View Full Version : Man Arrested by Armed Police on Train at Milton Keynes

18th Sep 2005, 23:02
Breaking news.

A man has been arrrested by armed Police at Milton Keynes whilst travelling on a Manchester to London Euston service.

Police searching his luggage after he was reported to be acting suspiciously.

18th Sep 2005, 23:29

19th Sep 2005, 07:02
he was reported to be acting suspiciously.

Funny how there are no details of how! I wonder if his ethnic origin had any influence.

19th Sep 2005, 11:27
Fortunetly, the suspect did not jump over any barriers or run before boarding the train. Also, it helped that he was naked and though some of the hair on his chest but especially further down looked a little wiry, arresting officers were reasonably confident that the object the suspect held in one hand was not the trigger for a lethal device. It was not considered necessary for the officers to discharge their weapons on this occasion. :rolleyes:

19th Sep 2005, 11:32
If you choose to be an Asian male in your twenties on a train with luggage what do you expect?

19th Sep 2005, 11:43
Correct me if I'm in error, but "an Asian male in his twenties on a train with luggage" doesn't really have much of a choice? :O

19th Sep 2005, 12:32
Maybe the lad obeyed instructions from the boys in blue and ceased being suspicious looking....would be another way of looking at it!

19th Sep 2005, 12:38
How do you suddenly stop looking suspicious? Open a copy of the FT? :rolleyes:

19th Sep 2005, 15:07
I was being facetious.........................................

19th Sep 2005, 15:26
So it goes, and so it will continue to go. The rules of engagement have changed. We as a society don't really have time for apologies to everybody on whose collective feet we stand anymore. It has to be remembered that it wasn't us who changed the rules. :(

Robin Williams's rules for peace * are rather sadly starting to make a lot of sense. The luvvie-haters here will suddenly embrace him as one of them.

(*They're easily found on Google)

19th Sep 2005, 17:43
Have to admit, was on the train in England last week and an Asian guy sat down opposite, with his rucksack on his lap, and then started reading the Koran. (Assuming here I admit, but it was a small book in a leather binding witha zip, looked like a bible)

What are you meant to do?
1) Feel guilty for being a racist all of a sudden
2) Prevent a suicide bomber and become a hero
3) Startle a suicide bomber and become dead
4) Jump on a completely innocent man reading

answers on a postcard please