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17th Sep 2005, 09:55
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I'm considering a holiday this Janaury in Moscow, Russa.

Has anyone been?

Was interested to know about hotels, flights and transfers from the airports.

I'm wanting it to be 'much cheapness' so no Moscow Ritz Hotels please

Tar Very Much in advance! :)

17th Sep 2005, 11:37
Great place, cracking people.

Look up getting a visa sorted soonest, its a complete pain.

If you get lost/need help, most people under say, 25, speak English or French.

You can flag a lift (as described above) by holding out a packet of cigarettes, marlboro being instantly recognised and sometimes accepted instead of cash

Oh, and expect to be harangued in the street by old dears (babooshkas). They're not being rude, usually telling you off a la grannie style for not wearing, hat, scarf, gloves etc.

17th Sep 2005, 12:46
Flew over it once, flight path s/where south of Kiev, on way to Copenhagen. Other than that, nothing much to report.

Onan the Clumsy
17th Sep 2005, 13:42
a holiday this Janaury in Moscow take a sweater then.

17th Sep 2005, 14:39
...and don't mention the word "Firefox"...bad karma man


20th Sep 2005, 15:30
Some more stuff from a previous thread HERE (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=178532)


20th Sep 2005, 15:41
If during the late evening there's a knock on your hotelroom door, don't let her in! :rolleyes:

20th Sep 2005, 17:17
This sounds like a fun trip!:O

Evening Star
20th Sep 2005, 18:10
Was interested to know about hotels, flights and transfers from the airports.

I'm wanting it to be 'much cheapness' so no Moscow Ritz Hotels please

With regard to economy hotels, the Ukraine is worth a look. Dead interesting building. As an alternative, and if it is still open (redevelopment into five star is planned), Rossiya/Russia by Red Square is also good for those on a budget and not as bad as many say. Ugly building mind.

Transfers: Unless you prebook (indeed, even if you prebook), expect to get hit by a million taxi drivers the moment you emerge from customs. Beat them off and make your way to a taxi kiosk, the price will drop rapidly as you make your way. Do not take the first price. Beware the unofficial drivers however.

Flights: Normal searching will get a good price with an acceptable carrier. Personally tend to use BA or KLM. People even speak well of Aeroflot International these days but have only used Aerflot domestically so cannot comment. Might be an idea to avoid around 8 January as Russian Orthodox Christmas and seats might be a bit popular.

Look up getting a visa sorted soonest, its a complete pain.

Use an agency. Used to use 'Russia Gateway', but they are a bit pricey. Last few trips used 'Russia Direct' who are better value and being based in Edinburgh use the Edinburgh Consulate who seem to be a bit more efficient (presumably less busy) than the London Embassy.

Enjoy Russia. Crazy place occupied by crazy people doing crazy things. Good fun!

Finally, totally agree with 7gcbc and getting a 150 into Red Square.:8

20th Sep 2005, 18:17
Don't think Rust actually put it down in Red Square, he landed round the corner and taxied it in. Knew the guy who took the video, was back in the days of the cold war and he was on some left wing 'medics against nukes' visit and sold the video to CNN for $1000 as long as they gave the cash to some commie loving charity. CNN shook his hand off, then syndicated it and made an absolute fortune.

Boss Raptor
20th Sep 2005, 20:00
Long PM to Jinkster this AM - as per Evening Star's comment Rossiya is good value and nowhere near as bad as made out - I quite like it actually

Again as above Visas an issue if u are not on an organised tour/trip as you'll need a sponsor and an approval letter from one of the few approved Interior Ministry visa agents in MOW (latter total b!shit but started after 9/11 paranoia)

Have always wanted to stay with an ordinary MOW family but never done it - a few specialist travel companies arrange it here

Rough Guide to MOW - a very good buy...and a must long before going

Get met at the airport!

BA flights to MOW are rubbish see SLF forum recently - get Aeroflot the 2300 flight on the 737 now A320 out of LHR always good or the 1100 on the A310 (now I dont know what sometimes even a 777 or IL92 apparently)

PS. go look all round all corners of Red Square and you'll see there is absolutely nowhere to land - the clip I have seen clearly shows him touching down at top end Red Square just down from Zhukov memorial

23rd Dec 2005, 15:41
I think it will be a little bit cold. About -10-15. You had better come in May or in summer.
Taxi drivers in an airport will ask you to pay 100$-200$ for a trip to downtown. Actually to go by public transport is about 0,5-1$. Or you may go away from the building of airport may be 200-500 meters and take a taxi for 20-30$.Of couse they will ask you to pay more,but you can strike a deal .
I live in Moscow and from my point of view there is nothing to do there in winter.Just a lot of snow,that's all.
Kind regards.

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Dec 2005, 15:53
Anyone been to Moscow? I knew a bloke wot tried once. I never talked to him about it though as he had a bit of a Napoleon complex

Evening Star
23rd Dec 2005, 18:15
I live in Moscow and from my point of view there is nothing to do there in winter

Bit of a cynical view there hevlad! Enough of the tourist traps will be open and the snow does not seem to slow down the nightlife (see here for alternative guides, and I really mean alternative in places, on the restaurants (http://www.exile.ru/restaurant_guide/) and clubs (http://www.exile.ru/club_guide/)!).

24th Dec 2005, 03:49
I think he goes to Moscow not for pubs and restaurants.He can do it in other places.Moscow is very expensive now.
There is a very interesting museum of air force in Monino.It's not far from Moscow.But first you need to make an appointment,otherwise you will be not allowed to enter it. www.moninoaviation.com
Another good idea to go from Moscow to St.Petersburg.
I want to say again, winter is not good time for your trawell!