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21st Sep 2005, 22:33
read here (http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/exposed-airport-security-fiasco/2005/09/21/1126982127288.html)

Sydney Morning Herald this morning.

chief wiggum
21st Sep 2005, 23:15
Well there's a surprise!

22nd Sep 2005, 00:00
Isn't the solution obvious?

Insist that all pilots who operate a C206 from their properties in the Gulf and fly in to Karumba must hvae an ASIC card.

That will make everbody 'feel' a lot safer.

John Anderson - we will never forget you and the fraud you were.

22nd Sep 2005, 07:12
Its all a media beat up. There is no such thig as perfect security, nor will there ever will be, its the nature of the beast. A huge area, thousands of staff, thousands of people in and out constantly all day + equipment, cargo, planes etc.

Anyone who works at the airport or any airport for that matter will get to know the system and ultimately get around almost any security measure that can realistically be put in place.

The only way you can have 100% security is to get rid of the planes, pax, staff, build a 50 foot high wall around the entire airport complete with a moat.

chief wiggum
22nd Sep 2005, 13:01
Ozgrade3, you are 100% correct... it IS a media beat up!

Unfortunately, the government hangs on the medias' every word, so THEY believe the [email protected] that is written

Airports, airplanes and pax have been under the SAME threat for many many years. Introducing half-assed,knee-jerk reactions is ONLY good for the pollies to sleep well at night.

A new photo ID licence won't make ANY airplane more secure!
More "new australians" screening pax won't make any airport any safer.
12 foot fences won't make ANY difference to a terrorist with wire cutters.

22nd Sep 2005, 16:20
chief wiggan.....so true ,but a gun in the cockpit(armed pilots) has made the cockpit safer(doors as well)....pu

22nd Sep 2005, 21:54
It's a pretty damning report: No intelligence sharing, very little co-operation between various security agencies, etc. The report also mentioned loopholes where people could get security cards with fraudulent ID.

Sure, there is no such thing as perfect security, what this an article saying that, in four years, we've not even got ADEQUATE security.

If we're going to spend millions of dollars on airport security, do it better!

chief wiggum
23rd Sep 2005, 00:33
Solution ???

How about...
1/ ZERO carry on baggage.
2/ ONLY pax allowed past security, and pax MUST have ID and boarding pass
3/ONLY food to be sold in the departures concourse
4/ NO Alcohol to be served or sold either onboard or in the departures concourse.
5/ALL airport employees, without exception to pass through security.


Pappa Smurf
23rd Sep 2005, 01:25
Every airport is different.

As far as passengers go,in Perth you nearly end up getting all your clobber off.Same clothes etc in other airports are no worries.

Qantas link country airports which now have security are hard people to please as well.

But i had a laugh in July from Devenport to Melbourne.No checks till after you have landed.

with a certain event in Melbourne tomorrow a Dash 8 could wipe out more than 911 did.

Luckily none are flying in during that time.

As said by all ,security can never be 100% but there are still a few weak points