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26th Sep 2005, 04:56
My hair was really annoying me this morning. I was thinking I need to get to the hairdresser soon. But then I thought, how hard can it be to cut hair?

So got out the dogs hair cutting scissors and just sort of hacked around. Whalla! I haven't found mirror so I can check the back but I am sure it looks ok. And who says it 's suppose to be even anyway!!

After this liberating experience I don't think I'll be at the hairdressers ever again.

Anyone else into self service hair cuts?

26th Sep 2005, 05:09
Johnny Rotten, Kojak, tony draper to name a few...

26th Sep 2005, 05:19
Post a photo of the results and let us be the judge. I used the number three clipppers myself this morning; doesn't take long for me. :(

26th Sep 2005, 05:27
Definitely a fan of the clippers, Binos . Still, No. 3? Bit of a hippy, I see. I stick with No. 2 blade, if only for the Summer. Saves $16 on a hairdresser, who'll basically do what I do, anyway. :ok:

Capn Notarious
26th Sep 2005, 06:02
$16 save RiskyRossco a prudent ploy. Such an act allows you to purchase an extra bottle.

26th Sep 2005, 06:08
No 3 does me, about due for it now.

Save $20.00 or so each time, clippers cost $45.00 several years ago. Payed for them long ago.

None of the above
26th Sep 2005, 06:11

Did you ask yourself: 'Been on your holidays yet?'

26th Sep 2005, 06:13
Go to unisex place back at home. Young lady puts my head back, washes my hair with a nice scalp massage before cutting it. Worth every penny...... :O

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Sep 2005, 06:13
#2 and #3?

Bunch of fluffy huggy pony tail clad soft hippies...

It's down to the scalp for one and another attack with the shears the minute the stuff touches one's ears. Can't wait to go bald but one's dad still has all his own hair and one fears that wish may never be granted.:(

26th Sep 2005, 06:14
$16 for a haircut? When I visit my hairdresser it nearly always costs in the vicinity of $200... Occasionally it's painful to pay that much, but it's super hard to find an awesome hairdresser. And the complimentary champagne eases the pain. Come to think of it, that's probably why they offer free alcohol!

26th Sep 2005, 06:22
i get my hair cut a fancy salon but only because the hot chick who works there , she can cut hair also .
if a gal has gorgeous hair ( long and silky , mmmm ) simple haircut is just as good as super expensive one . and if you dont have great hair even the most fancy hairdresser cant help :O

26th Sep 2005, 06:23
One's hair tends to the thick and curly end of the spectrum and one looks enough like a demented sheep without making matters worse. :(

Hairdresser for me every time ... but on the bright side, one of my nieces will soon be a hairdresser and I'm expecting to call in a few favours ... on a regular basis. :E

Rossco ... were you not sporting a mass of dark, curly hair in a recent photo of yourself?? :confused: Or is the sheared look a fairly new thing?

One has a bit of a thing about men with shaved heads or very short buzz-cuts. ;) :cool: :ok:

26th Sep 2005, 06:24
I :mad: resemble that remark :mad: !

For that I may very well have to grow a beard and plait ribbons thru it. :}

guccigal , you're not a "hair-styling" groupie, are you? Only too keen to part with the hard-earned at the sniff of free champers? :uhoh: Still, everyone has their price.
When one found a hairdresser that knew how to handle one's barnet ( sorta briar crossed with boxthorn) one was dead chuffed. Then she moved and one never did find a worthy successor. Probably why the No. 2 blade. :{
The good thing about stylists. . . there had to be a redeeming feature in all that huggy self-laudatory over-pricing. . . is the good ones do know how to cut a woman's hair well. Hair-dressery is like brain-surgery, never do it yerself. :O
Unless one has clippers, which are pretty much safe, with two mirrors.

edited for bluey's benefit: Yuppers, ma'am, one has taken to the "whitewalls" since early this year. Definitely reduces the itchiness. One day it shall be allowed to grow out, maybe after next Spring. :hmm:

26th Sep 2005, 06:28
Self-help grade 2 every 2 weeks. I do miss the ladies downstairs in the building where I used to work in KL though. Shampoo, head massage, neck massage, haircut, cup of tea, biscuits and lots of chat.

26th Sep 2005, 06:31
one looks enough like a demented sheep without making matters worse. 'Ere! Watch who ewe're calling demented!

A nice Kiwi chap gives me a quick shearing with a Number One every spring.

Have to be quick off the mark when he's done with the clippers, mind you ;)

26th Sep 2005, 06:36
Am pretty sure I'm not a hair-styling groupie as i don't know what that is.... It's expensive mostly because I have long hair, and I don't let any of the apprentices or inexperienced hairdressers come near me.

Am I vain? Probably. Is it worth it? Yes!!

26th Sep 2005, 06:44
I have a six-inch wide parting, so my hair is not difficult to cut. It does need to be tidied up every now and again, so I popped off to the barbers - er, gentlemen's grooming parlour - the other day.

"Ullo" she whined "Ave you 'ad yer 'olidays then?"

I remembered what Julius Caesar said when his slave asked how he wanted his hair cut - "In silence".

I remained civil, and the job was done in a few minutes. She charged me 7.40, which is a bit less than I am used to, so I sneaked a look at the price list. She had charged me the Pensioners' rate.

I have very mixed feelings about that.

26th Sep 2005, 07:16
Gee whizzakers!!!

I hardly think that shaving ones head a particular number can be compared to the intrincacies (can't spell that word)
of actually CUTTING with scissors into a stylish, head turning cut.

I spoke to my mum on the phone today . She asked what I had been doing? I said cutting my hair. OMG, she said, you're just like your father. :confused: What this has to do with anything, I'm not sure either.

I will see if my husband even notices when he gets home.

26th Sep 2005, 08:14
My hairdresser, who obviously fancies himself to be the next Frederic Fekkai, must be the most amusing character in the revered world of Hair and all that goes with it. Uber-Hair-Nazi he is, very, very good at what he does but snobbish to the last little bone in his Cavalli-clad body...

He's an absolute drama queen, you should see ze fits he gets into if zomething is not to his liking, priceless! :p

Wanted to give my mane a good chop not that long ago coz' it is such a pain to wash, takes forever to dry and I'm not the most patient person around, but a mere mention of me and short(ish) hair to Steffano made him squeal out loud and start tut-tutting around ze salon, wringing his manicured hands and rolling his eyes... As I said, priceless....:rolleyes:

Ze zilly, zilly girl (that's me) promised to not entertain such heretic thoughts in the future and was let off with just a serious warning and a complimentary essential oil treatment... Got to love him.. eerr, her???

26th Sep 2005, 08:43
I will see if my husband even notices when he gets home. We always notice gatfield, but its a bit like the "Do I look fat in this?" question. We're just too afraid to say anything. :ooh:

Windy Militant
26th Sep 2005, 08:51
I have mine cut every Spring and Autumn whether it needs it or not! Now that the equinox has passed It's that time again. All I've got to do now is get myself a hoodie to disguise myself, as the local cutting emporiums usually lock the doors when they see me approaching for my biannual shearing :}

26th Sep 2005, 08:56
Number two clipper for me - on the little hair I actually have. A brisk shine with a beeswax polish does a good job on the top.

26th Sep 2005, 10:07
I solved this one some time ago. I don't want scalping, but find that's all a barber will do no matter what you ask for, but begrudge paying lots of money for something not much more complicated than they'd do.
The solution: Get yourself a hairdresser girlfriend (boyfriend for the ladies, although that one may be trickier judging by most most of the male hairdressers I've met) and stay friendly with her (him) if/when the relationship is over.
I take great plesure in knowing I've just had for free a haircut that's going to cost the next foolish chap to walk in and pay full whack 40.... 40 for a blokes haircut, I ask you!
Plus you can have it done out of hours whilst supping on a beer in the garden, fall into a lovely relaxed half sleep, as I tend to whilst having my hair cut, without embarrassment or whatever suits, most civilised and very economical. :ok:

26th Sep 2005, 10:07
Been going to the same hair salon for many years now, would not even imagine cutting my own hair!:ooh:
It's time to change my style I think, maybe some nice highlights?

tony draper
26th Sep 2005, 11:15
Blokes visit Barbers
Chaps who visit hairdressers, Takes it, as we usta say at sea.

Onan the Clumsy
26th Sep 2005, 12:28
"Have you taken your holidays yet?"


I thought it was "Do you need anything extra for the weekend sir?".

None of the above
26th Sep 2005, 12:31
I asked the barber (NB Mr. Drapes) for 'something for the weekend' and he lent me his fishing rod.

Not quite what I meant.............

26th Sep 2005, 15:59
Gatfield ....... I do cut my own fringe sometimes as an emergency measure but I nearly always regret it in the morning! :}

26th Sep 2005, 17:32
Right now I'm cutting my own hair. I'm using a Mach 3, shaving gel and a dab of E45 on the bonce after. Feels great! The only thing that annoys a vain baldy more than someone having long hair is someone who CAN have a full head of hair deciding to shave it!:}
(Note I said "vain baldy". . .you know, the comb-over brigade?)

Burnt Fishtrousers
27th Sep 2005, 15:59
I get the clippers out and either my missus or I do a no 2 on myself everyweek...the downside is the hairdresser I used to go to, no longer shoves her breasts in my face..... which was worth a fiver just for that..:ok:

27th Sep 2005, 18:34
Oh poor you,

hair cutting including shampoo of your choice, washing and head massage for only 6 US$.

P.S.: not to mention that it is not a hot chick who is doing the job.


28th Sep 2005, 00:11
I'm a barber in my spare time, don't think anyone else has cut my hair for 20 years. Every holiday is spend trimming relatives hair....:hmm:

28th Sep 2005, 07:15
I'm fussy about who Iet loose on my hair, my last trip to the hairdresser cost 700, !!!


28th Sep 2005, 07:22
700! I don't care what they say, I'm off to become a hairdresser! :ok:

henry crun
28th Sep 2005, 08:09
700 pounds !!!! great leaping lizards , presumably that was for a complete head transplant

28th Sep 2005, 14:32
The only way a trip to the hairdresser could cost 700 quid for me would be if I wrote off my car on the way.

I'm going to assume Heli-Gurl is kidding.

28th Sep 2005, 14:41
Thanks for that Binos , now got 2nd hand coffee all over me desk!!!:yuk: :ok:


28th Sep 2005, 16:47
Seven hundred quid for a haircut!! Very expensive when you think that the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is a week....
Well for a bloke who has only half a head full it is.Get a number 2 all over from Mrs. 1DC once a fortnight, a very active few minutes that is...

28th Sep 2005, 17:10
The ex I mentioned earlier in this thread who cuts my hair does hair extensions as well, not on me I hasten to add.

She's done whole heads of long extensions for which she's charged up to 800. Although a couple of hundred of that was for the hair itself. Mind you 600 for about three quaters of a days fiddly work isn't bad.

Two questions then:
1. Is Helli-Gurl sporting other peoples hair amongst her own? :suspect:
2. Why am I refering to a woman capable of earning up to 600 a day as 'my ex'? :=

28th Sep 2005, 18:19
7.50 every month, a touch of gel and I'm as handsome as ever. And the 'dresser fills me in on the progress of Crystal Palace as well. Beat that then.

captain cumulonimbus
28th Sep 2005, 21:20
Well the last time i went to the hairdresser,about two or three months ago,i ended up getting attended to by a very hot but very dim blonde bimbo whose g-string was sticking out.this distracts me.I wouldn't have minded a bit of a romp but then again,she had a mission:cut my hair.I was in uniform and she said "Oooooh,so youre a pilot! She flirted so much,made the most ridiculously stupid jokes,the punchlines of which i couldnt quite grasp and generally pis*ed me off,and stuffed up my hair too because she was not paying attention.She believed Airbus is made by Boeing would you believe! to this very day i have not set foot in there again.The only significant lady in my like at the moment (my mum),says my hair looks good a bit longer ( i used to get a number 2 blade,so it took a while to grow),but as soon as it touches the ears i just trim it,likewise with the collar.Its easy with a three way mirror and saves you the irritation of being fondled by some maniac.

28th Sep 2005, 22:45

Bejeeezuz I'm cheap to keep it seems, Wunderbar! :p

Was wrecking my brain over how can a simple cut cost so much, I mean even if the hairdresser was the 'flavour of 'da month' of your typical B-list celebrities, 700 it's still a bit steep, eh?:hmm:

Extentions or a major paint job perhaps?:suspect:

28th Sep 2005, 23:16
I've cut my own for the past several years thanks to FLOWBEE! I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it. It works great!

29th Sep 2005, 02:36
700 quid?! There's high mintenance and there's high maintenance!;)

I've been toying with shaving it to save on all the razor cutting malarkey. But how do I know that I don't have an oddly shaped head?

29th Sep 2005, 10:29
...oh wow! You actually got one of those things?

I remember seeing their infomercials 10 or so years ago...