View Full Version : A1 GP : "Gentlemen Start Your Engines"

25th Sep 2005, 12:35
Saw on an Arabic channel just now that the A1 GP has just started at Brands Hatch.

I could only follow the words of Sheikh Maktoum - the rest do not need commentary.

Is this the end of Formula 1 as we knew it or is this a good gap-filler ?

I love the fact that it is between countries, same engines and frames ... and of course such great names as Piquet / Verstappen / Lauda . wow :ok:

And away they go ... Vivaa A1 GP :ok:

25th Sep 2005, 13:04
I'm with you on that one Gunns - I think this could become a great series.

Unfortunately I am my brother's this weekend - and no Sky available (its on not on terrestrial over here) - so will rely on repeats/highlights and general reports.

I have an invite to go round their Silverstone facility with a colleague any time we wish - hopefully in a couple of weeks time.

Let me (us) know how it goes.



25th Sep 2005, 13:29
It is also being streamed live below!

Fill out your details and you'll see the 2nd race!


25th Sep 2005, 13:35
Thanks Cessna - saw the site before and just had another look but can't find the 'streaming'.

Maybe the wine is already taking affect !!

25th Sep 2005, 14:40
Good to hear from you Tim.

Well at least I have the pictures (and Arabic sound) but what I can see is the Piquet won the first race and is second in the 2nd.

SA was last first time (pit stop) but now 6th :ok:

Some great racing and it has serious potential me thinks :D

Especially with $eriou$ money behind it :ok:

Sultan Ismail
25th Sep 2005, 16:41
You guys are easily satisfied, just hang around 10 minutes when real racing gets going at Interlagos.

25th Sep 2005, 19:28
10 minutes is considerably longer than the Williams drivers managed!

Stoney X
25th Sep 2005, 20:06
F1? A1? Load of (stuff cats put in other people vegetable patches). MotoGP rules :ok: Congrats to Rossi on winning the championship. I watched all three events today, that's the two car races and the bike one, so a great day's motorsport.


25th Sep 2005, 20:21
Yes, congrats to Valentino - well deserved!

Mightily narked that A1 not on terrestrial though.

Hopped over from MotoGP and caught the remains of Goodwood too - that was fun.

25th Sep 2005, 21:58
Judging by the action at Paddock Hill bend, a copycat 'incident' of James Hunts back in 1976 which led to all sorts of fun and frollicks!!

I hope that A1 becomes as enjoyable as F1 used to be.



26th Sep 2005, 03:08
India finished last in BOTH F1 (Narain Karthikeyan/Jordan) and A1 (Karun Chandok)!

Who said we don't do things in style! :mad:

Jordan D
26th Sep 2005, 09:41
A day's glorious motorsport ... superb stuff.