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24th Sep 2005, 23:21
Can someone tell me the idea behind playing golf in the middle of parallel runways ?

Like a joke but this is real. Every time we land at VTBD (Bangkok) I ask this question once more to myself but find no answers nor it is safe in my opinion.

May be some of of you know the stroy behind it. Would appreciate information on this subject.



25th Sep 2005, 00:28
Nobody has ever said Don Muang is the most sophisticated airport in the world.

The air force owned golf course that lies between runways 03R/21L and 03L/21R has always been absolutely ridiculous in my eyes. Golfers cross a taxiway to get to the back nine! "Qantas 1169 Heavy, hold at taxiway bravo, the Anderson foursome are on their way to the 10th hole"

BKK, being one of the busiest airports in the world (ranked 14th in 2004), i assume is an underlying certitude guaranteeing that the tee-time sheet will be always be full. cha-ching.

I don't know any terrorists personally, but from what i've heard, i don't think they are the type of people who are going to let the 14-club rule deter them from putting an extra club, rifle, rocket launcher, what have you, in their bag.

Nothing like four RB211 engines roaring away when you're trying to make that putt on the 7th.

I've never understood this either, but i remember asking about it several years ago and they just replied "that's thailand for you"

passenger view of teebox (http://angkor.com/cityrain/images/020916.jpg)

25th Sep 2005, 04:45
Please gents, if you feel someone is playing too slowly and blocking your righteous path, the rules allow for you to request them to allow you to play through. Once you've made the request, they really can't deny. Simple as that. :E

Just make sure you document your request to play through, or the club pro may hit your handicap for behaviour unbecoming...

25th Sep 2005, 05:39
Watch out for unplayable ground and hazards though ;)


25th Sep 2005, 23:54
From memory if someone was so inclined to have a rifle or rocket launcher, there is a rather large airport perimeter they could be using as well.
I gather the bags are checked now.

27th Sep 2005, 02:20
holy fsckin moley.


or for much better detail download the application from earth.google.com and head for 13deg 54min 45.3sec N 100 36 24.3 E

Buster Hyman
27th Sep 2005, 02:55
You are allowed to take a drop 10W!

27th Sep 2005, 06:22
I did hear that you get a 2 stroke penalty if you hit a moving aircraft......as if I didn't have enough problems with my golf already.



27th Sep 2005, 07:50
The Royal Thai Air Force's airport Golf course was there before the second runway. Better between than across the runways though, eh?

There's one alongside the airport over here too. As long as the 'morning glories' continue, I reckon I'm not old enough for golf - there's better places to tee-off early on a Sunday morning than the airport... ;)

27th Sep 2005, 14:07
Onet of those eccentric things that make me smile each time I land at Bangkok.

27th Sep 2005, 14:41
Thanks for the replies,

now I know that the air force owns it and they are still well ahead of the civil government ! :E

So the good side of the story for us is you don't need to touch the brakes cause you will be on the runway untill S (nearly the end of runway), which is a suitable place for the golf area. :yuk:

Happy landings