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21st Sep 2005, 21:40
I don't believe it (actually, sadly, I do).

As UK police hunt for the possible "fifth bomber" and also try to find the mastermind behind the London Bombing plot, Sir Ian Blair announces the Met police will spend time and resources investigating the private habits of a certain supermodel.

Is the guy serious or is he just trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame?

21st Sep 2005, 21:53
Probably instructed by his political masters.

tony draper
21st Sep 2005, 22:02
The politicians have no say in it, it is the media that set the agenda now, this week its scrag Kate Moss and get rid of the leader of the Liberal Democrats personelly one has no prob with those two schemes, but what or who will they decide to do next week?
Its not the country turning into a police state you should worry about its a country being run by and for the media that is our biggest danger.

21st Sep 2005, 22:57
Good evening to you !

a country being run by and for the media that is our biggest danger As well as a country being run by Bliar !

The Otter's Pocket
22nd Sep 2005, 18:35
Maybe they could do the screff Pete Doherty...just for being a complete dcik

Mr Chips
22nd Sep 2005, 23:34
Errr - I think they are going after Miss Moss as she has committed a very well publicised crime. I think you will find that the Met can spare the officers.....

Send Clowns
23rd Sep 2005, 00:14
That's reasonable, she is a serial drug offender, and publicly promotes drug use, if inadvertantly!

On the other hand this, from a website opposing political correctness is a more worrying use of police resources:How many police officers does it take to investigate a comment by Anne Robinson?
19 September 2005

Answer: A superintendent, a detective chief inspector and two detective inspectors.

As you may have forgotten about the so-called "racist" attack Anne Robinson made - to refresh your memory - she basically called the Welsh "irritating and annoying". Her remarks were sweeping but not meant to be deadly serious. The Welsh people we know - either as friends or as supporters of this Campaign - are perfectly capable of dismissing her opinion and, if they felt any defence was necessary, defending themselves and their fellow countrymen. The point here is that not only was this a complete waste of police time it was also expensive - the price tag for this investigation put at nearly 4,000! As always political correctness is not only ridiculous but not cheap and surely most people could think of a far better use for this money!

23rd Sep 2005, 00:28
Isn't life fun in HMS slum ship Great Britain?

23rd Sep 2005, 09:57
I dislike the hypocrisy of it all. We have known for years that the fashion industry is riddled with drugs abuse, and it is allowed to continue. But, all of a sudden, some elements of the media decide to tear down someone they have elevated to "superstardom" and they feel the need to destroy someone. One wonders how many journos involved in scragging Kate Moss are themselves into the occasional snort or drag of something other than pure tobacco.

I don't condone her use of cocaine - but then, she's a very silly, under-educated, unintelligent so and so, with a gorgeous face and body that others want to make use of. The entire industry makes money out of her. They created what she is. And now, all of a sudden, H&M get self-righteous about it? :yuk:

I rarely agree with Mr. Draper (amusing though he frequently is) and quote for his eddification Pastor Martin Niemoller, a victim of the Holocaust:-"First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out -
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for the communists
and I did not speak out -
because I was not a communist

Then they came for the Socialists
and I didn't speak out
because I was not a Socialist

Next they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out -
because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me."

23rd Sep 2005, 10:32
Completely false premise, wiggy.

The hunt for the tube bombers has got nothing to do with Kate Moss, but nice try at a red herring anyway.

As far as I can tell, no-one is suggesting that resources be diverted away from anti-terrorism to deal with Kate and her nose.

23rd Sep 2005, 12:34
One of the biggest problems is that the public's concept of police priorities and the police concept of their priorities are miles apart.

23rd Sep 2005, 13:14
It is a free country and you are supposed to be allowed to say what you want, and what Kate does (although really dumb) behind closed doors is her affair. The idiotic journos that actually think that we want to read this crap or that it comes under the umbrella of current affairs are more than likely strung out on the sh!t as well. :mad:

Send Clowns
23rd Sep 2005, 13:19

Agree to a large degree - when I said that it was reasonable to target her as a serial drugs offender I was being partly satirical, although perhaps not obviously enough for it to come through. She should have been targeted before, as should the rest of the industry and the entertainment industry. Companies should not employ people in high-profile positions if they are known to take drugs. You are right the authorities are now being hypocritical, as are the press and the employers of the models. They are all dancing to the tune of a newspaper, a hymn to that great god Meeja.

To quote the slightly more modern Manic Street Preachers, "if you tolerate this, then your children will be next".