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23rd Sep 2005, 16:18
Sources: BBC, Reuters, ANA

For those who remember the TV series The Flash, the true yet unbelievable story to follow, may make them believe that science fiction films are not that "science" afterall.

It was a cleaner from Australia and not a superhero that managed to build up 36,000 volts of static electricity that burned almost everything in his wake. The story begins, when the people working at the office Frank Clewer had visited, reported a mysterious burning smell as well as several scorch marks on the carpet. The Fire Service, which was immediately called, cut the electricity supply, evacuated the building and started investigating into the "alien" mystery. Clewer returned to the office and being stunned he said that he saw the same scorch marks on his car floor, while he added that wherever he went he kept hearing a noise reminiscent of the noise produced by firecrackers.

Frank Clewer was immediately suspected to have been the source of this usual phenomenon, and with a static electricity field metre they tested his clothes and measured a current of 40,000 volts. His woollen shirt and synthetic nylon jacket self-ignited, thus building up a high-volt charge.

It is noteworthy that the static electricity built up on clothes is rather usual, but the charges of static electricity are so minor that escape our notice. We are relieved of these charges when walking on the soil. The same happened to the 58-year-old cleaner who caused the plastic floors to burn.

If you keep wondering how it was possible that Clewer was oblivious to this fact, worry not. The firefighters who dealt with the situation could not figure it out either.

23rd Sep 2005, 16:22
That's shocking!

tony draper
23rd Sep 2005, 16:48
Used to do a lot of work in hotels once,they had long corridors usualy carpeted with nylon,the housekeeper used to keep the master key on a chain round her waist and if you needed it she would never hand it to you she would drop it on the floor for you to pickup,once handed it to a mate and a blue spark about six inches long zapped him.