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24th Sep 2005, 23:30
Do any of our Froggy friends know the controllers in Deauville? I had a great time today touring Northern France, controllers couldn't have been more helpful, but the highlight was departing Cherbourg talking to a Deauville Approach controller with a very sexy voice ;)

25th Sep 2005, 05:32
Spent a nice couple of days in Deauville during the movie festival in 2001. Said "Hi" to Christopher Walken, yes he is scary in real life as well.


25th Sep 2005, 07:31
SC - She's probably 17 stone, has a glass eye, and muscles bigger than Geoff Capes'.

25th Sep 2005, 18:05
Ahhhh...oui ! tin remembers in an Argosy blundering around the circuit at Caen ,everyone chattering away on the wireless in Froggy.

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26th Sep 2005, 00:03
Obviously she's not as sexy as you Aerbabe, but I can tell she didn't have a glass eye :p