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Don Esson
23rd Sep 2005, 01:28
While this topic regularly gets done to death, it's worth pointing out that there's the following footnote to a table on page 59 of the latest Qantas Annual Report:

"During the year Mr Joyce received a milestone reward payment relating to the establishment of Jetstar Airways of $100,000."

Not bad for what's supposed to be a Low Cost Carrier eh - low cost and pay for all but those at the top?

How much would have been paid had J* been a genuine start up instead of a spin-off operation with inherited infrastructure etc. from Impulse/QantasLink and most of its netwerk hived off from Qantas and QantasLink?

How much did other people involved with the so-called establishment of J* receive as a similar reward?

This is just the news to keep the troops happy and contented. I think not. In the meantime, the snorting from the Q trough at Mascot and elsewhere continues. :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

compressor stall
23rd Sep 2005, 03:04
Not condoning it, but in the scheme of Exectutive payments (including QF) it's b#gger all!

He'd be feeling royally screwed I reckon comparing his lot to those execs on the mother company's payroll.

Don Esson
23rd Sep 2005, 03:51
It's the principle (doesn't easily sit with Qantas in the same sentence) involved here rather than the money. Surely some sort of example needs be set: if the workers do it tough, so should those who call the shots.

Also, AJ is far from being screwed as it's clear for all to see that he's one of the highest paid in the Qantas Group. No one should feel for him or his colleagues feeding at the trough.:yuk: :yuk:

Wun Wing Lo
23rd Sep 2005, 06:10
Don dont tell me you actually believe that these guys are doing all this in the best interests of the company ?

Principles.... these guys ... they cant afford them.

23rd Sep 2005, 08:52
$100K for having the easiest Airline CEO Job in the world?

Money for jam!

Not saying a CEO position is in fact easy, but relatively speaking, Jetstar's would be a cinch.

Ready made AOC
Fleet of A/C
Workers willing to settle for less
New A/C bought with the help of big brother (no doubt cheaper than if they were a new start)
A fair amount of spares, infrastructure, agreements, etc would be a bit cheaper (than normal) thanks to big brother too.

Any time expansion is wanted, a tap on the big boss' shoulder, a route is passed over with a decent LF, and a blessing from the incumbent you are taking it from. That incumbent would possibly even be made to look bad elsewhere, to improve your own position!

Also, what price leverage?

Am I missing something? :confused:

Ronnie Honker
23rd Sep 2005, 15:08
No qualifications required.
All care (and cash) taken for the duration of the appointment, but if you are seen as stuffing up, that's okay - you get to keep the lot anyway - plus you'll probably receive a more than generous termination payout.

Is it any wonder these people at the top aren't given any respect from the other employees - they prove time and again that they are in it solely for themselves, and at the expense of everyone else, to the point of making employees jobless, solely to increase their already substantial earnings.

But what is the answer?

The The
23rd Sep 2005, 23:03
Fuel costs?

Not a problem, just increase the surcharge on mainline fares and cross subsidise.

Didn't this guy come from Ryan Air? Now there's a fine outfit who know how to treat staff well - NOT!