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25th Sep 2005, 18:48
All the neighbours have cats.

I don't.

My garden is therefore use as a public cat toilet.

They have a particular fondness for the vegetable patch and they are not even sneaky about it. They go even though they can see me watching.

I hate them so I need some suggestions for getting them off my land!! Legal or illegal, I don't mind.

Oh, and by the way, getting a cat of my own is not an option!

25th Sep 2005, 18:56
My dad used to do this:

Get a cardboard box and put it upside down on a flat box (for a "lid" later on. You'll see what I mean)

Hold up one end with a twig.

Tie a string from the twig to a Red Rooster barbecued chicken carcass and leave it sitting deliciously under the tilted-up box.

Go to bed.

Next day lift up the now-prone cardboard box, complete with nervous moggy and carry into a bathroom you emptied of fragile items earlier on.

Have a club ready.

When you let the cat out it will be a little worked up and you will need the club to "defend yourself" with.

Bury the cat under cover of darkness near a tree that hasn't been growing so well.

Contrary to some theories, the cat will not disappear when you can no longer see it in the box.

Best to use the bathroom as the drain is good for cleaning up after the wet-work.

25th Sep 2005, 19:00
God I hate these anti-cat threads.

If it was dogs you were talking about there would be an outcry but so many people have a downer on cats.

I love cats ........... I hate dogs, and I hate you too! :suspect:

25th Sep 2005, 19:00
Get a dog...........seems to do the trick for me.

25th Sep 2005, 19:04
Hasn't this topic been covered many times before, remember reading about it a couple of times...*YAWN*
I know it is hard to use the search button.

And I totally agree with Tart1, cats are nice animals, leave 'em alone....

25th Sep 2005, 19:17
Tell you what Saintsman, why don't you have a quiet, reasoned word with the cats; I'm sure they'd be cooperative once they understand your point of view.

Failing that, learn to garden with gloves on and be thankful that your place is overrun with mice, rats and other vermin.

As I've always said.... Never trust a man who doesn't like cats.



As I See It
25th Sep 2005, 19:18
At least it's in the soil and not up your drive or on your lawn, like the untethred canines that frequent AISI towers, should I leave the gate open.

25th Sep 2005, 19:23
Hey Tart1, I'm very pleased for you that you love cats - I don't but I don't hate people that do and I wouldn't be cruel to them (the cats that is).

All the rest of us ask is that if you have one as a pet you take responsibility alongside the obvious pleasure you get from owning them. Please have consideration for your neighbours and control the damn things and don't inflict them on those who don't share your feelings.

Is that too much to ask?

And kooyheier I'll leave them alone as long as they leave me and my territory alone as well. If they trespass then they have to take the consequences.

25th Sep 2005, 19:32
Cats think humans are warm furniture.

25th Sep 2005, 19:33
my territory


What are you.... a Dog??

(no, im not talking about the way you look):E


Onan the Clumsy
25th Sep 2005, 19:36
Please have consideration for your neighbours That's right because I don't suppose the anti-cat brigade do anything to annoy their neighbours. :*

As I See It
25th Sep 2005, 19:40
How do you feel about bird sh!t and the fact that birds eat your grass seed, will damage the paint on your car if you don't remove their effluence with haste.

As someone said to me, "You don't own a cat, stop feeding it and see if it remains faithfull". In most respects owners have little control over their cat.

Yes I have two cats and they sh!t under my privets, which grow quite nicely thank you.

25th Sep 2005, 19:41
I don't suppose the anti-cat brigade do anything to annoy their neighbours.

I certainly make every effort not to annoy my neighbours. What are you trying to say Onan, non cat lovers automatically make bad neighbours? We're already totally untrustworthy according to Whirls!

Onan the Clumsy
25th Sep 2005, 19:47
What are you trying to say Onan, non cat lovers automatically make bad neighbours?


25th Sep 2005, 19:49
Thats what your "statement" implies.

25th Sep 2005, 19:49
Isn't thread-hijacking a crime under Item 8 of the ROE?

Less arguing and more novel ideas on cat-riddance. One is always looking to expand one's horizons when it comes to The Feline Solution.

25th Sep 2005, 19:50
That's right because I don't suppose the anti-cat brigade do anything to annoy their neighbours.

Would they be happy if I went and shat in their garden?

The cats can do what they like in their owners garden. Except they don't. Is it really to much to ask to be able to walk around your own garden without the place stinking of cat shit?

It is not pleasant and its even less pleasant them doing it on the vegetable patch.

All I want to do is keep them out

As I See It
25th Sep 2005, 19:59
I am led to believe that liberal application of lion pi$$ applied to the area tends to put the frighteners on the local cat population. Speak to your local zoo lion keeper and see what he/she can come up with.:D

25th Sep 2005, 19:59
Have you considered that it may not always be cats?

Foxes and deer are widespread in towns and villages and their shit smells much stronger than any domestic cat could manage.

But then they are wild animals and so there is nobody to blame for that is there? :rolleyes:

25th Sep 2005, 20:02
Oddly enough, foxes and deer seem incapable of doing any wrong to a lot of people...but that is another story.... :suspect:

People to blame for the large number of foxes and deer coming into towns? The same people who banned hunting.

(Thread Creep I know)

Anti cat measures such as plastic coke bottles filled with water work somehow I believe. CDs work for deer if hung up on string, as well as for birds

25th Sep 2005, 20:04
Have you considered that it may not always be catsWell he said he could see them watching him watching them while they casually take a piss on his cabbage patch as if they're pissing on silk.

A bit hard to mistake a deer for a cat.

A good thing, too. You'd be hard pressed to fit a deer inside a cardboard box... :rolleyes:CDs work for deer if hung up on stringHanging a deer seems a little drastic...

As I See It
25th Sep 2005, 20:09
The other thing is that cats bury their faecal matter and I find it hard that it would smell, although maybe prior to burial it could pong a bit. It normally just decays into the earth.

25th Sep 2005, 20:09
I too suffer with this Saintsman, some areas of my reasonably tidy garden stink of cat urine and excrement. As the evidence here shows all the owners are interested in are the companionship of their pets and don't seem to care about or even acknowledge our problem (some, like As I See It even think that it is cute to have cat shit about the place).

However to be fair, there is probably little they can do about it. Cats, like us are territorial so all we can do is actively discourage them from invading our territory (get the point now "two brains" kooyheier?). As previously stated, all banter aside I do not advocate hurting them so can only suggest using some kind of 'supersoaker' water pistol on the invader - I believe if the water contains orange flavouring of some sort they hate it when they later lick themselves. Also throwing some kind of non lethal missile (potatoes perhaps) gets the message through to them. They are supposed to possess above average intelligence after all.

25th Sep 2005, 20:10
Iím happy you anti-cat guys donít live in my neighborhood. We have 3 cats, next door neighbor has 3 cats the rest of cul-de-sac adds up to about a total of 12 cats. They are all indoor/outdoor cats and everybody gets along just fine.

There is one dog that gets out of its backyard from time to time that picks fights with the cats. The current score is cats 10 dog 0, that dog aint too smart.:)

Cats are really handy to have around if you have snakes, mice or other type vermin. Iíve never seen a car paint job ruined by cats, I have by birds.

Now if you would like to be a nice neighbor invest a small amount of money into a plastic low sided bin and buy some cat litter, clean it out once in a while and the problem is solved without hurting anybodyís pet and possibly yourself being hurt by an maddened cat owner.:ok:

PS. Donít always count on having a dog working, we have an Artic White Timber Wolf and a Great Pyrenees and they love their cats.

25th Sep 2005, 20:11
You ought to be able to tell the sh!t apart easily enough, deer crap looking like pellets, and in my experience doesn't smell that bad at all. Fox crap looks more like dog crap than anything else, and smells pretty much the same.

If an area is used a lot by cats as a toilet, then it will smell, I found this when our cat decided to only use one area of a flowerbed as a bog.

25th Sep 2005, 20:12
Get an ordinary (ie, not match) air pistol from the second-hand shop.

It's unlikely to have enough power to penetrate the pelt, but will deliver a sting and a scare - assuming your aim is good enough!

Kaptin M
25th Sep 2005, 20:15
Buy/make a slingshot. :ok:

As I See It
25th Sep 2005, 20:15
(some, like As I See It even think that it is cute to have cat shit about the place).

Thread creep and able to read minds me thinks, or is that so he thinks?

25th Sep 2005, 20:15
I wouldn't condone use of any air weapon against a cat, or indeed unles generating 6 ft.lb for any form of pest control. Inhumane, inconsiderate and [email protected]@dy bad press for air weapons if the media hear about it.

The use of an air weapon against a cat is just what the anti gun mob get up in arms about. An air pistol can blind and maim, even if you "think" it is low power.

Hoses are another matter entirely :)

25th Sep 2005, 20:17
Yes cats shit but they bury it. They tend to piss against hedges and fences on their 'territory' to make their mark as it were. This smell is not that strong to humans, in my experience.

We suffer very much from nasty-smelling shit in the garden and I am pretty sure it is fox. We get a lot of urban foxes in our garden late at night and the smell is bad and the noise they make is awful but what can you do, short of shooting them (which I suppose would be illegal)? :confused:

25th Sep 2005, 20:18
You can buy an ultrasonic repeller or a water squirting device triggered by a PIR detector.

(I've got an air rifle but don't tell Whirls) :E

P.S. Air pistols are now illegal in UK.
P.P.S. I've never shot a cat, only joking ;)

25th Sep 2005, 20:20
Iíve never seen a car paint job ruined by cats

Actually CP I have seen this - I once had a Ford Sierra (sloping bonnet/hood) which I kept reasonably tidy. A neighbour's cat used to perch itself on the bonnet when the engine was hot when I came in from work. On two occasions it started to slip towards the front on the polished surface and inevitably dug its claws in to try and stop, causing scratches which were too deep to just polish out.

By the way, just because someone does not particularly like cats does NOT mean they are anti-cats. Some pretty wide generalisations to be seen on this thread!

Also CP, I paint the shed bright yellow to frighten off the snakes, works pretty well too, havn't seen any round here for years!

25th Sep 2005, 20:21
errrrrr Shooting of foxes wouldn't be illegal at all provided that you have a suitable backdrop, no chance of bullet/pellet ricocheting or anything. The sort of rifle used (.22-250 is what is used around here-not mine, alas) is a serious bit of kit, and using one is not taken lightly (I was 14 before I was even allowed to touch one). I just keep some cartridges with No.1 shot for my 12 gauge handy in case there are any foxes that I can take care of.

In an urban area I am afraid there is little you can do. Snares would work, but there is a risk there that a cat could somehow get caught. A live capture trap would possibly work, but then the animal would have to be put down by someone.

Air pistols aren't illegal in the UK. provided they generate under the legal limit of 6 ft. lb, unless I have REALLY missed something that bliar has brought out, and BASC have been really quiet about it.

25th Sep 2005, 20:25
Well it is true that most cats do not like being wet, however we did have a cat that loved water. The goofy thing would even swim in the pool, play in the water sprinkler, etc.

I have no idea what type of cat it was, other than it was a male, he just showed up one day and never left.

And yes, PLEASE do not use air powered guns against any small animal unless you plan on killing it by having it die a slow horrible death.

25th Sep 2005, 20:29
Not neccesarily true, I have used an air rifle for rabbit/rat/general pest control for years, never really had much problem with wounding (always been my fault), the 12 ft. lb it generates is enough to cleanly dispatch rabbits up to 45 yards or so, provided you hit the right spot. Air pistols are useful for taking care of rats at very short ranges, i.e when they are trapped in a hen coop (like shooting rats in a barrel). Air weapons are very useful for pest control where a full blooded firearm would not be appropriate.

Using them on cats is the sort of thing chavlets do, a small minority of users of air weapons, but the ones the media focus on :rolleyes:

25th Sep 2005, 20:57

You are correct of course but I was trying to prove to my teenaged son that there was no point him pestering me about an air pistol. You've blown it for me :rolleyes:

25th Sep 2005, 20:58
Cats, I can take them or leave them but I do object when I've paid good money to have someone come and dig and weed my flower beds ('cause I'm too lazy) and the next thing you know the nice level soil is being heaped into piles and spilled over the edges of the beds by the neighbours cats.

The solution lies in the form of the hose with a trigger nozzle set to a nice powerful jet, good local water pressure helps too. It's no bother to have the end of the hose within easy reach and it makes a reasonable extra distraction when spending an afternoon lazing in the sun.

The pace at which they move after a good hit square in the face is quite something to behold and usually deters them for a few days at least, by which time a bit more sport isn't always a bad thing. :E

Lon More
25th Sep 2005, 21:14
People to blame for the large number of foxes and deer coming into towns? The same people who banned hunting

Mus be some foxy friends of Dr Who's then. The foxes living near the Canada Water shopping centre in SE16 have been there for at least 10 years. Used to see them scavenging in the bins at 4 a.m.

25th Sep 2005, 21:21
Wouldn't suprise me. Cunning little devils.

25th Sep 2005, 21:39
When I was a lad, my mother (very animal-oriented) taught me how to make the cat "territory-claim" noise - a sort of rasping hiss. The human mouth makes a low-pitch "very large cat" version, and they usually scarper at high speed, not to return. A good jet from the hosepipe (if to hand) helps to reinforce the message. We don't have a cat problem.

Fox deposits smell foul - definitely not pleasant. They don't respond in quite the same way to the cat noise, but the air rifle gets the message across to them quite well.

We have a different problem - badgers digging up the Churchyard and throwing up bones. It's very distressing for those with relatives there, but there's nothing we can do: it's illegal to disturb a badger in any way. If anyone could come up with a legal way to persuade the badgers that moving to a new neighbourhood would be a good idea...

25th Sep 2005, 21:46
Don't disturb the badger, Keef just kill it before it knows it :E


Sven Sixtoo
25th Sep 2005, 21:49
There's a thread over on spotters corner about taking an air rifle to France.

I was happy to advise until the motive - cat shooting - became clear.

I dislike cats

So does Bonzo the dog

But I don't condone cruelty

other than being chased by a dog

Cats, like squirrels, are there to save me the trouble of walking the dog.


henry crun
25th Sep 2005, 22:12
Easy answer to your problem is to concrete over the garden.

The cats soon give up trying to scratch a hole in it because they have worn their claws to the quick, and you have secure off road parking.

Atlas Shrugged
26th Sep 2005, 00:27

26th Sep 2005, 02:30
My sister took out groundhogs by pouring some gasoline into the burrow and lighting it off -- letting the beastie dig its own grave :E

Somewhat humane as just some fumes before anoxia takes over.

Gasoline fumes heavier than air; so allow time to infuse burrow.

Light with kerosine soaked rag on proverbial ten foot pole.

Tell authorities being done to remove "digging rodents" -- evidence remains underground and I doubt investigators willing to disturb human gravesite.

26th Sep 2005, 02:52
That has to be one of the sickest, most evil things I've read on any of these threads. That anyone would be prepared to burn small creatures alive is just beyond comprehension.

Onan the Clumsy
26th Sep 2005, 03:07
Thats what your "statement" implies. Well not really, but that's an easy mistake to make.

Shiny Side Up
26th Sep 2005, 03:36
Easy. Buy one of those SuperSoaker water guns. Much more accurate than the garden hose, and less hassle.

Bottom line though, if this is the biggest worry you have, consider yourself very lucky.

And if you lived next to me, and I found out you were taking pot shots at my cat with an air pistol, I would be torn between beating the living [email protected] out of you or callin the police. I assume your neighbours would feel much the same way. Definitely not worth it.

26th Sep 2005, 03:57
Agree Bluey.

My sister took out groundhogs by pouring some gasoline into the burrow and lighting it off -- letting the beastie dig its own grave

Tell your sister to save her precious gasoline,groundhogs aren't that stupid to get caught by fire or fumes. Their tunnels always have several exit points.

Those who does not like feline companions in your rose gardens,mulch them heavily with large pine bark or similarly large chips.

Cat turds are the cleanest part in your flower dirts,after dumping umpteen bags of manure to keep your gardens at full bloom, take a soil sample to a nearest labs and watch all the nasty worms growing right under your noses. Leaves of your flowers are crawling with mites,especially oribatid mites (causes tapeworms) that lives in soil and grass, and all sort of fungis. :yuk:

Edited to add,living happily with 9 cats and 6 dogs. There's something called the poop scoopers or poop mittens,easy to use and easily disposed.
Anyone who would try to harm my creatures,I'm mighty good with baseball bat and don't see much difference between hitting a ball or balls........:ok:

26th Sep 2005, 04:50
Room Defender (http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/search.do?productCode=ROODEF). There was a review last year by someone who put one in his garden to scare off cats. Said it was very effective....... :}

As I See It
26th Sep 2005, 07:04
Now whilst I may be a cat owner I sympathise with your plight, when my neighbours sh!tt!ing machine of a dog comes a calling, should I leave the gates ajar, I take great pleasure in shovelling the offenders mess up and lobbing it in the general direction of their garden.

If they want to quietly let their beast out for a dump on their neighbours property then they deserve the by product, they'll eventually get the message, and if they don't, who cares?

26th Sep 2005, 07:21
All the local cats used to use my garden as a toilet, they don't any more. Cats I was told, don't like the smell of moth balls, so spread some around your garden, the cats will go somewhere else. Don't handle them with your hands , they smell vile, and the smell doesn't wash off for quite some time. They last a few months, then repeat the process. Cheap and efficient way to get rid of local moggies. Worked for me.

26th Sep 2005, 07:23
Get a couple of cats of your own, then they will go and
'deposit' in your neighbours' gardens.

Equality for all! :hmm:

26th Sep 2005, 07:26
Hey, as a self confessed moggy lover I would never condone cruelty to cats as not only are you hurting the cat, you are causing pain to their owners as well, far more pain than you are suffering by finding the odd turd neatly buried under your azaleas.

Spraying them with water, though, is fair game as it doesn't harm them but really really pisses them off.

26th Sep 2005, 09:18
One's neighbour down the road combines two of the previous suggestions:

Petrol and a supa-soaker.

He's got some sort of arrangement with a Zippo lighter and some tape to produce his own home-grown flame-thrower. Says it works a treat on moggies and other nuisances.

The trick, he says, is to pump it hard and avoid a back-draft up the pipe.

By the way, why does that guy in the photo need ear-muffs if he's got a silencer on his gatt???

Or is it a loudener? I can't always tell...

26th Sep 2005, 11:39
I am a cat-less cat lover. All my neigbours have them though and they are systematicly destroying my garden.

The clematis on growing on a fence has been wrecked by a cat jumping up the fence post it grows around.

My pots of spring flowering bulbs which I have sucessfully had for several years were dug up and used as a litter tray.

I can't leave a wheel barrow of compost out overnight without it filling up with cat sh!t.

They jump off the fence and land in the middle of my bedding plants.

They think bedding plants are their own personal bed to sleep in and crush the plants.

I hate the fact that weeding turns into a game of dodge the sh!t.

The cats are just being cats, but it is very dishartening to see them undoing all your hard work in the garden.

26th Sep 2005, 12:40
White pepper sprinkled over flower beds works well to keep cats off - also good for keeping foxes away.

What can I do though about the dog walker (who walks the canine after I've left the house for work in the morning...) who daily let's their cute little mongrel take a c**p in the middle of my front lawn?

I live in one of those areas where front lawns are all open, and we all tolerate each others cats and dogs. I keep a plant-free flowerbed at the side of my house for my cats to poop in, so why is it OK for some mangey mutt to do his business in my garden?

My guess is that some pet owners just don't care how their animals affect others - that goes for cat and dog owners alike.

BUT then I'd rather be with pets than without them, so I'll put up with the niggles (and the dog poop too, I suppose...)

26th Sep 2005, 13:05
Anybody got the link to the cat being swung around by the ceiling fan? I've got it but don't know how to post an mpg.

I like animals, honestly, but shit it's funny!

26th Sep 2005, 16:58
Iím no great cat lover but when it comes to moles Ė cats can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. The sight of a mole Ė stone dead on the kitchen floor offered up as some penance for depositing faeces around the garden Ė is a just trade off.

I have spent years trying to eliminate these critters from our lawns and cats are about the best solution I have come across - whatever the drawbacks.

The occasional large rat Ė suitably despatched - is an added bonus.

"Cats always know whether people like or dislike them. They do not always care enough to do anything about it"

26th Sep 2005, 18:09
Our lazy crittur NEVER killed moles :mad:

The standard scissor grip traps work a treat though :ok:

26th Sep 2005, 19:57
The cat-lovers will never acknowledge the problem that their beloved moggie creates by [email protected] in other people's gardens. I have 2 young kids, a vegetable garden and a neighbour with 3 cats. They love to crap and sneakily bury it so my 5 y.o. can get it all over himself when he digs. I have tried hissing at them, hosepipes, small pebbles thrown against the fence (wouldn't aim at them, of course!) and something called Catwatch which generates ultrasound. They hated it and stayed away, but now the Catwatch is broken and the garden has grown so that it wouldn't be suitable anyway.

Anyone got any ideas?

The Invisible Cat
26th Sep 2005, 20:33
One must refrain from posting on this thread
One must refrain from posting on this thread
One must refrain from posting on this thread
One must refrain from posting on this thread
One must refrain from posting on this thread

One must :*

26th Sep 2005, 20:43
Just spray water on them, doesn't hurt them, scares the [email protected] out of them... Repeat that a couple of times and you won't see them back!!!
But I have to agree with the catlovers here (as I am one of them).
If I would find out that someone would hurt my cats delibrately, I wouldn't let that go down easily......:*

Krystal n chips
26th Sep 2005, 21:01
Never heard of Feline Domination then ? :E :rolleyes:

26th Sep 2005, 21:12
Also, isn't it a delightful experience when mowing, to accidentally mow into cat crap!

Bloody thing vaporises and you can smell it for hours.

Cats are neither use nor ornament.

26th Sep 2005, 21:42
Well, I still maintain that if it's randomly scattered on the lawn then it is fox not cat.

Cats are very particular where they cr*p and they also like to bury it afterwards. I think it is very unlikely that any normal cat would just do its business in the middle of your grass and leave it there undisturbed.

I'm not being funny overstress, but there are all sorts of horrible bacteria lurking in garden soil (with or without cats) - you could consider getting your small children a sand pit to play in. If it is a proper one with a cover, you can relax in the knowledge that your children are having fun in a safe and clean area. Just a thought ........... :D

26th Sep 2005, 22:25
till the cats discover it.........

26th Sep 2005, 22:48
Please be aware that there is a crossed thread here,

Eric likes cats (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=191673)

26th Sep 2005, 23:07
That has to be one of the sickest, most evil things I've read on any of these threads. That anyone would be prepared to burn small creatures alive is just beyond comprehension.

Igniting gasoline in a burrow does not burn the little creature alive since it is generally well away from the liquid. Ignition of the vapor consumes the available oxygen in the burrow.

A gut shot by an air gun incurs far more suffering.

Atlas Shrugged
26th Sep 2005, 23:26
Here ya go Binos!

Nokia Cat (http://www.basementv.com/commercials/btv-com-006.html)

:E :E :E

27th Sep 2005, 00:39
Onya Atlas! That's the one. :ok:

3rd Nov 2005, 11:08
I'm not a great cat lover either, however I say - If you hate them that much, just put down orange or tangerine peel on your lawn, they hate it.....

3rd Nov 2005, 11:39
I too have problems with cats. My father in law uses the bottle method, backed up with an electric fence (which has to be switched off when the grandchildren call). Cats are also responsible for the reduction of songbirds in our gardens and the subsequent increase in insects. So ladies, when you are complaining about the Mosquitoes, it is your cat that is to blame.

Now, in a past existence, I did have cats. Delightful little things however, women have a totally irrational love of these mouse exterminators. Why do they insist of letting them sleep in one's bed, curled around your head, with the odd flea, dirty claws from crapping in the neighbours garden and licking themselves with a toungue that has been up their arse.

I used to get fed up with the bl88dy things crawling under the bedclothes and stretching out, thus impaling my scrotum on its claws. Cat gets thrown out of bed to the tune of "oh don't be nasty to them". Needless to say, we got divorced!

3rd Nov 2005, 12:28
A cat is all right in its place - in the laboratory.http://jm.g.free.fr/smileys/jump_fire.gif

3rd Nov 2005, 15:27
Well...that last post killed this one off.......

Divergent Phugoid!
3rd Nov 2005, 15:47
I dont often feel the need to respond to threads these days but this one has made my blood boil.

Kaptain M
Dead Heading
Rather Be Flying
De Burcs

You should all be ashamed of yourselves, in fact maybe you should refrain from making any further contribution to Pprune.

How on earth can you condone cruelty to animals by your sick and sadistic ideas. You also suggest that posters commit criminal offences as well. You have definitely started to show your true colours.

In suggesting these acts of cruelty you also commit an offence. Maybe the punishment for your crimes should be for you to receive the same as you seem ready to inflict on the animal world.

Does it make you feel big and strong to inflict cruelty to a poor defenceless animal??

Would you like me to come over and beat the living daylights out of you or your loved ones? To maim or make them suffer a slow and lingering death?? I think not but you feel that it is ok for you to do exactly the same to someone elses?

Maybe this is the time to close this thread. I am amaized that the mods have not jumped in before further acts of cruelty are suggested, openly, in a public forum.

The five of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You truly are beyond contempt.

Edited because my choice of words didn't meet with DH's use of english.

3rd Nov 2005, 17:58

Where have I suggested that other users commit criminal offences?

Where have I condoned and/or claimed to have inflicted cruelty on any animal? It is VERY offensive of you to suggest otherwise, as I work with animals and am exceedingly careful not to cause excessive pain to any animal that I shoot or trap, for food or pest control purposes.

I suggested you squirt a cat with a hose to get it out of your garden at one point, unpleasant perhaps, but not cruel.

IN FACT, I made a point of saying that cats are illegal to shoot at with an air weapon, AND that an air weapon would maim and cause terrible injury.

btw-get a dictionary:

adj : deriving pleasure or sexual gratification from being abused or dominated

3rd Nov 2005, 18:02
How on earth can you condone cruelty to animals by your sick and masochistic ideas.
I think that the only masochism is you tormenting yourself with these posts. I look forward to your comments on the disgusting things perpetrated on humans by other humans, possibly in your name.


3rd Nov 2005, 19:27
I don't really think that cruelty to dirty cats is the answer, it would make ME feel guilty afterwards if I were to hurt one.

Going round to their owners' houses at midnight and defecating on THEIR doorsteps or veggy patch might be a better way to make your point. :E

4th Nov 2005, 08:25
Oh what is the point of a cat? They are useless. They refuse to catch mice when you need them to but happily torment little birds and frogs; they don't come when called unless you have a can of food in your hand; they stick their arsholes in your face; they are flea-ridden; they are the biggest spreaders of salmonella; they carry toxicara worms which blind children. For heaven's sake YOU CAN'T EVEN EAT THEM!

4th Nov 2005, 09:12

Oh yes you can. Warning do not open this link if you are easily offended! (http://www.messybeast.com/eat-cats.htm)

4th Nov 2005, 09:16
I have seen numerous gardens in france where the owners have tapped into a passing cattle "cloture electrique" and routed it round the flower beds, works well for cats and dogs as my erstwhile staffy would have testified.
No lasting side effects at all and even the dumbest animals learn very quickly to avoid it.
The transformers are available from most agricultural suppliers and are quite safe and legal. (don't be tempted to hook direct to the mains though:eek: )

4th Nov 2005, 11:52
Ah all is explained, I thought that it was dog but now I think that it was sweet and sour moggy. Still it tasted better than ferret. We had to curry that. :=

Divergent Phugoid!
4th Nov 2005, 12:24
Isn't it easy to try and hide from your obvious guilt by correcting my use of english...

I admit, I should have said sadistic but in the heat of the moment typed in the wrong word. An easy mistake to make but it still doesn't detract from the fact that you can not cause pain and suffering to animals just because you don't like them.

I might not like you and maybe I would like to inflict pain on you too but alas, I am not permitted to do so. The same as you are not permitted to cause pain and cruelty to animals.

DH.. Pot kettle syndrome...

Maybe you want to re read your post as it infers that using an air weapon producing less than 6ft lb is ok. Maybe I have miss read your meanings....

I wouldn't condone use of any air weapon against a cat, or indeed unles generating 6 ft.lb for any form of pest control. Inhumane, inconsiderate and [email protected]@dy bad press for air weapons if the media hear about it.

Now isn't that a perfect example of the correct use of english.

DH... Get an education.

4th Nov 2005, 13:07
Oh what is the point of a cat? To which one could add, "But oh, what is the point of any man?" I wouldn't even make any exceptions for Nobel peace prize winners. There are far too many people about as it is.

Hmmm, let's see, there are quite a few posters in the present thread who could be candidates of 1st choice. How about a rare gigot de Burcs? Obviously it'd be more entertaining to roast the whole thing alive but my oven isn't big enough. Dependent on how hairy his buttocks are, it would probably be worth throwing him alive into a cauldron of boiling water first - if it works for feathers and cat fur, it should also work for body hair. :8 I'm told that human flesh tastes like pork. So an accompanying apple sauce should go down a treat... ;)

If we don't nuke China today, we won't get another chance. In 20 years time when they've become the world's Superpower and everything is made in China, all we'll have left here in the West are our pets which we'll gladly exchange for a few yuans of hard currency. Of course, by that stage, some of us will already have exchanged our wives and children as slaves in Chinese households... :E

4th Nov 2005, 17:39
Let me explain something to you:

"unles generating 6 ft.lb for any form of pest control"

indicates that 6ft lb is the minimum. technically 6 ft lb is the maximum power n air pistol can generate in the UK before being technically classed as a section 5 firearm (I believe anyway-i don't think they can be classed as section 1 but anyway..). 6ft Lb is acceptable for short range pest control i.e. rats in a chicken coop. I apologise for that, poor english on my behalf (but hey, I'm a redneck;) )

Oddly enough, I do NOT want to cause pain to anything, unlike you. Causing unecessary pain to any animal is, in my view unacceptable, unlike yours, where it appear to be perfectly acceptable to hurt me because you don't like me. Fine, go ahead, but I'm 6'1" and tighthead prop in rugger :ok:

I like animals, I do not like causing them pain, on the other hand, I do know the result of not carrying out population control on creatures such as rabbits (I also hate to see horses with broken legs from putting their feet into rabbit holes). I shoot and eat rabbits to control their population, they feel nothing, I won't say I never miss, but if I do I will retrieve the wounded animal and put it out of it's misery. The alternative to population control that results in a tasty meal for me is the death by disease, starvation, overcrowding that occurs with rabbits, not to mention the injury of animals by their warrens.

you can not cause pain and suffering to animals just because you don't like them.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, causing pain to any animals because you don't like it OR FOR ANY OTHER PREVENTABLE REAON is uneccesary and cruel, I like to think I do as much as I can to ensure that I don't cause unecessary suffering to animals, whilst I also appreciate that there is a need to control predators and pests.

Massey Man
4th Nov 2005, 17:55

Before i start - im crap at english. By all means point this out, but do NOT use this as an argument becuase it is stupid, childish and just plain ridiculous.

you may not like the 5 people you listed. I, personally do not like your attitude.

may i ask, are you vedgetarian?

a large number of "country people" earn a living from land. Rabbits not only severley reduce yields, they also dig large holes as you may have noticed.

this does, has and will continue to kill many animals, and some [email protected]@dy expensive ones at that.

im going to ask you a question. You have a choice - run the risk of killing a £100,000 horse by having it break its leg in a rabbit hole, or shoot a few rabbits?

Rabbits feel NOTHING when they are shot - providing they are shot with a powerful enough gun (Dead heading can specify this - i beleive he did earlier), and they are shot by a good shot. Whats better for the rabbit, to get miximitosis (or however you spell it) and die a horrible painful death, or to be shot in the head and die instantly?

I personally know Dead Heading and know him to be a VERY good shot. He shoots rabbits on our land and is more sensible about what he shoots, when he shoots and what he shoots with than anyone we hvae ever let shoot on our land. He will not shoot unless he is 100% sure he can hit the animal from his position. I know he practises so he knows his limits.

He is NOT the sort of person i think you have in your head. Someone there, shooting a rabbit in the stomach, watching it bleed to death and loving every second of it. Thats simply disgusting. i have never found anyone who shoots who is like that. Shooting is a sport - it is also a skill, and it is also an agricultural practise.

it will NOT stop.

The fact that you suggested that 5 people stopped posting on pprune simply because they have different views to you shows how stupid you are and makes me think maybe you should be the person who leaves.

I rest my case.