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18th Sep 2005, 23:44
Was over at a neighbors house today (didn't put a "u" in neighbour because she is an American (and, as such, cannot spell)).

She asked us what the English word "cheeky" meant - and checked how to pronounce it, "Is it cheeky or chikky?", she asked.

Wife and I thought long and hard for a while before giving up. We could not agree on a "single" definition of "cheeky".

Any thoughts? (Apart from this is all a load of bo****ks).

18th Sep 2005, 23:58
For help here we must go to the D'Oyley Carte operas of Gilbert and Sullivan. At a reception some ox asked W S Gilbert how the latest Gilbert and Sullivan was being received by the public, referring, as he put it, to the new operetta "Bluddigore".

"That's 'Ruddigore'", replied Gilbert.

"Ruddigore, Bluddigore", said the ox, "What's the difference?".

"Well", said Gilbert, "When I tell you I like your ruddy countenance, it does not mean I like your bloody cheek".

There now, Okay?

19th Sep 2005, 08:50
The salesman who asked me if I wanted a test drive in a BMW - when I was driving an Aston Martin??

henry crun
19th Sep 2005, 08:58
Cheeky: adj. fresh, impudent, saucy, sassy, smart-mouth, brassy, cocky, cocksure.

19th Sep 2005, 11:49
Those cheeky Viagra-users...

19th Sep 2005, 15:34
If you are an Australian aboriginal cheeky refers to a serious potential for violence or harm.

19th Sep 2005, 15:53
Cheeky - the act of doing something, normally advantageous, despite being under time constraints due to another, less advantageous commitment.


"A cheeky pint". As in "I know we're going to be late, but fancy a cheeky pint?" Can also use "a cheeky f*ck" when talking to members of the opposite sex. Nb. not to be mistaken for "You cheeky f*ck" as this is an insult (albeit a gentle one).

19th Sep 2005, 19:42
taking a sh:mad: in a customers house and then telling them to avoid the bog for 30 min! now thats cheeky adj.:ok:

19th Sep 2005, 19:43
"Cheeky"? Your behaviour around me, the last couple of times we've met. ;)

20th Sep 2005, 03:52