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Ronnie Honker
22nd Sep 2005, 05:35
According to a BBC report on that television`s "Flight Track" programme, a QANTAS F/A - Ken D_ _son, emailed BBC to advise the station that the aircraft painted in Aboriginal colours (presumably one of the "Dreaming" series - Wunala Dreaming Nalanji Dreaming ) adds an extra 30 minutes to the flight time from Australia to Bangkok, in addition to the penalties owing to the extra weight (because of the paint scheme).

Thank you F/A Ken.

22nd Sep 2005, 08:16
Any truth to the rumour the bloke who painted it isn't even Aboriginal? I heard he was some Pakistani/Italian (???) ab-impersonator.

Or am I thinking of some other sham artiste??

22nd Sep 2005, 08:23
I heard it adds some ridiculous amount like 20t to the overall weight.... is that true? If not, they need to tell that Sydney airport dude to stop spinning that to the tourists!!! :}

Back Seat Driver
22nd Sep 2005, 10:57
Absolute nonsense.
Wunala is Pacific config. 400ER
spends most of its time over the Pacific ocean doing exactly the same speed as all the other 744ER's
If you see it in BKK you're either lucky (yes it does pass thru on the rare occasion) or mistaken
Roughly about 600-800 KG's of paint on a 744. and apparently red paint is slightly heavier due to the amount of pigment required to keep it a nice shiny red. BUT nothing like the weight mentioned above.
Same goes for Nalanji (743) .... speed same as all the others.

22nd Sep 2005, 13:55
Nalanji (743) .... speed same as all the others

Well, not anymore! No engines on her these days! :( :{

Capt Claret
22nd Sep 2005, 22:55
Oh, I didn't know that the paint component of the BRW made a different impact on the BRW and hence speed than the pax, or fuel, or engines, or any other component of the BRW ????:hmm:

23rd Sep 2005, 00:49
Capt Claret touche mon ami. :ok:

Mind you the yoof around my part of town are absolutely certain the red go faster paint jobs give them at least another 50kmh on their Hyundai Excels or maybe it's the fluffy dice. :rolleyes: Another mystery of the universe. :8

morning mungrel
23rd Sep 2005, 01:20
Maybe not for much longer Keg. Saw Nalanji in the shop last weekend at AV.................

Back Seat Driver
23rd Sep 2005, 01:22
My point exactly Keg... It goes the same speed as the other classics parked up sans engines:D
Now back to the hyundai..cheers
Mines red but it don't have a wireless:(

23rd Sep 2005, 04:46

Now if you wanted to really soup up the 744, you just have to give it a couple of GT stripes down the top of the fuselage. Maybe also pinch a couple of drain pipe exhausts off the street hoons WRX's and GTR's that cruise around Brighton Le Sands on a weekend.

Nah come to think of it, these are probably too big for a 747 engine anyway

Back Seat Driver
23rd Sep 2005, 07:04
One of the QF 744's had an oversize decal of a formula 1 racer on its lid a while back, but alas it didn't go any faster.

23rd Sep 2005, 07:14
I think we've found another incident of an incorrectly adjusted sphetzer valve.


23rd Sep 2005, 10:37
How much weight do those self-spinning hubcappy things add?

Or the little blue lights on the widscreen-wiper hubs?

Buster Hyman
23rd Sep 2005, 11:01
Only the 737's have hub caps Taildragger:ok:

23rd Sep 2005, 16:14
Pity about last Monday night, Buster...

23rd Sep 2005, 19:25
Now if you wanted to really soup up the 744

I hope Boeing bring out some charts on how many rev's are needed before you drop the clutch to lay down 25m of rubber from a standing start with my fat cousin Vinnie (who's an airport baggage handler - dont ask) in the back


Blue-Footed Boobie
23rd Sep 2005, 20:28
Gives you more time to look at it as it sails by...

Buster Hyman
24th Sep 2005, 07:02
No need to get personal TD!:(

24th Sep 2005, 07:42
Driving to work last night (a friday night) through Brighton I was stuck behind some quad turbo, multi wheel drive thing that had the piggest exhaust system I have ever seen. It easly must have been the diameter of a small garbage can.