View Full Version : Airbus Thrust Reverse

21st Sep 2005, 12:18
Any ideas as to why the A319 and 321 are limited to Idle Rev when on single eng but the 320 is not? ( As per the latest revision to the BA FM)

Hand Solo
21st Sep 2005, 23:22
Are the IAE 320s not subject to the same limit? Was thinking it might be an engine related thing but can't remember.

22nd Sep 2005, 12:47
mmmm...... it does seem to have changed.

I'm almost sure the FCOM used to say for CFM 320/21 that full reverse should be used on the live engine unless the X-wind was greater than 15 kts, but my CFM 319 Fcom now says that in the case of OEO, 'the use of reverse is recommended.'

Not sure when it changed and I don't see why the advice should be different from IAE to CFM and within the 320 family.

Someone will know!