View Full Version : What's the crazzzziest thing you've ever done ??

21st Sep 2005, 11:59
Come on, spill the el beanos !!

TFS ;)

21st Sep 2005, 12:07
C'mon... you first then..? :suspect:

tony draper
21st Sep 2005, 12:10
When one was but a young tad on tankers, one would climb down the stern and hop from blade to blade on the propellor as it rotated for a dare, twas prudent to do this only when we were going slow ahead though.

Gingerbread Man
21st Sep 2005, 12:11
I once drank milk straight from the carton.

21st Sep 2005, 12:15
I dunno, but Jerricho acquired a MIL:E


21st Sep 2005, 12:20
I rememeber as a kid, I put my palm on the 3rd rail near Clapham Junction - God I must have been wearing some good insulating shoes !! Boys will be boys...

21st Sep 2005, 12:23
First parachute jump. :ooh: :eek:

Close second was getting married. :}

The Real Slim Shady
21st Sep 2005, 13:08
Married the bitch!!!

I Love This Show
21st Sep 2005, 13:12
FL140, C206, climbed to the wing tip and held on as long as I could on descent...
Pilot did a nice neg G to get me off it too :oh:

21st Sep 2005, 13:26
Register on PPrune :E :E

21st Sep 2005, 13:29
First post on PPRuNe:ooh:


tall and tasty
21st Sep 2005, 13:30
Stuck my finger in a socket as a child and almost died still remember being thrown across the room though.

Placed my hand on an arga hotplate when I was 4 (now I have a hand that can tolerate hot things because of it)

tried to kill myself with sleeping tablets at the age of 22 months my mother almost died when she found the bottle and me semi concious.


Devlin Carnet
21st Sep 2005, 14:15
Ordered a Vindaloo from the local takeaway, and asked if they could make it a touch hotter this time..:uhoh:

(Never upset anyone who is preparing you any food :ok: )

21st Sep 2005, 14:45

21st Sep 2005, 14:54
Couldn't agree more.... Always be nice to the person that's serving you your food..... Heard to many stories about stuff done to food.... Disgusting

21st Sep 2005, 15:29
When I was at school my history teacher chucked myself and my freind Alan out of the class for being idiots so we took his car and drove it around the school playing field for half an hour till the police came stopped us and took us home for the worst hiding nd longest grounding we had ever had. Luckily the police just gave us a warning.:O

21st Sep 2005, 15:37
Mr. Draper: "When one was but a young tad on tankers, one would climb down the stern and hop from blade to blade on the propellor as it rotated for a dare"

Bloody hell! Having nearly been minced by the prop on a boat (long story, diving and a crap captain) I now have some kinda strange boat prop phobia!

Craziest thing..hrr.. lots...
Trying to lift an anchor with a lifting bag (while diving). Position myself over the anchor, misses face by a hair's width.

Flying. Instructor says 'shall we do the 'interesting' spiral dive entry?' We all agree yes we should (3 POB PA-28, so not in utility cat). I was in the back, new instructor. Student freezes, instructor freezes, throttle wide open spiralling towards the ground, watch the ASI shoot past VNE (for non-pilots that is the speed you should never go above, especially if you need to pull G) In the recovery pulling lots of G past VNE, waiting for the wings to fall off.

Landing at the wrong airfield. That was a bad one. I was having bad control problems with the aircraft, diverted and requested a straight in. The PPL next to me was navigating and the radio nav gear was not working. As captain it was my responsibility therefore my fault. The airfield had same runway orientation and building position. All the holes lined up that day.

More electric shocks of various voltages than I care to recall. Mispent youth playing around with high voltage circuits (Xenon strobe, gas discharge sorta stuff).

Making explosives / napalm etc. as a teenager. Dangerous!

Lots more not suitable for PPruNe.

21st Sep 2005, 16:57
Ran up and down Tottenham Court Road pretending I was a dog chasing taxis.

Damn you Absinthe.

21st Sep 2005, 21:32
Ride my motorbike on a runway at night without lights. The airport was closed, however; I'm not THAT crazy........:D

21st Sep 2005, 21:52
Saturday nights spent in the Catacombs in Paris while in high school


21st Sep 2005, 22:18
Isn't it pleasant to know one is among exalted company?

The ultimate test of parenthood: "If they're alive by 16 job well done".

21st Sep 2005, 22:26
Ran over an aerosol can with a lawn mower while it was still full of WD40

The bang set the neighbours horse to try and jump the fence and impale itself on the wood :ooh:

tony draper
21st Sep 2005, 22:38
Was on Holiday on the Durham coast once self and mate are beachcombing and found a large thing that looked like a jerry can on the beach,we opens it up, and lo tiz full of soaking wet distress rockets,we discover that the rockets contain flares and little parachutes we commense dismantling them to get these little chutes,along comes old dad,
"ah distress rockets" he says,
"Yer see this little wooden peg lads,yer just rub it on the bottom of the rocket like this"
Woosh!!!! three lifeboats called out,he would pick the one dry rocket that still had its flare and chute.
We managed to smuggle a few of the flares home and set them off on bonfire night they only spluttered and were not a great success.
Father got a right bollicking off the coast guard.

21st Sep 2005, 22:39
Back in the day I was partying at a bar and restaurant in the city....went outside for some fresh air as I'd drank about 4 long island teas.....anyway, I decided to lean back on the wall behind me......turns out the wall was further away than I thought and I fell flat on my rump....in front of the cops who were watching the whole escapade from their patrol car in the parking lot..... as I was handcuffed and toted downtown to be booked for the atrocious crime of "public intoxicant", I remarked to the officer driving "boy, I can see why law enforcement buy these Crown Victoria's....they really ride smooth"......he didn't comment......then as I had my finger prints and mug shot taken, I asked the jailer if I could have copies of the pics if they looked good....he didn't think that was too funny.....:E

tall and tasty
21st Sep 2005, 22:44
That has reminded me of the laws in the state of Virginia USA where my sister and I got incited for Jay walking by crossing the road on a open section instead of using a designated crossing point!

I asked the officer if we looked like we were little irresponsible kids we were 24 and 21 at the time and he handed me a book on the rules and regulations/laws of the state and told us to do some bedtime reading :eek: :* :confused:

TnT :p

ps but not the crazyest thing I have done.....................I could never post that on here :E

21st Sep 2005, 23:27
Ooh, yeah. One day the brothers and I were toying with live rounds, hammer and screwdriver. In dad's vice, in the garage. We kept to .22 but there were plenty of .308 in the same drawer. Even teens show a smidge of sense, I s'pose.

Tried to make napalm once. :uhoh: :cool:


. . . oy, how the repressed memories flood back.

22nd Sep 2005, 01:37
Tried to drunkenly sleep in a snowdrift in Germany. Luckily I was taken home by the American MPs and given a good bollocking.

22nd Sep 2005, 01:41
Said " I do " once (Never Again)

Said i will respect you in the morning:E


22nd Sep 2005, 01:48
Posted a photo on "Photos of Everybody"...

I had to put a lot of thought into it and currently resisting the urge to remove it. Despite my anonymity still being maintained...

22nd Sep 2005, 02:19
. . . one-piece, was it? on gucci but not by Gucci, p'raps?

now, now, let's not be un-gentlemanly, there's a good lad. .

22nd Sep 2005, 03:11
Come on Gooch that's not really you!

Although if it is, what are you doing Friday night?:E

22nd Sep 2005, 03:53
Crazzzziest? Stupidest in my case.

Followed a dive master through a lava tube in a reef that was only big enough to go through single file. It was very dark and far too long. I still shiver slightly when I think about it.

22nd Sep 2005, 07:24
Inadvertently flying into IMC with only a PPL and virtually no instrument flying experience. Crayzeeee? Yup. Scary? It was 15+ years ago and I still shudder thinking about it.

22nd Sep 2005, 07:44
Definitely getting married - beforehand I could afford 2 hours C150 a week, afterwards zilch, never flown since (except for an hour in a 737 simulator and a trial in a helicopter). But when you are a certain age I guess the attractions of a cooked meal every night and a warm bed to get into must have outweighed the attractions of driving to the airfield to find the weather below minimum yet again....

henry crun
22nd Sep 2005, 08:25
It must count more as an act of stupidity, but in my defence I was younger than in the pic with the model aircraft.

I found, what the village constable later told me just prior to giving me a good clip round the ears, was the detonator of a land mine.

At that age curiosity exceeded caution and I decided to open this unusual object to find out what was inside it.

Unfortunately the discovery was accompanied by a very loud bang and a large hole appeared in my hand.
But, on the plus side, I did get a few weeks off school while in hospital and convalescing.

tony draper
22nd Sep 2005, 08:33
In a similar vein,when a sprog one made a large National Dried Milk tin full of what one hoped was rocket fuel, ie potassium nitrate flowers of sulpher ect ect,tested same by picking up a smidgen on pen knife blade and inserted same into candle flame spluttered and burned and sparked in a suitable manner, but one spark landed in the aformentioned National Dried Milk tin, fortunaty one had used sugar instead of charcoal in the mix otherwise one would not be here,it did burn most mighily though.

Curious Pax
22nd Sep 2005, 08:55
Poked fun at Clowns and thought he'd see the funny side!;)

22nd Sep 2005, 10:51
Early teen experiments with home made explosives.:uhoh:

How come young Werner Von Braun didn't get in the poo for that?:(

tony draper
22nd Sep 2005, 11:06
Can you imagine going into the corner Chemists now Mr G, and asking for half a pound of Potassium Nitrate? six armed responce vehicles and the SAS would be waiting outside fer yer.

22nd Sep 2005, 15:36
Along the same lines, two great pretenders in year 9 bought concentrated nitric acid and pure glycerine. A good two weeks' allowance worth. With shaking hands we mixed them in ...a saucer!!! then placed saucer in the back yard, retired to a distance of fifteen metres, and threw rocks at it. :rolleyes: Despite long hours of practice at throwing cricket balls to each other, it took an interminable time for one of us to actually hit the saucer.

When it was obvious that the missile was going to be a successful launch, we held our hands over our ears, which was a brilliant defence strategy to combat possible shards of flying saucer (well, you know what I mean). Alas the awaited deafening explosion never eventuated.

A suspicious Wile E. Coyote-like walk to the scene of the crime led to the discovery of a broken saucer. Upside down on the grass. With two weeks allowance worth of nitric acid seeping into the ground.

If I'd had Google back in 1966 I could have saved myself some money.

22nd Sep 2005, 16:39
Yer average 14 year old back then knew all about... er, sort of chemistry homework thingys.

Never got a two-stage bottle rocket to actually work and funds for R&D on a third attempt were cut off after the launch controller (kid bro) burnt his hand.

I blame NASA.

tony draper
22nd Sep 2005, 16:57
Ha! one manufactured a three stage rocket that worked, a 5/- rocket with a 2/6p rocket as second stage and a 1/- rocket as the third, 3p banger as the warhead, all stages succesfully ignited in sequence but the third staged failed to separate from the second and the warhead failed to explode.
We also manufactured a Molotov cocktail with six bangers strapped round the bottle containg the petrol fused by a unwound catherine wheel,not a great success,rather like Openheimers trouble with the shaped explosive charges surrounding the sphere of plutonium, getting all the bangers to detonate simultaniously was tricky.

Onan the Clumsy
22nd Sep 2005, 17:00
Pipe bomb made from copper tubing and filled with a mixture of ******* and ******* ;) with a banger fuse to set it off.

The fuse didn't work, so we had a little closer look at it...just a little too near the big bonfire for comfort.

It felt like a big gentle hand pushing me backwards.

There are many other events which in hindsight make me shudder.

22nd Sep 2005, 17:33
Snogged a young woman from Carlisle. Never again...:ugh:

22nd Sep 2005, 18:10
Turning on a propane gas cylinder, then lighting the nozzle (age 5)

Chucking shotgun cartridges onto a bonfire.

23rd Sep 2005, 10:37
Drove too fast on a notorious local stretch of downhill road (which happened to be damp at the time). Got into a slide, and shortly thereafter commenced the short but spectacular New Zealand free-flight trials of my Mini. Luckily I was the sole occupant, and the Mini broke my fall (unlucky for the Mini though, it didn't survive the one point landing). The conclusion was reached that Kiwi's and Mini's have approximately the same flying characteristics.
Hang on was this thread crazyiest or stupidest?

23rd Sep 2005, 11:47
said "Yes" when my Ex Boyfriend asked me out!


23rd Sep 2005, 11:48
Crazy is when you don't get hurt, O-B ;)

Guy Fawkes' night as a nipper one had the latest invention for launching rockets, black polyurethane pipe mounted on a swivel. No. 3 round took an adventurous route - through the bonfire crowd - when the contraption swivelled horizontal. Tech support staff (brothers) practised "deniable accountability" with dear ol' dad. Was suggested to one that Ordnance Factory must test prototypes in approved test facilities.
Still eludes me, why did we do these things?

Solid Rust Twotter
23rd Sep 2005, 11:54
This bloke really seems to be burning your biscuits, H-G. Yez gotta move on. Bounce a brick off his car and when he comes out to take a look, stomp him in the nadgers. If that doesn't help, a Carmelite convent may be best....

23rd Sep 2005, 12:42
My 100th Parachute jump (traditionally done in the nude here in Orzstralia) coincided with my first total malfunction which caused a Terminal Velocity reserve opening which stopped my body from plummeting to Earth at approx. 130MPH but did not have the same effect on my testicles.

Suffice to say that I almost had an abrupt career change from grader driver to leading soprano.

My legs still clench and my stomach goes all queasy when I think about this event which occurred in 1976

23rd Sep 2005, 12:49
Threw petrol on a fire that wouldn't light (ah those scout days!) to see the flames lick up around the rim of the container. Suddenly I was alone, all the other scouts had legged it. Put the lid on and ran....nothing!!!! Very lucky.

Saw some Sea Harrier pilots do a similar thing some years ago with a BBQ. Only this time, it did light the canister, which then fell on the ground. Some bright stovie then thought it would be sensible to throw water on it!!!!!!! This was followed by half the squadron leaping around trying to avoid the flames. Laugh .....I very nearly [email protected]!

23rd Sep 2005, 13:05
Suggested me and Mrs Words take the helicopter tour around New York. Then I remembered I suffer badly from vertigo :uhoh:

'twas good in the end, held very tightly to a rather flimsy looking and rattling door for 20 mins and took pics with the other hand.

thought I might says crazziest thing I did was fly with Alitalia once but thought I may get flamed so decided against it.