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22nd Sep 2005, 11:50
I am getting a new mountain bike next week, after my previous one was stolen while locked up. Can anyone suggest a good lock (sub 50) to prevent this bike getting nicked?


22nd Sep 2005, 13:00
You should be able to get a ' Kryptonite - New York ' lock for around £50.

Try evanscycles.com

22nd Sep 2005, 13:07
Gas Axe (AKA oxy torch)

Chop up bike and put in recyle bin - no one will nick it then

22nd Sep 2005, 13:17
At least a couple of Kryptonites, that way they'll have to liquid nitrogen spray 'em both. Gives you more time to fetch the baseball bat. :E

Maude Charlee
22nd Sep 2005, 16:32
On a similar theme, due to compact and bijoux accomodation my better half and I have to keep our bikes outside. Can anybody recommend a protective cover or carrier that still allows us to keep the bikes chained up to the metal railings outside the flat? Getting a bit worried about the early signs of rust and winter won't help.


Paris Dakar
22nd Sep 2005, 17:00

Just a thought...............

Check out your local motorcycle dealers.

I bought an 'Oxford' lock and chain set for my motorbike but I also use it for my mountain bike (it's quite heavy but since I'm such a lardy @rse I don't notice it that much). The build quality is mint, and because the chain is covered in a thick nylon mesh material - it won't scratch the paintwork.

I paid about 35 for it but get a discount on my bike (motor) insurance because it's on their list of approved anti-theft devices.


Dave Martin
22nd Sep 2005, 17:54
Was in my bicycle shop the other day and overhead the shop bloke saying the best thing to go for, if you can handle the extra weight, is a motorcycle chain/lock.

Other than that get two locks of different types. Not only will it discourage would be thieves, but means one lock might actually be the right shape or size to lock your bike against difficult objects and thieves who are equiped with the gear to open one lock, probably won't have the gear for both.

22nd Sep 2005, 18:35
Some decades ago I got a fat Abloy padlock and a cable sling.

One evening found somebody had attempted to get through sling with bolt cutters and had got some way through because he was able to get the cable onto the ground and jump on the bolt cutters.

So thread the cable or chain so that they can't get it on the ground.

Motorcycle locks and chains are the way to go -- have one at home and one at work so that you don't have to carry them.

The problem with locking good bikes outside at home is that the local thieves have all the time in the world to organise the tools to nick your bike at a time of their choosing -- keep them inside!

As before mentioned, two separate locks incline the thieves to move on to easier quarry.

For shorter distances, rollerblades really mess it up for bike thiefs:E

22nd Sep 2005, 22:19
If the police where you live use bikes, buy one of the same brand and paint it like one of theirs. Then always carry your purchase receipt when riding.:8

23rd Sep 2005, 08:11
Chain a Rottwieler to the bike

23rd Sep 2005, 08:19
Park it in the fens.
1.No mountains so what's the point of stealing it.
2.Lot of interbreeding down there so wouldn't realise what it was anyway.

23rd Sep 2005, 08:26
2 locks is a good idea for another reason - both myself and my Mrs's sister had the wheels nicked off our bikes. The frame was locked to a post but the wheels were removed.

Use 2 locks - through the frame and through each wheel.

I hate thieves. Kill them I say.

23rd Sep 2005, 09:05
one of these works for me http://community.webshots.com/photo/18570785/18570785wxWxUSXSEX

23rd Sep 2005, 09:18
Noticed two reprobates working on a bike lock in Oxford (of all places). Asked them if it was their bike. No answer. Kicked one of them hard in the ass (actually lifted him up a few inches). Bike safe.

23rd Sep 2005, 13:34
Are amongst the best of the manufactures. A lot do offer some sort of insurance package

Check under locks here http://www.wiggle.co.uk/
the best online bike store in the UK

Charles Darwin
23rd Sep 2005, 13:55
Is this yours?