing magistrates in their early 20s !

Burberry wigs next?

26th Sep 2005, 15:20
Slightly "off-thread" frostbite, these were both Crown Court cases, with wigs and all.....