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23rd Sep 2005, 08:10
Anyone else see the nutter on question time last night? He claimed that the Sept 11 Twin Towers aircraft were military tankers. On national telly! Why did the BBC not edit this idiot out instead of giving him national TV exposure?

tony draper
23rd Sep 2005, 08:25
Question time was one of the television highlights of the week,once,haven't watched it for ages since it went trash TV style,with feckwit guests more suited to Lorraines brecky prog,delibneratly selected to end up bellowing at each other,thats what passes for "good" television nowadays.

23rd Sep 2005, 11:12
Well it is the Baghdad Broadcasting Company after all. Turds.


23rd Sep 2005, 11:28
The answer to that is easy. There is obviously something wrong with the official 9/11 story, anybody with an ounce of common sense would admit that.

It is in the interest of politicians and the media (who lets face it are more than in-bed with each other) to allow people with the most extreme views to make their case. This solves the problem for the leaders and media moghuls because it totally discredits any "conspiracy theory".

If the truth movement is made out to look stupid by such insane views then their support begins to fall. Therefore, the person who said that the planes were military tankers was probably a plant anyway.

And you coincidence theoriests need to read what the neocons are all about, read their papers, here's an analysis:


If Nero could do it (burn Rome), and Hitler could do it (burn the Reichstag), then I'm pretty certain Bush and the Neo-con'ites could do it. Just because they are Western, white, rich and claim to represent us does not mean they are sincere and righteous. We look back and think the same could never happen to us, but it has, is happening and always will.....it just takes a few centuries for us to see it either because the laws were enforced not to believe it, or we were to occupied with the nicer things in life. Let's face it: Bush=Oil, Cheney=Oil, Condoleeza Rice=Oil, Hamid Karzai=Oil. War is a racket, I think someone once said....

henry crun
23rd Sep 2005, 21:34
Agent747: Please explain what you consider is wrong with the official 9/11 story.

Send Clowns
23rd Sep 2005, 21:46

I've seen the sites that list supposedly what is "wrong" with the story. They show complete ignorrance of the matters they address. Remember you are addressing a sceptical audiance who know what they are talking about. Post your evidence, but don't be offended if it doesn't stand up.

The worst was their great triumphant piece of evidence: the complaint that they can't see much of an airliner outside the Pentagon in post-impact photos. As if it would hit and slide down the wall like Wile E. Coyote. Compare to the site of another incident, a high-speed jet accident where the first on the scene "thought a cessna light aircraft had crashed" there was so little wreckage on the surface.

23rd Sep 2005, 21:52
I think what Agent747 is saying is that the neocons start conspiracy theories to stop conspiracy theories by staring conspiracy theories to cover up conspiracies. I think.

My head hurts now. :confused:

Send Clowns
23rd Sep 2005, 21:56
P.S. Not sure Hitler had much say in the burning of the Reichstag; if he did, then it was long after it would make any difference.

P.P.S. Oh and Nero never burned Rome. He is just alleged to have fiddled while it got on with burning without his assistance.

So for appropriatness of suggested precedents, I think 747's post is lacking a little something.

tony draper
23rd Sep 2005, 22:01
The Nero thing is another conspiracy theory, the fiddle hadn't been invented then.
It wasn't the Christians either,twas prolly the French.
I blame them anyway.

Stoney X
23rd Sep 2005, 22:04
Surely the point of allowing some nutter to express his/her views proves a point for the war against terror, i.e. the war for freedom of democracy. Imagine some nutter standing up in Bagdad three or four years ago expressing his/her views about WMDs and Sadam's plans for them?

Send Clowns
23rd Sep 2005, 22:07
Yes, he should be allowed to, but not at the expense of sane discussion in a forum where he is being treated with as much respect as those of a saner temperament. The flaws in his view should be pointed out thoroughly, probably impossible in that environment.


Maybe not the violin itself, but a fiddle might mean a similar instrument, which is a fairly crude idea!

23rd Sep 2005, 22:09
but not at the expense of sane discussion in a forum

You talking about this place?!??!?!

Stoney X
23rd Sep 2005, 22:17
This late on a Friday all discussion is left to the expense of sanity!

Send Clowns
23rd Sep 2005, 23:09
No Jerricho, not a thing I would expect to see here! I was talking about "Question Time". Oh how the mighty have fallen.

24th Sep 2005, 00:51
Bring back Robin Day. He'd a sorted the fecker out. Miss the bow tied jouster I do.


24th Sep 2005, 02:17
Well didn't the Nazis bomb Dresden early in WWII so they could get support at home for their thuggery ? Didn't the yanks break the Japanese secret code prior to the bombing, knowing an attack on Pearl Harbour was imminent ? Remember the planned civvy airliner to be shot down over Cuba ? It's an old trick pulling the wool. If the Chinese got their hands on Saddams oil, we could be right up sh** street ! The world is a cruel place and people are disposable. Please all keep an open mind on 9/11 - it really doesn't look very good !!

24th Sep 2005, 06:33
Agent747 is strangely silent donít you think? Maybe the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD, Secret Service or the United States Marshal Service got him. Or the Mafia. :uhoh:

Weíll never know.:}

Oh, sorry I forgot, we never landed on the moon either!:E

And Flying Squirrel, it was the Germans whot bombed Pearl Harbor. Donít ya know nothing?:)

Jordan D
24th Sep 2005, 09:51
It makes for an interesting read - I am reading a book called [b]9.11 Revealed[b], which is about conspriacy theories on 9/11. Its quite amusing to see people's justification for the events happening without OBL involved.

Oh and why I am reading it? I'm doing a US Politics Course, and we are discussing 9/11 and we were recommended to read from 'both sides' of the debate .... and my lecturer is American.


24th Sep 2005, 11:57
Jordan D'

I do hope you will ask your lecturer to discuss the black boxes that were not found in the WTC rubble and also about the passport of one of the hijackers that was!


tony draper
24th Sep 2005, 12:10
And what about those huge empty Pea pods like things they found? pea pods large enough to hold a human being,........or a copy of a human being.

Solid Rust Twotter
24th Sep 2005, 12:16

...And they call me crazy for wandering around with my jocks on my head.....:rolleyes:


Phil Hudson
24th Sep 2005, 21:44
I think we deserve an answer.

Be wery afraid! :}


Send Clowns
24th Sep 2005, 22:54
Phil - that photo's been tampered with. Elvis has been removed - he was mounted on Shergar at Michael Jackson's right shoulder! We must be told the truth!

26th Sep 2005, 07:41
Radio is the answer.

8pm friday

Last week:
Diane Abbott
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Sir Ian Blair
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audience don't answer back. informed debate.