View Full Version : TV Series 'Bodies'

25th Sep 2005, 23:15
Hi folks,

Does anyone else watch this rather amusing but macabre series on the BBC set in a gynaecological ward of a hospital? Must say the consultant played by Keith Allen cracks me up. He studiously avoids problematic cases in order to keep his mortality figures as low as possible. He’s also got a reputation as a lady’s man and has sexual harassment charges on his record, his car registration plate reads 'VAG 1'!

When demonstrating to his young nurses how to key in their password on the new PC system ("in confidence as the letters are asterixed out onscreen") a fault ensured they all saw exactly what his password was: "FANNYMUFFCUN" :}

His comments on the new recruit were hilarious: "I wonder if he can successfully manage to examine a fanny after 5 pints of lager?"

Great series, very raunchy at times, very funny at times and rather gory too. Highly recommended.