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The Invisible Man
18th Sep 2005, 08:30
Who posted the first thread on Pprune?

What was it about?

Who has been a member from day one?

When was day one?

(TIC... have done search, got 24,000 replies and got fed up looking :zzz: )

18th Sep 2005, 09:12
Would seem to be a clue Here (http://pprune.org/forums/memberlist.php?s=&action=getall&what=datejoined&ltr=&perpage=30&orderby=joindate&ausername=&homepage=&icq=&aim=&yahoo=&joindateafter=&joindatebefore=&lastpostafter=&lastpostbefore=&postslower=&postsupper=&direction=DESC&pagenumber=3260)

Listed by date joined, Danny would seem to hold the distinction...
Makes sense? :cool:

tony draper
18th Sep 2005, 10:31
Hmmm,wonder what Dannys aunt marys winning are.
Go on I dares ya, ask im!!

18th Sep 2005, 10:35
Not the first, but my finish the sentence thread has been front page for nearly 2 years. Draper, you and you pointless shit are not even in the game, Yo.

tony draper
18th Sep 2005, 10:52

posted 5th June 2003 20:26
The really really boring and totaly pointless snippets of information thread


Then of course we have the original.

posted 27th December 2001 17:49 Most useless and obscure fact award thread.


PPRuNe Radar
18th Sep 2005, 11:13
Put your willy away Plazbot, it's too small ;)

'Finish the sentence' started 26th Sep 2003, 80103 views, 6083 posts

'TRRBATPSOIT' started 5th June 2003, 95201 views, 7085 posts.

Historically, the first post came from Danny, although the archive branch in Admin are not sure whether this took place in December 1995 or December 1996. PPRuNe has gone through several incarnations (as well as ISPs) along the way and it's hard to track down any of the original stuff these days. The original setup was as a mailing list. It then evolved in to a website with Danny and Rob Lloyd handmaking the pages each day, before progressing on to Bulletin Board software and ending up where we are today.

It's also interesting to note that since I joined as a Mod back in 1997, my pay has increased by over 4000%. You can't fault Danny's generosity, can you ??

:ok: :E

Onan the Clumsy
18th Sep 2005, 12:45
This at least is given the distinction of being thread #1 (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1)

it says 2001, so it must have been after the resurection, after the evil threads were cast out of the board and a blue light descended saying "Thou haves't a protection fault".

Kaptin M
18th Sep 2005, 13:14
I still have some hard copies (print outs) of the early days, circa 1997, with one or two entries by Kapitan M :O
There were only a couple of forums then, Rumours & News, and Jet Blast, and to post involved sending an email to
[email protected]
and then waiting to see the results.

Tales abounded of a young, up and coming sprog flying ice laden aircraft in the depths of dark nights, to and from Fraggle Rock.

several incarnations...and a meltdown or two :{

The Invisible Man
18th Sep 2005, 15:40
Hmmm,wonder what Dannys aunt marys winning are. Go on I dares ya, ask im!!

I laugh in the face of fear....

Danny what are your aunt marys winnings please?

Drapes wants to know.

Prune radar,

Who was the first to be banned, and why?

tony draper
18th Sep 2005, 16:21
Hmmm, one wonders if the norty bad boy points are still in force? one had a couple of penalty points on ones prooning licence but was never actualy sent off, err one has come close though, ones lefty liberalism upsets some folks.
:uhoh: :rolleyes: