View Full Version : Rubber Bands

23rd Sep 2005, 07:57
Is there any reason as to why the Post Office are now using red elastic bands?

Corporate image possibly?

Whatever the reason, they seem to have better aerodynamic properties in the flicking department. They are also more visible in flight thus reducing the fabled, "You'll have someones eye out if your not careful" scenario.


23rd Sep 2005, 08:09
They're GO FASTER ones like the stripes on sports cars.Makes the postie do two rounds in the time it took them to do one before.Still doesn't stop them dumping mail in rubbish bins mind.:ok:

23rd Sep 2005, 08:37
Whatever the colour, it apparently still hasn't occured to the posties that rubber bands can be re-used instead of just chucking them on the floor . . . :rolleyes:

23rd Sep 2005, 09:25
just chucking them on the floor . . .

oh is that what they were !? - I was in the UK last month and kept noticing red rubber bands on the pavement.

Lazy buggers.