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WE Branch Fanatic
20th Sep 2005, 18:57
I've noticed that a number of threads suddenly appear to have only half the number of pages they had a few days ago, yet seem to have the same number of posts.

Why is this?

20th Sep 2005, 18:59
Yeah. I though I was going mad.

Must be something to do with the page length and default number of posts per page (which was 14).

(Who remembers when Danny was playing with the colours? That was trippy)

20th Sep 2005, 19:44
Thank God you two!

I thought I'd lost it as well!

Gingerbread Man
20th Sep 2005, 20:01
So that's why TRRBATSPOIT (or whatever) has lost 200ish pages. I thought someone had got bored of half of it and lopped it off.

20th Sep 2005, 20:47
Must be something to do with the page length and default number of posts per page (which was 14).

The page length is free, it's only the number of posts per page which matters.

You can adjust in
User Cp/Edit Options/Thread View Options/Default Posts per Thread:

it used to be 15 and it's 30 now, but who cares
:8 :8

Buster Hyman
20th Sep 2005, 22:16
Looks like my Personal Title purchase got some upgrades!:E :E :ouch:

20th Sep 2005, 22:46
if you guys would read something else besides just JetBlast, you's have read what happened :E

Danny made a posting in Rumours and News, Cyprus crash thread, saying he was going to change the settings to stop people from referring to page numbers and to prove a point! :}


Onan the Clumsy
21st Sep 2005, 00:08
Why would we read somrthing other than JetBlast? :confused:

21st Sep 2005, 04:41
There's something other than JetBlast? What is this strange world of which ye speak?

Howard Hughes
21st Sep 2005, 06:49
It's called Dunnunda & Godzone!!:ok:

21st Sep 2005, 09:08
Thought it was African Aviation.

21st Sep 2005, 11:26
Now I have an answer to this thread then. (http://www.pprune.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=187382&highlight=page) :E


21st Sep 2005, 11:35
Thanks for reminding me I had posted interesting stuff on the Rot13 (http://www.rot13.com/index.php) day ...
:E :rolleyes: ;)

hfre pc/Rqvg Bcgvbaf/Guernq Ivrj Bcgvbaf/Qrsnhyg Cbfgf cre Guernq:
[ hfr sbehz qrsnhyg (=15) | Fubj 5 cbfgf cre cntr | ... 10 ... | ... 20 ... |... 30 ... |... 40 ... ]
is nothing butuser cp/Edit Options/Thread View Options/Default Posts per Thread:
[ use forum default (=15) | Show 5 posts per page | ... 10 ... | ... 20 ... |... 30 ... |... 40 ... ]

Buster Hyman
21st Sep 2005, 11:41
Jung n pebpx bs fuvg!;)

Howard Hughes
21st Sep 2005, 11:53
V gubhtug vg jnf snexra shaal npghnyyl!!:ok:

Buster Hyman
21st Sep 2005, 12:00
V nagvpvcngr gung guvf jvyy pnhfr gur guernq gb or pybfrq irel fbba abj.:E

tony draper
21st Sep 2005, 12:07
Trock spaffle troodle plont? igy wusk platty brooble?

Buster Hyman
21st Sep 2005, 12:19
No, that sort of thing only happens in Newcastle Mr. Draper. And, I imagine, it's only for cross dressers.

21st Sep 2005, 17:50

Shakes head and thinks to himself "time to start playing more mind games with them" :E

21st Sep 2005, 18:25
Ooer, now I really am hallucinating.:confused: :uhoh: More mushrooms please!:E


21st Sep 2005, 18:51
Another day off huh Danny?;)

must be tough eating that crew food...and seeing all those red uniforms!:E

22nd Sep 2005, 19:06
Must be the sun effect... Typing away (Mind games) from an exotic location with a pina collada... :ok:

22nd Sep 2005, 19:17
Hmm - rat smelt.... 'FirstOfficer' registered today, just the one post and .. a personal title already...... :hmm:

22nd Sep 2005, 20:12
And the problem seems to be... :confused:


twenty eight
23rd Sep 2005, 07:52
Can we have it back to 15 Captain Danny sir. Twice today when I got to the bottom of a page my computer had logged me out.

Twenty eight don't read very fast.

24th Sep 2005, 08:10
Mind Games

Danny - How about changing it at random periods ranging from a week to half an hour?

It doesn't take a lot to confuse us Jet Blasters

:E :8 :E :ooh: