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25th Sep 2005, 18:50
Well done, many congratulations to Fernando Alonso and the whole renault team (you see, something good can come from France).

Hopefully he can continue to drive like this, makes racing more fun to watch.


25th Sep 2005, 19:13
Thank you very much :mad: :*

That's not very considerate of those who have recorded the race and haven't had the chance to watch it yet cause they are at work.

Sorry if I sound rude, but....................

25th Sep 2005, 19:18
My appologies... didn't think about that one...
But if you have time to be on the internet, how come no time to watch the race???

25th Sep 2005, 19:20
I'm at work.............

25th Sep 2005, 19:24
In fairness Jerricho it was almost a dead cert that he would win the championship ;) :p and kooyheier didn't give us much clue as to the result of the actual race :cool:

25th Sep 2005, 19:26
Yeah, I can see that "almost" argument however, knowing that Alsonso only needed 6 points from this race to tie up the championship it's not rocket science.

It has kind of taken a shine off something I was really looking forward to going home, cracking a beer and watching.

I guess now I'll just have to go and shoot all the cats in the neighbourhood again :E :E

25th Sep 2005, 19:31
Now that's below the belt J.


25th Sep 2005, 19:31
I never did like cats...pop a couple for me :D

25th Sep 2005, 19:47
you said something good can come from France...
The Renault F1 Factory, to the best of my knowledge, is in Enstone in Oxfordshire, ENGLAND, and the driver is Spanish.....

25th Sep 2005, 20:38
Now that's below the belt J.


Well, I'm trying to resist the latest cat thread, so I see this as a viable alternative.

:p @ Krystal n Chips

25th Sep 2005, 20:41
Watch Avy again .:}

26th Sep 2005, 01:30
do actually have the avy video or just that 10 second clip on her website??

26th Sep 2005, 03:04
Yeah, inspite of being a red fan, i must admit they deserved it, and even more than the silverarrows. coz simply they have a far more reliable package along with a pair of drivers who dont push the car beyond the limit.

McLaren should have been up and above, if it had not been for their reliability, and the fact that Juan Pablo Montoya is a [email protected] who cant drive around other objects, fixed or moving :rolleyes:

Thank God for a 4-6 Ferrari result. Though it shows a state of things when this result is considered a good one... :{

In other news - Narain finished! So what if he trailed a minardi! :rolleyes:

26th Sep 2005, 09:54
Absolutely right, Terryjones, and the team manager is Italian and most of the engineers are British...
Ain't that a good illustration of how the French take advantage of the E.U.?:E