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22nd Sep 2005, 22:38
Just been to see the new Guy Richie film and I can save you the cost of your cinema ticket....what a load of pish!

Guy, you are not clever enough to do Tarrantino so please stick to what you know: slick Cockney gangster flicks. Don't get ahead of yourself. Shame because Andre Benjamin and Ray Liotta's performances were very good.

It'll be in the bargain basket at Tesco within 6 months.

22nd Sep 2005, 23:26
I was lucky enough to see it 4 weeks ago at the local UCI.

They have a scheme whereby they screen new releases at specified times well before the national release date, but you don't know what the film is until you get there.

If you don't like the film and walk out before 30 minutes have passed, you get all your entrance fee and hot dog/coke money refunded.

There were around 40 people there, and there less than 10 after 20 mins....

22nd Sep 2005, 23:27
Cheers guys. :)

22nd Sep 2005, 23:31
It also got slapped down in the....

...Daily Mail ;)