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17th Sep 2005, 19:16
While I'm sure some of our local residents here could probably have their minds nominated, what's the dirtiest, filthiest most stomach churning place you've ever been in your travels (or maybe closer to home ;) ? I can't really think of one personally (although some parts of West Drayton near London Terminal Control Centre were pretty bad), but I'm sure there are some good stories out there.

17th Sep 2005, 19:25
Margate, Kent. UK

Undoubtedly the filthiest and most unkempt place in the world, where the locals have absolutely no respect for their town or themselves.

17th Sep 2005, 19:43

I say, well said old boy.

Where abouts in Margate are from then??

As I See It
17th Sep 2005, 19:45
The public bog at Praa Sands Cornwall, reminded me of the scene from the film Trainspotting.

Mind you in my own small way I feel like I added to it, I'd been fishing with no.1 son and he'd caught some Mackerel, 2 as it happens, that he wanted to keep.

Well we called in at Praa Sands later for a dip in the briney, whereupon the fish started to pong a bit. The poor lad wasn't happy when I told him they'd have to go. Get rid of them I says, so he does bless him.

Twas the commotion outside the toilet that caught my attention and then the snigger of my eight year old.

I can't imagine what one would think looking at a brace of fish staring from inside a bowl

17th Sep 2005, 19:46
I visited Lagos on a number of occasions in the 70s.

It 's name of 'a ' hole of the world' was well deserved at
that time.

However flying out from it in a CL44 packed
to the gunnells with goat skins was not a great improvement!:ugh:

17th Sep 2005, 20:04
Lagos Lagoon on a hot, sunny afternoon! At low tide. That would take some beating, I think. On the shores of said lagoon you have a sprawling shanty town with as close to no sanitation as makes no difference, so that the waters are a fetid stew with a stench that will knock your socks off just speeding past on the Third Mainland Bridge. God only knows what it must be like to have to live there.

17th Sep 2005, 20:05
The public showers at T3 LHR many many years ago....


17th Sep 2005, 20:19
1. Mumbai,
2. Chennai,
3. Lagos....

Fletchers Left Boot
17th Sep 2005, 20:27
I assume you're talking about Lagos, Nigeria?

Sounds like it's no better than it was in late 1978 when I was there.. foul place.. dead dogs floating in the harbour and all. Apapa especially bad.

In England, would have to say Luton. Horrid place.

17th Sep 2005, 20:34
Mass grave in Bosnia.

Stench will stay with me forever.

High Wing Drifter
17th Sep 2005, 20:39
Leyton Park Council Estate in Crewe. Now demolished and the residents, including a number of the large scum families who lived there, are now redistributed to other communities in the area, many of which now bear the burden of said scum families.

17th Sep 2005, 21:10
Berlin Zoo Bahnhof, 1985. Public toilet.

I was propositioned by someone who had been looking at me whilst I relieved myself. I was young, naive, and quite unaccustomed to this. I broke his nose, then left.

KL. Restaurant, 1993.

Watching the proprietor not-so carefully washing the used satay sticks for further use by tossing them into a bowl of cold (town)water.

Somewhere between Bombay and Goa, 1995. Public 'toilet'.

Feeling very queasy on the drive down, owing to dodgy food and the Maruti's ride handling. I went into the bushes with a bottle of water as I was sweating my t1ts off. Immediately afterwards, someone saw me with the water bottle, and asked me if I was a Muslim too. For some reason, this sent Barfman into action.

Bring it on!

Tyler Durden
17th Sep 2005, 21:22
"Margate, Kent. UK

Undoubtedly the filthiest and most unkempt place in the world, where the locals have absolutely no respect for their town or themselves."

Same as Newcastle then?

Akrotiri bad boy
17th Sep 2005, 21:24
The Lakes estate, Milton Keynes. The smell of stale urine in the communal stairwells was so thick it was sliceable.:yuk:

17th Sep 2005, 21:40
A communal crapper in a village in the hills of southern Crete, closely followed by Slough.

17th Sep 2005, 21:51
Fell asleep on the floor of the Brixton Academy during Sick of It All's set at F*CK READING!! After my 12th pint of beer (all the cider had been sold out within the first hour) Although I did wake up in good time for Anti Nowhere League's appearance on stage, by a kind girl tripping over my legs and spilling half her pint over me. (I guess that will teach me to fall asleep on the floor while dressed entirely in black)

Woke up with cigarette butts in my hair and god knows what on my jeans and back of my t-shirt. :yuk:

When I got home that evening I used a pair of tongs to put my clothes in the washing machine.

I wasn't going to take any chances.:yuk:

17th Sep 2005, 22:42
Mumbai, closely followed by Jakarta. Rats for everyone... :yuk:

17th Sep 2005, 23:55
when i was 15 i enjoyed a three weeks "holiday" at margate to learn english...

maybe i should send a link to this thread to our former teacher...


The Voice
18th Sep 2005, 02:07
pick a spot, any spot, anywhere in India.


Metro man
18th Sep 2005, 02:20
Parts of the Philippines take some beating.

Little Blue
18th Sep 2005, 05:49
I take it none of you ever ventured into Coalville, Leicestershire, then?
If Lagos is to be the arsehole of the world, then Coalville is the turd thats stuck up it. Filthy town, filthy people and as for the women?
I'd rather live in Slough !;)

18th Sep 2005, 06:21
1. Aden in the 1960s, especially the harbour - detritus of unmnentionable origin and awash with dead shoats.

2. Kathmandu in the 70s (public toilet = pavement rubbish tip).

BTW Lagos isn't the @sshole of the world, it's a thousand miles up it.

Flight Detent
18th Sep 2005, 06:40
1/ Lagos, Nigeria, including the hotel on the island, and

2/ Allongapo City, Philippines, and the bridge crossing to get there, when the Subic Bay navy base was still up and running!

3/ India, generally speaking, at least everywhere I've been there!



18th Sep 2005, 09:08
Dehli. Harare. Nairobi.

No particular order.

18th Sep 2005, 10:40


18th Sep 2005, 10:47
Flight Detent...

Hold on here buddy....two years stationed ditto...it was really a gem after you got past the smell of "Perfume River".

Many...many fond memories of the Cherry Club, Marilyns Too, and the other few small things that offered such enjoyment there in Olongap, Barrio Barreto, and Subic City.

It was at its best after the fleet units departed to other places...leaving all those hungry hearts yearning for nourishment.:ok:

18th Sep 2005, 10:51

Howard Hughes
18th Sep 2005, 10:58
Fregon, :{ Voice it makes Nguiu look like paradise!! At least they have beaches....;)

Gordon Fraser
18th Sep 2005, 11:07
On jury duty in Calcutta many years ago, we had a conducted tour, under armed police escort, of the scene of the murder in a Calcutta bustee(slum). One of the worst experiences of my life, touring the worst part of one of the world's poorest and filthiest cities.

18th Sep 2005, 11:13
Oh come on folks.........India's not that bad!

Jaipur is lovely and I have a soft spot for Bombay.

18th Sep 2005, 11:21
Karachi, one nightstop only thank God, Allah, Budda any and all dieties.

18th Sep 2005, 11:42
Public toilets in Ujung Pandang's airport terminal. Although stepping over the open sewer to get to the restaurant's front door in Ujung did nothing for my appetite!

Solid Rust Twotter
18th Sep 2005, 12:04
Luanda:yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

18th Sep 2005, 12:21

I know one or two people who have trodden in soft spots
in Bombay! :ugh:

18th Sep 2005, 14:42
Maybe not filthy/dirty, but certainly two of the smelliest places I can remember are Hessle Road and St Andrews Dock, in the summertime, back when Hull had a fishing industry, and the Bankside/Air Street area of the same town - flour, animal feed and cocoa milling, petro-chem and pickle factories. Nice.

18th Sep 2005, 18:02
Public toilet in "restaurant", circa 1980. Ladies. Cubicles with those cantilever-style loos that stick out from the wall and so have that little platform of white procelain at the back. Said platform piled about 3" deep in faeces, in various stages of setting its affairs in order.

Mumbai? Jakarta? Lagos?

Nope. One of the better known burger joints, Cambridge Circus, London.

(It has since been demolished.)

18th Sep 2005, 19:03
Metro Manila, the old Duke of York (AC), many factories in China.

18th Sep 2005, 19:10
Passed through Brussels on a train a few years back..looked a right dump

18th Sep 2005, 19:15
1 Dhaka
2 Adis Ababa
3 Still thinking about 3...........................

While we're here, worst hotel?

18th Sep 2005, 19:22
The stairwell to a block of flats in Abidjan. Might have been bearable if I hadn't had to spend a week living in one of the flats. Mind you, it could have been worse - the lights didn't work most of the time, so you couldn't see just how sordid it was.

18th Sep 2005, 20:11
A toilet block at a military base just outside Tripoli in Libya. I had chronic diarrhoea and was horrified to find that the toilets looked like shower trays made out of porcelain. Each tray contained a 6 inch wide hole to aim at but those Libyans were bad shots so there were heaped piles of sh*t all around the hole.

I knew if I didn’t squat low enough I was going to spray my ankles but if I squatted too low I was going to touch turd. To make matters worse the cubicles had no doors or curtains and were full of spiders.

18th Sep 2005, 20:21
Three pages and no-ones mentioned Prestwick departure "lounge" yet ????

18th Sep 2005, 21:21
Been in a lot of dumps and dives in my lifetime, enjoyed being in some of them, can't remember what happened in some of the others, but; The filthiest place i ever saw was a on a famous surfing beach in Hawaii, it was a VERY FULL portaloo, the stench was unbelievable and I couldn't imagine how the pile could have reached such formidable heights. I can only think that surfers are full of sh1t and can let it go when balancing on their boards which are in the vertical position..

18th Sep 2005, 21:26
Bamako, N'Djamena, Niamey, sure is a lot of foul places in West Africa..

And Mumbai just stinks to high heaven

19th Sep 2005, 00:43
How about a heroin den in the depths of one the home counties most deprived areas ? No electricity or lights.

Corridors/rooms piled high either side with general shit.

Rususcitation on the occupant wasn't much fun either, don't kneel down or you will find a needle with your knee.

Smell wasn't overly attractive.

Still, as they say, if you can't take a joke, don't join.

19th Sep 2005, 01:16
Miight that have been Manila or environs, Mr. Paracab?

The waste workers were on strike then, maybe not now... In any case, it impressed me as a pretty ghastly place. That notwithstanding, I know there are much better places to go in the Islands

Onan the Clumsy
19th Sep 2005, 01:26
The filthiest place i ever saw was a on a famous surfing beach in Hawaii, it was a VERY FULL portaloo, the stench was unbelievable and I couldn't imagine how the pile could have reached such formidable heights. How does the old joke go?

But I had to go, and being brought up in the city I had to use some kind of toilet. Well I dropped my drawers and lowered myself over the hole, when suddenly, I felt a cheek brush the horrendous pile. I quickly realised I had broken the crust as the most disgusting smell ever hit my nostrils and I just couldn't help myself, my stomach contracted and I hurled its contents forward...

...well, you know how a syphon works? :ooh: :ugh: :yuk:

19th Sep 2005, 06:40
A communal craphouse in a village outside Guangzhou, China.

Awful. :(

19th Sep 2005, 06:55
Actually I changed my mind. I do seem to remember being somewhere that absolutely churned my guts.............must have blocked it from my mind.

I was in Galway City a couple of years ago. walking along the quay near the Canal Basin. I couldn't believe the amount of rubbish and christ knows what lying around. To top it off, there was a dead dog lying in the gutter. 2 days later I happened to walk past again.........the dog was still there and had been joined by a now as dead crow. :yuk: :ugh:

19th Sep 2005, 11:18
Three pages and no-ones mentioned Prestwick departure "lounge" yet ????

Thats because it is not the state now that it used to be, same goes for the whole of the airport after its upgrade recently.


+'ve ROC
19th Sep 2005, 12:31
Newport, South Wales: Public Bus Station

Enough cigarette smoke and grime in there to fur up even the healthiest of lungs.....

Scroll Lock
19th Sep 2005, 13:57
Any Eastern Block handlers Limousine.


Now i know why uniforms are blue or black

PPRuNe Pop
19th Sep 2005, 15:29
The hell holes that people have to live in in Rio. Its not just a disgrace, it is place that no self respecting pig or fly would go into!

19th Sep 2005, 15:31
Lagos had a certain charm, and the Hilton Hotel in Lagos is not a real Hilton, and possibly one of the scariest hotels I have had the misfortune to stay in. Once had to drive down to Warri from Lagos and stopped at a petrol sation en-route and decided to visit the toilet. The stench was indescribable, and the black heaving mass of human excrement is not something I would like to see ever again. There was some bush close by that was useful for the purposes of relieving myself.

Warri was pretty bad, regularly saw dead bodies left lying where they fell. Bloated dead things would regularly be seen floating down the river close to the Shell camp.

Port Harcourt was only a little better, but the restaurants were slightly more agreeable. The Zoo in PH was a grim place containing various species of reptiles and ape, but in conditions of utter deprivation. The zoo grounds run down to the Amadi riverbank and fuse into a refuse-strewn blend of festering water and oily mud. Lovely on a hot sunny day.

19th Sep 2005, 15:32
I've never been to any place that could remotely qualify to be in the top 1000.

I'd suggest that those nominating places in England probably haven't either.

19th Sep 2005, 15:47
Joannas in Southsea and Djibouti City!

19th Sep 2005, 15:48
Maybe not the dirtiest place in the world but Naples, Italy, which should be on the short list of most beautiful places on earth is choked with litter and the smoke from burning trash.

Earlier this year as I was getting ready to move back to the States, I took a last drive along the Amalfi coast. Winding along the narrow seaside highway, I pulled over to a turnout to take in more deeply a spectacular view of the deep blue Med and the islands offshore. Upon reaching the barrier guarding the steep cliff to the ocean, I looked down to see a dumping ground of old refrigerators, mattresses, and rubbish people had thrown over.

I can't understand the total disregard it would take to do that to such a fine vista.

19th Sep 2005, 16:12
Newcastle, Hounslow, Kigali, Mumbai, Blackpool, Bamako, & Portsmouth

19th Sep 2005, 20:28
Port Sudan, Karachi. Mombassa and Zanzibar all visited in 1982/83 so I have no idea what they are like now

19th Sep 2005, 21:13
Can I change my mind?

I've just been into my son's bedroom.....

19th Sep 2005, 23:18
Right now, I think my house is the filthiest, dirtiest place I've ever been..... :E

Cessna Boy
20th Sep 2005, 01:58
Mumbai wins hands down, followed by Bangalore, Jamaica and Tijuana.:yuk:

20th Sep 2005, 03:56
South Miami.
Port au Prince pretty bad too.

Sid Departure
20th Sep 2005, 05:15
Most parts of Asia. One of the few areas in the world, where farting actually freshens the air!:D

Sailor Vee
20th Sep 2005, 06:04
Naples, Italy, which should be on the short list of most beautiful places
Have to agree Ben There , 'tother half and myself back-packing round Italy in '91. Disembarked from the train at 0600, left the station, turned round, and continued on same train up to Pisa. Naples was almost knee deep in litter!!:yuk:

20th Sep 2005, 11:00
Panama city:yuk: :yuk: I actually saw some guy [email protected] in the street! He'd even brought loo roll with him!:yuk:

20th Sep 2005, 15:43
The last porta-loo on the left in the red campsite at the V festival last year, and having to go for a crap in in it with a dodgy stomach at 3am with only a maglite torch held between my teeth for lighting...

20th Sep 2005, 16:01
A Travelodge down by Chichester...

El Grifo
20th Sep 2005, 17:47
Hey Lexxity try Tarfaya in the Western Sahara.
The punters in that town just lift their kilts and bake a loaf any old place.

Bog roll doesn't even come into it.

What a sh*thole

20th Sep 2005, 18:12
One of the worst toilets I've been in was on an Indian train in third class, packed in like sardines and half the train was pissing blood and mucus out of their arses. Toilet floor was swimming in faeces yet people who couldn't find space were using it to sleep on. That slum between Bombay and the airport must the one of the worst places in the world.

20th Sep 2005, 22:29
Any street in Cairo
All the toilets at HLLT
All of Grimsby

20th Sep 2005, 22:36
I do agree with Binos that if you think the filthiest place is anywhere in UK then you can never have visited Africa or India, interesting as some of the places there are!! :yuk:

dawn raider
20th Sep 2005, 22:40
her name wa jane i think.

21st Sep 2005, 08:11
It was 140m down a cliff on a ledge only big enough to catch a body that had fallen off, ripping the leg off on the way down. Oh. And it had been there for 4 days already, and trying to manouvre it in to the bodybag which is in the basket across you lap whilst not getting dripped on by fluids.....too much.....
Looking for the lost leg was nicer. Just.:ugh:

Double Echo
21st Sep 2005, 09:12
Pusan, South Korea.. god what a dump...

Can you believe I actually got arrested for insisting (rather forcefully, I admit) that a taxi driver turn his meter ON ??!!!! WTF is that all about?:rolleyes:

tall and tasty
21st Sep 2005, 09:17
Must have missed this thread

The worst place I have ever been is the bottom of a body freezer where after dethawing for a whole day it was opened and the sludge, body fluids you name it about 4 inches deep! Lovely and given a set of wellies and marigolds and told in you jump and clean it out. :yuk: :yuk:

The good foundations to a vet nurse that can do anything you are told

But actual places some of the French camp site toilets as a young teenager when travelling with my sister. Use your imagination folks :}


21st Sep 2005, 13:21
While maybe not in the Top 10, the Nullah next to Kai Tak's runway was pretty special.

As Bob Hope allegedly said when stepping off the aircraft:
"What's that smell?"
"Thats sh1t Bob"
"Yeh, I know. But what the hell did they do to it?!"

West Coast
21st Sep 2005, 15:49
"Panama city"

Which one?

African Tech Rep
21st Sep 2005, 16:57
I’m sure Bombay was nice – but Mumbai is a dump. :D

Most disgusting – public lav in Warmbads SA – when opened door realised last twenty people had missed the hole, found “attendant” “mentioned” state of toilet was informed no one had told him to clean the floor, his job was to clean the toilet.
Sad – but true.

For Lexxitty – in Korea walking across square to main railway station saw old lady life skirt drop draws and wet all the nice paving stones – no one but me batted an eye.
Everywhere else I’ve seen this they at least used the gutter

21st Sep 2005, 20:33

"all of grimsby"

You wouldn't be a Spurs fan by any chance????

21st Sep 2005, 21:38
Nearly forgot, the old Domestic Terminal at Lagos airport before it burnt down. Came close to the very definition of Hell on earth during the dry season. Although the boarding routine was somtimes interesting to watch.

Hussar 54
22nd Sep 2005, 01:20

Currently sharing a mate's flat in Apapa and sounds as though it hasn't changed much, although compared to most other parts of Lagos and ALL the rest of Apapa, the ex-Pats' area down the Liverpool Road is almost like being in a Sandals Resort out in the Caribbean - even though we're surrounded by open sewers, Kilimajaro high piles of rubbish and litter on every metre of roadside, diesel fumes so thick that visibility is often less than 100m, constant electricity outages, mains water so dirty you can't even brush your teeth with it without getting the shits for a week, and the most inefficient and corrupt police force on the planet.

Ah. Lagos.....car number plates claiming ' Lagos - Centre of Excellence ' which more accurately should read ' Lagos - Arsehole of the World with the exception of Warri '......

For poverty, probably Santos in Brazil.....was there in 1992 and 250,000 people living in hovels made out of corrugated cardboard in the shanty town about 3km north of downtown....each rainstorm ended up with half the city homeless for 48 hours....

For squalor, well apart from Lagos take your pick from almost any of the major cities in India - particularly Chennai.....and the environs of Manila and Jakarta are pretty mind-numbing if you're unlucky enough to ever see them....

And as we keep mentioning toilets and such - would second the previous post about Tijuana.....a city where happiness is a dry fart..... yet no public toilets, so you can imagine.....more human turds on the pavements in Tijuana than there used to be dog turds on the pavements in Paris and that's saying something....

And Hotel - can't remember the name, but a couple of years ago ended up in a Motel in Biloxi opposite the Best Western on the waterfront.....$75 per night - presumably for the unique opportunity to share my room with mosquitoes the size of pigeons, roaches the of size lobsters, and mice big enough to have terrified my cat back home......ended up getting four ice buckets from reception, putting one under each bed leg and filling them with water to stop the roaches and mice from joining me in bed, and spent two nights sleeping fully clothed ( including shoes ! ) with a towel wrapped round my head.....

Glamorous life , this flying game.....

22nd Sep 2005, 02:01
Cairo, minging.

22nd Sep 2005, 02:08
The halls of Congress. Filthy lobbyists. Greedy officials.

Hard-earned taxpayer funds lining that cesspool!


22nd Sep 2005, 21:09
You mean that...

I have topped them all?

B Sousa
22nd Sep 2005, 21:11
New Orleans........last Week. Much worse than the normally dirty city

22nd Sep 2005, 21:38
In the UK...Coventry, armpit of the Midlands. Absolutely nothing redeeming about it. Dirty, mean and unfriendly.

Closely followed by Luton and in particular the Cygnet Hotel. Has to be the filthiest I've seen in a lot of places.

22nd Sep 2005, 21:46
Been thinking about this tread for awhile trying to remember filthy places I've been to. My life is lacking in this regard.

23rd Sep 2005, 01:41
Mautitius for the stray dogs and shanty towns (what a waste), Riyadh ('78-'79) for the open sewers and bodies left in crashed cars, Toulouse for the p!ss smell, Buffalo NY for everything, portaloos at Bickershaw rock thingy in '72 :yuk: but worse than any of these were the foot and mouth graves c1967

23rd Sep 2005, 05:45
does my ex boyfriend's mind count ???


23rd Sep 2005, 05:56
Absolutely, does he live in Australia? lol

4th Oct 2005, 08:14
Delhi has to be worse than Bombay/Mumbai

However the worst in the Asian sub continent must surely be Karachi.

Manila has some nice parts and is a great example of the rich and poor divisions in society. For real filth and squalor visit the area around 'Smokey Mountain' a giant rubbish tip where people live and make their homes.

Howver, the total filthiest place I have ever been was the public bog at Paris Gare du Nord in the early seventies. Too much rough red wine meant I was in one of those 'must go' situations. Indescribably: [email protected] about half an inch thick a generations old on the walls, the squatter overflowing with unmentionable stuff, needles etc. The memory still makes me want to vomit.:yuk:

4th Oct 2005, 09:47
I think the worst places I have seen in recent memory would have to be the dunnies at Mornington Island and Doomagee. 'Kinell....

:ooh: :ugh: :yuk: :hmm:

4th Oct 2005, 10:22
African Tech Rep

I’m sure Bombay was nice – but Mumbai is a dump

Nope. Bombay was a dump too. :D


You warm my heart :D

The Voice
4th Oct 2005, 10:23
no no no Reddo, the communal loo's at Snake Bay International Terminal ..

.. put the entire crew off the catering that day!

4th Oct 2005, 10:44
Why do loos have to resemble $hithouses?

As a natural function, why do (some) humans find excrement offensive, whereas animals relish the scent (and some even roll in it).
Do those native to the examples given object to the same degree? Have we become too civilised?

Onan the Clumsy
4th Oct 2005, 12:03
whereas animals relish the scent (and some even roll in it). I think I've met some people who enjoyed rolling in it too.

4th Oct 2005, 13:22
The filthiest place I've ever been is the gents toilet on the corner of Valetta's Straight Street ("The Gut") - it was opposite a bar called 'The Gypsy Queen'. I'm sure some of the concentrated, ankle deep urine in there was contributed by my Dad - Yeoman of Signals Blacksheep - during a run ashore 25 years earlier. The next dirtiest was the gents in Bugis Street.

Big Tudor
4th Oct 2005, 13:39
Slum areas on the outskirts of Accra were pretty horrendous, the young lad who gave us a guided tour was quite proud to show us his house. Personally I would have torched the place if it weren't for the fact that the putrid smell would have precluded any combustion.

Agree with previous posters comments re Ujung Pandang, definately some areas where respirators were required.

The worst 3 square foot I have ever been in was a roadside public toilet between Bodrum and Izmir. When you've gotta go you've gotta go, but I still don't know how I managed it without passing out! :yuk:

4th Oct 2005, 14:19
The worst is probably Cidade Hidalgo on the Mexico-Guatemala border, dead things everywhere, rotting bananas, open sewers and dirt roads.

Belize City in 1978-79, Ma Dims restaurant eating chicken and watching strange things floating down the river...best stay drunk for that one.

Plenty more places too, but I think I need a bucket now, the memories are complete with smells :yuk: :yuk:

4th Oct 2005, 21:12
Too many to mention but a couple at random:

Port Harcourt has its’ moments. About 4 years ago we drove past a body in the street near the airport, going back 8 hours later it was still there but with one vulture gaining access via a hole in the back of the head and another going up the a*se.

A toilet on a 3rd class train from Cairo to Luxor many years ago (I was a student and therefore poor). Open the door and there was sh*t half way up the walls and all over the floor – and you have to get to the wee hole in the floor a couple of feet away. I straddled the walls and dumped from a height (contributing to the mess).

I think what makes a place particularly bad is not what you see but what you smell. After years of visiting or staying all over Africa and Asia I have learnt to go into a public toilet with lungs filled to max so I can have a leak but breathing out very slowly the whole time – avoid a big lungful of the gas mix that fills the air space in these places and you’re halfway there. And if it’s a long drop toilet never, never look down the hole. You really don’t want to see it.

13th Oct 2005, 11:51
Gainesy, I concur


ex wasp - I don't think it'll have changed that much since you were there...

13th Oct 2005, 12:17
The North Bank at Highbury in the late 70s.

13th Oct 2005, 12:36
I a European only context, the whole of Albania and as the most awful capital in Europe Tirana.

good to see Karachi getting so many well deserved votes.

got caught
13th Oct 2005, 15:31
Hope Hospital, Salford.

And Wales

13th Oct 2005, 15:37
My ex girlfriends bed :E