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19th Sep 2005, 06:15
This story has started doing the rounds since the 17th Sept... apparently flying out of JFK...


Breaking: Possible SAM Attack Against US Plane

I’ve just received a credible tip from an LGF reader that an America West flight out of New York was fired upon by a surface to air missile yesterday, and that the pilot and passengers witnessed it and are now being questioned by the FAA and FBI.

That’s the extent of the information I currently have, and please note: right now this is completely unverified.

UPDATE at 9/17/05 9:16:00 pm:

Michelle Malkin has more; there was some kind of incident.

I just got off the phone with Phil Gee, associate manager of media relations at America West, who promptly returned my late evening call. Here’s what he told me:

On Sept. 15 (Thursday), America West Flight 17 took off from JFK Airport at 6:05pm EDT. The captain “took the initiative,” says Gee, and reported an “irregularity” to air traffic control as the plane was ascending. The plane continued to Phoenix and landed safely at 8:55pm MST. FBI and other authorities met and interviewed all of the crew and passengers on the plane. The investigation is continuing.

Gee would not say whether the pilot or other crew or passengers reported witnessing a missile firing.

“Nothing is confirmed,” Gee said.

UPDATE at 9/18/05 8:08:47 am:

An aviation official tells Michelle the incident was a false alarm:

The sighting was reported near Colt’s Neck, NJ, which is a major route south out of NY. FAA set up a small temporary flight restriction around the area while checking radar files. Turned out to be nothing more than birds, and [a] big game of “telephone.”

Middle Seat
19th Sep 2005, 13:32
I'd be wary of anything written by Michelle Malkin, she's worse than a journalist who doesn't check her facts. She's a journalist who has an agenda. Most of her bylines appear on editorial pages rather than in the "real news" section.

I'm not disputing that something may have happened, but if she's the source, be skeptical.

19th Sep 2005, 15:25
>>She's a journalist who has an agenda.

Unlike CNN and the BBC <g>.

Michelle Malkin may not be a Rhodes Scholar, but her husband certainly is.

She is very easy on the eyes...


19th Sep 2005, 15:46
Thanks.... checks revealed it to be probably 'BS'..

24th Sep 2005, 07:14
Malkin goes beyond 'having an agenda' -- she's a right-wing propagandist. And she's been pushing a "terrorists with SAMs are infiltrating from Mexico and stalking U.S. airports NOW" scaremongering meme for months.

Quoting Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin is in British terms akin to relying on the News of the World and Daily Sport. I'd take it with a giant bag of salt, pending verification from a reliable source.

24th Sep 2005, 07:17
When will she be right? It is only a matter of time in reality, is it not?

High Wing Drifter
24th Sep 2005, 07:19
What agenda does the BBC have then, pray tell?

24th Sep 2005, 07:20
Good-looking female AND right-wing?

My kind of journo. :ok: