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18th Sep 2005, 22:46
Evening (morning) all. Easy quiz this week.


1...Questions are posted on Monday scran time. Answers whenever I feel like it.

2...2 points for each lyrics question, one for the song title and one for the artist. TOTW/SOTW and trivia questions are normally worth a point apiece, but will sometimes ask for additional information, worth extra points.

3...Watch this space.

4...The judge's decision is final.

5...During the first 24 hours only one post per player, containing as many answers as you like, will be allowed. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified.

6...After 24 hours, there are no restrictions on posts (free for all).


1....Living on the road my friend
Pancho And Lefty/Emmylou Harris - Cooda
Would have accepted Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard

2...She's a must to avoid
Must To Avoid/Herman's Hermits - Cooda

3...Every time I think that I'm the only one who's lonely
Along Comes Mary/The Association - newswatcher
(NW, I assume you meant #3 instead of #1)

4...We're rockers and rappers united and strong
(Ain't Gonna Play) Sun City - Ms flygirl
Artists Against Apartheid - Komba

5...I hate to say it but I told you so, don't mind my preachin' to you
Laugh Laugh/Beau Brummels - Komba

6...In my dreams I'm dying all the time
Porcelain/Moby - Komba

7...So true, funny how it seems
True/Spandau Ballet - Ms flygirl

8...On waves of love my heart is breaking
Ship Of Fools/Robert Plant - Komba

9..."Tell me quick," said old McFee
Ship Of Fools/Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Richo

10..Another bloody Monday, thirty-nine just died
Ship Of Fools/Skorpions - Richo

11..The human race was dyin' out, no one left to scream and shout
Ship Of Fools/The Doors - Komba

12..Remember the day when I first set my eyes on you
Ship Of Fools/Sarah Brightman

13..I've been watching you
(Sweat) A La La La La Long/Inner Circle - Bombay Duck

14..Who will take the coal from the mine?
It Ain't You Or Me/CCR - Cooda
Don't Look Now - Richo

15..Here they come again, mmm-mm-mm
Catch Us If You Can/DC5 - Rushy

16..Tonight's the night we'll make history, honey you and I
Best Of Times/Styx - Ms flygirl

17..You gave yourself up to the mystery
Cup Of Kindness/Emmylou Harris - Ms flygirl

18..When you're standing on the edge of nowhere
(This Is) A Song For The Lonely/Cher - Ms flygirl

19..If he brings you happiness then I wish you all the best
Before The Next Teardrop Falls/Freddie Fender - Cooda

20..I used to play around with hearts that hastened at my call
Poor Little Fool/Ricky Nelson

21..Please don't wake me until late tomorrow comes
Mary Hopkin - Cooda

22..They passed me by, all of those great romances
One Of Us/ABBA - Richo
(My favourite ABBA song) :)

23..You're the only one that I rely on
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love/Petula Clark - Ms flygirl

24..When you were just a young girl and still in school
Don't Talk To Strangers/Rick Springfield - Ms flygirl

25..Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
Lean On Me - Richo
Michael Bolton

26..He said "Oh my love oh my Antonia"
My Antonia/Emmylou Harris - Komba

27..Every night seems dinner and wine
Every Woman In The World/AirSupply - Komba

28..The space between you cannot quit me so quickly
The Space Between/Dave Matthews Band - Ms flygirl

29..Every mornin' at the mine you could see him arrive
Big Bad John/Jimmy Dean - RiscyRossco

30..Heard it from a friend who
Take It On The Run/REO Speedwagon - Ms flygirl

31..Sick at heart and lonely
Heart Full Of Soul - Komba
The Yardbirds - reynolds

32..In the twilight glow I see her
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain/Willie Nelson - Ms flygirl

SOTW "Sweet Thames, Flow Softly."
The following 10 questions are taken from the original version of the song "Sweet Thames, Flow Softly" by Ewan MacColl.

1...Where did he meet his girl?
Woolwich Pier - Komba
Bonus point, where was he standing?
Underneath a crane - Komba

2...What did he say was his to give her?
London Town - Komba

3...He made her a brooch and crown. Point each, what did he use to make them?
The Thames and the silver town - Komba

4...From where to where did he declare his love?
From Rotherhite to Putney Bridge.

5...From where to where did she swear her love?
From Queue to Islewood.

6...For which reason did he give her Hampton Court?
For a bracelet for her wrist - Komba

7...And now alas, the tide has changed...
What has touched his heart?
Winter's frost - Komba
Bonus point, what has it left upon him?
It's blight - Komba

8...Creepin' fog is on the river...
What three things have gone with her?
The sun, the moon and stars - Komba

9...What does the Thames bear to the sea?
Ships and part of me - Komba

10..How many verses were there in the cover version done by The Clancy Brothers and The Johnsons?


1...Point each, name the missing player and group.
Chuck Panozzo, John Panozzo, John Curulewski, James Young...
dennis DeYoung/Styx - Richo

2...Which Bob Dylan song was he accused of stealing from a New Jersey high school student named Lorre Wyatt?
Blowing In The Wind - Richo

3...Who sang male vocals on lyrics question 26?
Dave Mathews - Komba

4...Who is Baldemar Huerta better known as?
Freddy Fender - Ms flygirl

5...Well the South side of Chicago
One point for the song title, two points for the artist, three points for the movie it appeared in and six points for the character that sang it.
Bad Bad Leroy Brown - Richo
Jim roce - Ms flygirl
Home Alone 3/A parrot - Komba

6...Complete the following expression: Th dodo died. Then Dodi died, Di died and Dando died. Dido must be...(doing what)?
Sh!tt!n' herself - Richo
(Colin & Fergus at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival)

7...Sal Valentino was the lead singer for which '60's American group?
The Beau Brummels - Ms flygirl

8...Name the music, from an old Scottish folk song, that is heard at the fade out in the song "I Understand" by Herman's Hermits.
Auld lang Syne

9...Which member of the group in lyrics question 16 played Pontius Pilate in the Broadway production of Jesus Christ Superstar?
Dennis DeYoung - Ms flygirl

10..Which song, by Tommy James & The Shondells, was inspired either by the Book of Revelation in the Bible, or by methamphetamine, take your pick?
Crystal Blue Persuasion - Komba

11..To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day. What was he wearing on his hip?
A big iron - Cooda

12..How many mounted cowboys were off to Marty's right?
Five - Komba

13..What do the lyrics' questions 8 to 12 have in common?
They all have the same title (ith different lyrics)- Komba

14..Which '60's British group began life as "The Metropolis Blues Quartet?"
The Yardbirds - Komba

15..Who replaced Anthony Topham as lead guitar in the group in the above question?
Eric Clapton - Komba

16..Which Genesis music video featured puppets made by the puppeteers from the British TV show "The Spitting Image"?
Land Of Confusion - Richo

17..The night we met I knew I needed you so
One point for the song title, two points for the artist and three points for the movie it appeared in.
Be My Baby - Cooda
The Ronettes - Ms flygirl
Dirty Dancing - Richo

18..Name the lead singer in the group in trivia question 17.
Veronica Spector - Ms flygirl
Bonus point, name her ex-husband.
Phl Spector - Ms flygirl
For two points, anyone wanta take a crack at her maiden name?
Veronica Bennet - Richo

19..Which Beatles' song is about a fan who broke into Paul McCartney's house?
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window - Komba

20..Which CCR song was named for a Mississippi riverboat?
Proud mary - Cooda

21..What type of music was the Righteous Brothers "Unchained Melody" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" called?
Blue eyed soul

22..Which Eagles' song title comes from a book about baseball?
The Boys Of Summer

23..Name the group that was formed by Duran Duran members Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor.
Arcadia - pigletboat

24..Who replace Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones?
Mick taylor

25..Which American guitar player was allegedly supposed to replace Jones?
Nils Lofgren

26..Which National Lampoon album was alleged to have been recorded live at the Woodchuck Festival of Peace, Love and Death?
Lemmings - Komba

27..Which real musical group was the model for the TV group "The Partridge Family?"
The Cowsills - Ms flygirl

28..Which group released a 1972 album titled "Piggery-Jokery?"
The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra - Komba

29..Which lead singer of a '60's - '70's British group had his two front teeth knocked out by Tony Draper's brother?
Eric Burdon (According to Drapes)

30..Who wrote the song "Private Dancer" for Tina Turner?
Mark Knopfler - Ms flygirl

31..Roberta Flack had a hit with the song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." Who wrote it?
Ewan MacColl - Komba

32..Which Beatles hit was named after a reggae band?
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - Komba
Bonus point, name the band.
Jimmy Scott & his Obla-Di Obla-Da Band

33..Aviation question time, worth five points :E
What type of aircraft is Paul McCartney and the gang shown boarding in both the "Silly Love Songs" and "Band On The Run" music videos?

(Qwitcherbellyachin, I could have asked for the registration). :D

18th Sep 2005, 23:22
Mornin' piggy

Some great footage recently on TV of the old 'Black Cat' flying over Sydney. Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Catalinas returning POWs from Japan.

1....Poncho & Lefty - my preferred version by Emmy Lou Harris

2...She's a must to avoid - Herman's Hermits?

14..It Ain't You or Me = CCR

19..When The Next teardrop Falls - Freddy Fender

21..aaarrgghhhh - Mary Hopkins

10 - Crimson in Clover?
11....Big Iron
17...Be My Baby
20...Proud Mary

18th Sep 2005, 23:26
Bon Soir, Studmuffin


2) A must to avoid
Hermans Hermits
4) Sun City
Various artists (U2?)
7) True
Spandau Ballet
16) the best of times
17) cup of kindness
emmylou harris
18) song for the lonely
23) I couldn't live without your love
Petula Clark
24) Don't talk to strangers
Rick Springfield
28) the spave between
Dave Mathews band
30) take it on the run
REO speedwagon
32) blue eyes cryin' in the rain
counting crows


4) freddie fender
5) bad leroy brown
jim croce
7) the beau brummels
9) dennis de young?
16) land of confusion
17) be my baby
the ronettes
18) ronnie spector
phil spector
20) proud mary
23) the power station
27) the cowsills
30) mark knopfler
31) elvis?

18th Sep 2005, 23:42
Morning Piggy,

Tough looking quiz.. arrgghh pipped.. by Cooda and MsFly!
ah well..

9. Bob Seger - Ship of Fools
10. The Scorpions - Take the heat
14. CCR - Dont Look Now
22. Abba - One of Us

1. Dennis De Young, Styx.
5. Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Sinatra.. youve got me on the other 2..
6. Sh1tting herself.
17. Be my Baby, the Ronettes, (ugh) Dirty Dancing.
30. Mark knopler?



19th Sep 2005, 03:12
Bon soir Mademoiselle flygirl. How are things? :(

Yeah Cooda, nice machine huh? 'PBZ's a PBY-6A, the differences between it and a 5A being a bigger vertical fin and servo tabs on the controls, making them seem less like they're set in cement. It's sn 2043, built by Consolidated in New Orleans. Used to be registered CC-CCS in Chile, but spent a long time in Portugal.
HARS Cat (www.clubmarine.com.au/internet/clubmarine.nsf/docs/MG19-6+Feature)
The aircraft the spotted the Japanese fleet steaming toward Ceylon was a Canso from 413 Squadron, RCAF. The Captain was Len Birchall, from St. Catharines, Ontario.

19th Sep 2005, 03:20
dont know what the rest have attempted, but here's my humble offering:


4...We're rockers and rappers united and strong
A: Aerosmith / Run DMC - Walk This Way?

13..I've been watching you
A: The song is called "Sweat", dont know the band... Inner Circle, maybe?

30..Heard it from a friend who
(gah, i hate this song, its always on the radio. only i dunno what it is...)


17..The night we met I knew I needed you so
One point for the song title, two points for the artist and three points for the movie it appeared in.
A: Be My Baby, Dirty Dancing.

29..Which lead singer of a '60's - '70's British group had his two front teeth knocked out by Tony Draper's brother?
A: Ah darn... i saw Drapes quote this but i'm not going to search :D

(I said it was humble!)

19th Sep 2005, 05:08
13. Slipping away (from me). - Jimmy Thunder
19. The next teardrop falls. - Freddy Fender
29. Big, bad John. - Jimmy Dean

So , there, I'm giving up.

Arm out the window
19th Sep 2005, 07:17

5 Leroy Brown, Jim Croce

6 Doing Dallas???

20 Proud Mary

31 Englebert Humperdinck

Easy!!!! I beg to differ!

19th Sep 2005, 09:34
Morning from sunny Kenya...

1. Pancho and Lefty. Townes Van Zandt.
2. Herman's Hermits. Must to avoid.
4. Run DMC. Artists against Apartheid.
5. Beau Brummels. Laugh laugh.
6. Moby. Porcelain.
7. Spandau Ballet. True.
8. Robert Plant. Ship of fools.
9. Bob Seger. Ship of fools.
11. The doors. Ship of fools.
12. Sarah Brightman. Ship of fools.
13. Natalie Imbruglia. I've been watching you.
14. CCR. Don't look now.
15. Thornley. Come again.
16. Styx. The best of time.
17. Emmylou Harris. Cup of kindness.
18. Cher. Song for the lonely.
22. ABBA. One of us.
24. Rick Springfield. Jessie's girl.
26. Emmylou Harris. My Antonia.
27. Air Supply. Every woman in the world.
30. Reo Speedwagon. Take it on the run.
31. Chris Isaak. Heart full of soul.

1. Woolwich Pier, beneath the cranes.
2. London town.
3. Silvertown, the Thames.
4. London Yard to Hampton court.
6. To twist into a bracelet for her wrist.
7. A winter's frost, a blight.
8. Sun, moon and stars.
9. Ships and part of me.

1. Dennis DeYoung.
3. Dave Matthews.
4. Freddy Fender.
5. Bad bad Leroy Brown. Jim Croce. Home Alone, sung by a parrot.
6. Shi**ing herself.
7. The Beau Brummels.
9. Dennis DeYoung.
10. Chrystal Blue Persuasion.
11. A big Iron.
12. Five.
13. All songs are named Ship of fools.
14. the Yardbirds.
15. Eric Clapton.
16. Land of confusion.
17. Be my baby, The Ronettes, Dirty Dancing.
18. Ronnie Spector. Phil Spector.
19. She came in through the bathroom window.
20. Riverboat song.
21. Love Ballads.
23. The Devils.
24. Mick Taylor.
25. Del Shannon.
26. Lemmings.
27. The Cowsills.
28. The Pisty Hill Light Orchestra.
30. Jan Hammer.
31. Ewan MacColl.
32. O-Bla-Di O-Bla-da.


19th Sep 2005, 10:59
L 15 Catch us if you can - Dave Clark Five

T33 DC8?

(do i smell a googler?)

19th Sep 2005, 12:05
Wow, just crumbs......

Lyrics 1. "Along Comes Mary" - The Association. Off "then Along comes the Association", one of the first LPs I bought!;)

19th Sep 2005, 20:56
Wow, that Komba has an almost encycolpaedic knowledge of music....:D

19th Sep 2005, 23:58
Yep, durn near as good as the Ol' Quizmeister himself, and his assistant. :D

Initial scores

Komba 46
Ms flygirl 30
Richo 14
Cooda 12
Bombay Duck 2
RiskyRossco 2
Rushy 2
newswatcher 2

The correct answer to L14 was Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me)/CCR. Two points each for Cooda and Richo.

Komba, I can't find Chris Isaak as artist for Heart Full Of Soul. I've got somebody else.

20th Sep 2005, 00:11
Couple more..

10. Umm.. Ship of Fools?
25. Ben E King - Lean on Me

2. Blowing in the wind?
16. Land of Illusion (thats been on the tip of my tongue for 24hrs!!)
18. Its Bennett i think.

Cheers, im done.


20th Sep 2005, 01:26
L31 musta be the Yardbirds then.....;)

20th Sep 2005, 03:15
Righto! :ok:

Rich, I've got land of something else. I think yer confused. :D :p

20th Sep 2005, 05:24
confusion... confusion.....yes, yes.

Land of confusion....

Didnt think illusion was right, but i been racking my
tiny little mind... Thank Christ, now i can relax...

I freakin hate that! you know it and you just cant get it out...

reminds me of my ex-wife, but THATS another story...

20th Sep 2005, 10:21
Guessing time

L21 Temma Harbour

Trivia 32 The Aces

20th Sep 2005, 20:41
Nope, sorry Rushy.

Final scores

Komba 46
Ms flygirl 30
Richo 20
Cooda 12
Bombay Duck 2
RiskyRossco 2
Rushy 2
newswatcher 2
johnfairr 2
reynolds 1
pigletboat 1

Ok, today's - September 20th - the 21st anniversary of the death in 1984 of the singer/songwriter Steve Goodman. For two points, name a famous song he wrote and the singer who had a big hit with it.

City Of New Orleans/Arlo Guthrie - johnfairr
jf, John Prine calls that song the greatest train song in the world. I kinda agree with him. Goodman wrote that on a napkin in the bar car while he, his wife and their son were travelling to visit his wife's mother in New Orleans.

Pigletboat has just answered T23 correctly. :D

20th Sep 2005, 20:51

Even though it isn't about Joni, I'll try and play along. How about "City of New Orleans" and Arlo Guthrie, for Steve Goodman?

jf, without the benefit of nicotine for the last 6 days, and finding it hard, but getting better (as some girls were won't to say..!)

21st Sep 2005, 00:14
City Of New Orleans and Arlo Guthrie it is. :)

Good luck with the no smoking, jf. Cold turkey's the only way to go. I started smoking at 15 and smoked for 30 years. Then on New Years Eve 15 years ago, I ran out of Marlboroughs about 20 minutes to midnight. Since Mrs. p had quit six months before, you can guess what my New Year's resolution was. :uhoh: My added incentive was I dislike Canadian cigarettes, can't stand the smell of 'em.

22nd Sep 2005, 01:34
That's it folks. Final scores posted above.
See ya Sunday.